GH Update Monday 5/26/03

General Hospital Update Monday 5/26/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney assured Jason she would have liked anything he gave her. He reminded her she’d better love it because she promised to wear it for the rest of her life. It finally became real to her. She pictured what it would be like and pointed out he looked a bit overwhelmed. He explained that he couldn’t wait to marry her, but pointed out the things that he liked in her vision (and therefore pointing out the things he didn’t like.) Courtney assured him that they didn’t need the big wedding of her dreams, that something small would be fine, but he told her they would do things the way she wanted them. "I do not want you to suffer through our wedding day just so I can have some bridal fantasy come true," she explained. He explained he bought the ring because he thought it should be from him. He told her that he wanted the whole thing because he wanted it to be special to her. He nixed the dancing, but agreed on the honeymoon. She offered to let him choose since he had to suffer through the wedding.

"Dobson" found Emily at the window seat with the window wide open. She asked the butler how old he was when his mother died. Emily reminisced about her own mother, wishing she could be there with her. "Dobson" began to discuss the issue with the Quartermaine teen, but Emily explained she didn’t want to hurt her mother’s feelings by bringing up her birth mother. Emily described a dream, explaining that in it she was being pulled in two directions – one with Zander and one with her mother. She explained that it was very real and that her feelings towards her mother were very strong. She explained she was glad she had spent all the time with her before she passed away. Em explained that it was especially hard now, with things that were happening. "Dobson" explained that her mother would always be in her heart and that her mother was watching over her. She explained that any mother would want her daughter to feel loved and to be happy.

Ned and Skye played with baby Kristina in the family room, where "Dobson" was. "Dobson" listened as they cooed to the baby, and rolled his eyes as they discussed her picture books. "Dobson" pointed out the baby must miss her mother, that every child needs it’s mother. Skye pointed out that she needed "a mother" not her biological mother. "Kristina will be fine because I’m going to be her mother," Skye said.

Gia found Zander at Kelly’s, throwing a fit about her day. Gia wanted Zander to take her to Jake’s, but Zander pointed out he was spending the day with a sick Emily, enlightening Gia to the fact that he and Em were back together.

Zander headed to the Quartermaine’s, finding Skye, who was happy to allow him to visit Em. When Edward asked what he was up to, Skye sarcastically pointed out he wasn’t there to chat with their grandfather. When Edward saw the bag Zander was carrying he automatically assumed the bag contained drugs, but Zander pointed out it was soup to make her feel better. Edward screamed at Alan to check the bag. He did, but refused to allow Zander up to see his daughter. He explained she wasn’t feeling well, but no one else cared. Dillon was right in the middle, still confused as ever about the family’s weird ways. Monica agreed with her husband, but Zander asked them to please consult Emily before shooing him off. "Dobson" came down the stairs and Emily watched as the family attacked him, sending him away, assuring him he wasn’t going to see her that night. Edward informed the family Kristina was going to be raised so she realized she was better than people like Zander. "Dobson" stood behind him, with tears in 'his' eyes.

"Dobson" slid down the Quartermaine banister just as the doorbell rang. She answered the door to find Judge Farmer. The Judge informed "Dobson" that she was there to visit with Skye. She "warned" the judge of Alexis’ behavior. She asked the judge to revoke Alexis’ visitation rights.

Summer and Lucky went to Kelly’s where they discussed their dead end road. Summer pointed out the awful things she had done and that it had all been worthless. Lucky pointed out that was dependent on who you were asking. Lucky told her that money comes and money goes, but what matters is the people you encounter along the way. Faith walked in to the diner at that point, sitting in the first available seat. Ric screamed for help, cradling the fallen Elizabeth. He picked her up and carried her to Kelly’s where Faith and Lucky ran to his side. He refused to let Faith near her, but when Lucky pointed out he should be the one staying away from Liz, Ric informed her that she was his wife and she was pregnant with his child, and ordered her ex to call an ambulance. Lucky and Summer watched from inside, Summer assuring him she was fine with her husband by her side. Lucky was unsure about the recent marriage. Summer pointed out that it seemed he was very much in love with her, but he refused to believe it. When he pointed out Liz had worried that it seemed too good to be true, Summer pointed out that was how she felt about him as well.

Nikolas returned to Spoon Island where he called Stephan and informed him that the money was worthless and enlightening him that they were on the verge of losing most of their holdings.

Emily went to see Nikolas on Spoon Island. She told him she needed him to be a friend and made him promise not to judge her or freak out or feel sorry for her. She broke the news to him, waiting for his reaction. One of his first questions was about Zander. She explained that he couldn’t know. He assured her that things would be fine, but she refused to listen, explaining it was just a chance. "No matter what happens I won’t make him watch me go through this," she told him. She explained she needed to let him go and asked Nikolas to pretend to be in love with her.

John cornered Zander in the alley and pointed a gun in Zander’s face. The drug dealer assumed it was Zander who turned him in to Sonny.

Sonny and Carly discussed Ric. Sonny pointed out he shouldn’t have yelled at Liz, but Carly pointed out he had been within his boundaries, not caring who his wife was. Carly spoke to one of Michael’s friends’ mothers, explaining Michael wouldn’t be able to attend a play date the next day. Michael threw a fit, calling his mother mean. Sonny sent the child to his room, but on his way up he hit a picture, smashing it to the ground and cut his arm badly. When Carly asked him why he would do something like that, he pointed out that "daddy does it," which triggered quite a reaction from Sonny. They took him to the hospital, where he got stitched up and asked if his parents were mad at him. Sonny explained that they loved him, but he hadn’t been acting very well lately and need to show his mother more respect. She told him that he needs to come up with other ways to take out his frustrations, but when he pointed out he followed in his father’s footsteps, Sonny told him it didn’t matter, that he knew better. Sonny and Carly discussed Michael’s behavior and Carly defended her husband to himself. Sonny realized that he was leading a bad example and needed to act more like he wanted to see his son act. As they were on their way out they heard Liz had been checked in.

Liz got the prognosis that she was doing okay health wise, but that her OB/GYN would be there shortly. She explained to Ric that she had tried to make Sonny promise not to hurt him and that she had never seen Sonny so angry. She couldn’t remember everything, remembering that he turned away and that she fell down the stairs and the next thing she knew she was in the hospital. He asked her if she thought Sonny could have pushed her.

Carly found Ric in the hall, asking about his wife. He thought her concern was fake. She assured him that it wasn’t, and that she wanted the baby to be fine. She explained that Sonny felt bad about some harsh words they’d had earlier. Ric explained Sonny shouldn’t have taken his anger out on his wife. Carly pointed out that now he understood how Sonny felt when Ric kept coming after his family, how it felt to have someone threaten the people he loved.

Sonny showed up at Elizabeth’s bedside, asking her how she was. She cut right to the chase and pointed out that the last things she remembered was him yelling at her telling her how much he hated her husband. "Do you hate him so much that you would push me down the stairs?" she asked. Sonny assured her that he didn’t push her down the stairs. She told him he had changed and wanted a truce. Sonny promised not to hurt her to get back at Ric, but she pointed out he would find another way. She begged him to hurt Ric, as she began to climb out of bed. He told her she shouldn’t be getting out of bed, but at that moment she began to develop pains in her stomach. Sonny tried to help her stand, Ric choosing that moment to come in.

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