GH Update Tuesday 5/20/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/20/03

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Mac yells at Jason until Jason reminds him that Sonny doesn't deal with drugs.  Jason wants to find out who gave the drugs to Maxie, too.  Jason asks if he can question Maxie, but Mac doesn't want him to.  Courtney asks if she can try, since they've spoken at the diner sometimes, so he lets her.  Mac takes Jason aside and tells him that if or Sonny finds out who sold the drugs, and they want to deal with the person themselves, the PCPD will look the other way. 

Georgie is with Maxie when Courtney goes in to talk to her.  Georgie tells her that Kyle gave her the drugs.  Maxie says that's not true.  (She names him as Kyle Ratcliff; that's Coleman's last name! Wonder if they're related?)  She says it was Zach.  She doesn't want them to go to jail or get killed by Jason.  She says it's her own fault.  Courtney tells Jason and Mac who the boys were.  Courtney chats some more with Maxie.  Maxie calls herself a screwup and talks about how stupid she is.  Courtney shares with her about how she was a stripper and she was able to turn her life around.  Mac and Georgie sneak in some junk food for Maxie.

Kyle yells at Zach for giving the police commissioner's daughter Ecstacy in a club owned by a mobster.  Zach just says that she seemed unhappy so he wanted to cheer her up.  He doesn't think that what he did was as bad as what Kyle did to her.

Ric tells Sonny that he didn't know about the kid OD'ing in his club.  Carly keeps putting her two cents in, but Ric largely ignores her.  Ric points out that if he was doing that, he wouldn't have come there because he's not suicidal.  He says he has other things to live for now; that's why he came there, to make peace.  He apologizes for what he did tells Sonny that now that he has a baby on the way, he wants the vendetta to be over.  Sonny won't agree but says "we'll see".  Ric says he doesn't need his approval but for his part, it's over.  After he leaves, Carly asks if Sonny believes him.  Sonny doesn't believe him about ending hostilities but does believe that he didn't have anything to do with what happened at the club.  Sonny wonders who the new threat is.  Sonny again tries to talk Carly into leaving town until the baby is born, but she won't hear of it.  Later, Sonny charmingly talks to the baby about how much Carly loves it, which convinces her that maybe she will consider it.

Alexis thinks Cameron might have caught on to her act, but he doesn't seem to.  He tells "Dobson" that he's far too emotional to work at the Quartermaines and if they catch on, he'll be eaten alive.  Dobson says he appreciates his advice but he'll be fine.  Cameron backs off, saying it's none of his business.  He asks if he's seen Alexis; she missed her therapy appointment.  He blabbers on about Alexis to Dobson and finishes by saying he's afraid that she'll lose her daughter for good.

Emily and Elizabeth chat about old times, Emily's cancer, Zander, etc.  Emily is afraid she's going to die but Elizabeth tries to get her to be more optimistic.  They go for an ice cream soda and Elizabeth nags her about telling Zander the truth.  Emily agrees to invite Zander on a picnic and then tell him the truth.  They run into Faith outside of Kelly's and she makes obnoxious comments.  Emily is unimpressed with Faith and tells her to leave them alone or she'll sic her brother Jason on her.  She slaps Faith at one point.  Faith continues to threaten Elizabeth.  Emily goes home and apologizes to Alan and Monica for worrying them.  She says she'll start the chemo but she's not making any promises.  Alan wants to schedule it the next day but she has plans.  She phones Zander and apologizes for how she acted before.  She asks if they can have a perfect day together tomorrow.

Alexis arrives to talk to Ned and Cameron.  They are concerned about her missing her doctor's appointment.  She just wants to hear about the extra time that Ned wants to give her.  They argue.  She doesn't want Skye to have so much contact with Kristina.  She reminds them that Ned only has custody temporarily.  Edward comes in, rants about her being there and wonders where Dobson ran off to.

Jason finds Zach and Kyle on the pier and pulls a gun on them (where are there never any cops patrolling the pier? Just wondering...)  He tells them that if you deal drugs in Sonny's territory, you die.  They whimper and plead, saying they didn't know anything about that.  Jason questions them and finds out that Zach got the drugs from a guy named "Angry John" and that he might have gotten the drugs from Miami.  Jason threatens them and chases them off.  He meets with Zander about it and Zander doesn't know anything but promises to see if he can find out any information. His only condition is that Jason find out what's really wrong with Emily.  As far as Jason knows, she's just addicted to painkillers.  Zander says that's not it, there's something else and he has to know.  Jason says that's Emily's business, but Zander says he loves her and has to know.  Jason tells Courtney that he got a name and that this was a message.  He knows there will be another message soon.

Ric finds Elizabeth sitting on the floor outside of his place.  He tells her what happened at Sonny's.  On an impulse, he asks her to marry him.  He says he's still really screwed up but she's the only thing in his life that make sense.  She says she will.

Kyle goes to see Maxie but she tells him to leave and never come back.

Sonny, Leticia, Carly, and Michael are outside somewhere, near a limo, and planning where to eat for dinner.  All of a sudden, the limo explodes.

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