GH Update Friday 5/23/03


General Hospital Update Friday 5/23/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Ric brought Elizabeth breakfast and started asking her questions about Paris. She told him that she had never been there. Ric asked her what she liked better, Italian things, or French. She said she had no preference, and then Ric told her he had an idea. He wanted to go to Italy and then France for their honeymoon. She agreed, and then Ric gave her a present. When she opened it, she got a stuffed teddy bear; their baby’s first toy.

Ric left to make travel plans. When her was gone, Elizabeth called Sonny and asked him to meet her somewhere. When he said no, she reminded him that he owed her from one night when Carly was in the hospital.

At the penthouse, Courtney helped Michael build with his toys. When Carly and Jason went back to her house, Michael asked first Courtney and then Carly if he could go to the park. When both of them told him he had to play inside, Michael yelled that it wasn’t fair, and then yelled at Sonny telling him it was his fault. Sonny sent Michael upstairs, and then Courtney and Jason left.

Carly told Sonny that she wanted to be home with him, but if he thought it was better for her and Michael to go away for a while they would. He told her that he didn’t want Michael scared, and he didn’t want his family to have to act like prisoners. He got a phone call from Elizabeth and left to go meet her.

When Sonny was gone, Courtney snuck a bag of potato chips over to Carly and they sat on the couch talking about Jason and Sonny. Ric showed up and told them to please tell Sonny that he and Elizabeth had gotten married, and they would be leaving the country for a while. When they wondered why Sonny would care, Ric told them he didn’t want Sonny blaming him for anything.

Courtney went back to her and Jason’s penthouse, and waited for him to get home. When he got home and asked her about her day, she told Jason that she had been worrying about him. He asked if she thought she could spend her life doing that, and Courtney told him that she could do anything if he was there. Jason took out a big engagement ring and asked Courtney if she would marry him. She said yes!!!!! YAY!

Sonny met up with Elizabeth, and she told him that she wanted his word that he wouldn’t hurt Ric. She told Sonny that she and Ric had gotten married, and she didn’t want anything to happen to him, because they were having a baby together. Sonny yelled at Elizabeth and told her never to call on him for anything again, especially about Ric, and then he left.

Elizabeth started walking down the stairs, and then Faith came from behind her and pushed her, sending Elizabeth to the ground. Ric came down the stairs right after Faith walked away from her, and yelled for help.

Lucky and Nikolas searched the old Cassadine palace, and couldn’t find the entrance. They heard Summer scream from behind them. They found her pinned under a piece of metal. They let her go, and Lucky told her and Nik to stop fighting, and they would find Nik’s money a lot faster. Lucky started knocking the wall with a crowbar and found the way in.

When they found the room that should have the money, Luke was already there, and when they walked in he told Summer thanks for the map, and told them all the money was in the trunks. When Summer opened one up and threw the money around, Nik picked it up, and realized it was worthless.

Luke laughed, and then said he had a plane to catch. Lucky tried to talk to him, but Luke said he didn’t have anything to say, because Lucky had chosen Nikolas over him for the last time.

Emily agreed to go ahead with her chemo, and wandered through the house, second guessing herself. When she walked into the living room, Lila was there, and asked Emily what was wrong. Emily made up some excuse, but Lila knew something else was wrong. Emily told Lila she had a secret and then told her all about the cancer.

She left for her first chemo session, and when she came home Zander was waiting for her. She told him that she needed some space, and now was the time to give it to her. He wondered if she was sick, but she brushed him off.

When she was alone in her room, she made a call to someone, saying she needed help. Emily fell asleep, but had a dream. In her dream she saw Page and she was calling for Emily and reaching her hand out for her, and on the other side, was Zander telling her not to give up, and they would spend years together. They both disappeared and Emily cried that she couldn’t decide, and she didn’t want to go through her cancer alone. Then she woke up when he bedroom window flew open.

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