GH Update Wednesday 5/21/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/21/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Summer and Lucky were getting up as Nikolas walked into their room. Summer got in the shower so the boys could talk. Nikolas showed Lucky the plans from his family’s old house. Lucky said he should wait to explain things, so he wouldn’t have to repeat it for Summer. Nikolas told Lucky that the less Summer knew, the better. Nik left Lucky with the plans to find a way in, while he rented a car.

Lucky and Summer talked when Nikolas was gone, and when Nikolas came back Summer was walking out the door, saying she was going to eat. Lucky was about to get out the old blue prints that he hid on Summer. He found out they were missing, and Nikolas wondered why Lucky was surprised that Summer double crossed him.

Summer found the old Cassadine palace. A lady was there, and said that Summer now worked for her. Some guy picked her up, and she screamed that she was an American citizen, and she worked for nobody. The guy took off his glasses, and was revealed to be Luke. Luke and Summer looked at each other and started laughing.

Emily talked to Dobson, about the picnic that she was planning for her and Zander. She asked Dobson to prepare everything for their day. Dobson agreed, and then Skye walked into the room, and told Dobson she had been listening to Dobson talk to Emily, and said she wanted to do something similar for her; a romantic dinner. Dobson asked if Jax would be joining her, and Skye said that Ned would be having dinner with her.

Emily and Zander met up at the Quartermaine mansion, and Monica called Emily into another room, and asked her about her plans. She told Monica that at the end of the day, she would tell Zander that she had cancer, and that she wasn’t suffering from a drug relapse.

Emily and Zander went to the boathouse for their picnic, their “special place” and they talked about their future. Zander wanted Emily to promise him that every year they would have a special day just for them. At the end of their picnic, Emily and Zander went back to her house. Zander asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell him, and she said no, never telling him about the cancer.

Ned went to the mansion for his dinner with Skye, and when he got there, Dobson sent him to the living room. Instead of that, Skye came to the stairs with Kristina, and asked Ned if he wanted to help her put the baby to bed. When they were with the baby, Alexis covered Skye’s dinner with pepper.

Carly, Courtney, Leticia, and Michael packed to go to the island. They were all meeting in the penthouse, and Sonny tried to convince Michael that he was going to be safe, and that Michael and his mother would be safe on the island. Sonny told Jason to go to the island with the girls and Michael, and when Jason said it wasn’t safe, Sonny told him that he wanted Jason to go to make sure they were safe. Jason agreed, and they all left for the island. When they were gone, Sonny told Max to go get Ric.

On the island, Carly called the pilot and told him to hold the plane for Jason, because he would be leaving soon. Jason grabbed the phone from her, and told the pilot to leave, and yelled at Carly for getting into his business. She yelled at Jason for failing him for the first time, and said she would take care of things by herself.

Jason told her that if he had to, he would lock Carly in her room. Jason told her that he was making sure they were all safe before he went back home. Carly stormed in the house and sat down with Michael. She promised him they were safe, and nobody could hurt them. As she was telling him that, a man climbed over the fence and his shadow was outside the window.

When Carly was in the house, Jason and Courtney talked, and he worried about leaving her, and about Carly. He told her that he had always wanted to take Courtney to the island, but not how they were there. She told him they had years together, and would come back another time together.

When Elizabeth and Ric woke up, he gave her a tray, saying it was breakfast. He opened it, and revealed a marriage license, asking Elizabeth to elope with him that night. She agreed and then she went to get the paper from the door. The front page was the story about the attempted murder on Sonny and his family. She immediately blamed Ric, but he swore to her that he was done with revenge on Sonny. When she didn’t believe him, Ric promised her that his life wasn’t about anything negatove anymore, now it was about his baby, and about her. She believed him and left to get ready for their wedding.

When she was gone, Max stormed in, and pulled Ric out of the house, and ragged him back to Sonny’s. Max held a gun on him at the penthouse, and Sonny yelled at him about the murder attempt. Ric told Sonny the same thing he told Elizabeth, he was done with revenge, and all he cared about now was his family.

Sonny’s phone rang, and it was a threat against Sonny. He told the caller to come after him, and leave his family out of their war.

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