GH Update Monday 5/19/03

General Hospital Update Monday 5/19/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Emily panics when her parents tell her that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes.  She can't handle talking about chemotherapy so she runs out.  Ned wonders if she's okay so they cover for her.  "Dobson" offers to watch the baby so he can check on her, but he says that's okay, it's Alice's job.  Ned hears Alexis muttering under her breath but she covers.  "Dobson" asks why the child can't spend more time with her mother.  Ned asks "Why do you care?" but Alexis doesn't answer, perhaps wondering if she went too far.  Ned explains that the courts have limited her visitation because she has a mental disorder.   He doesn't think the baby is affected by Alexis not being around her.  Dobson tells him a story about a past employer that he worked for, a divorced man with a teenage daughter.  The girl missed her mother even though she only had memories from when she was a baby.  She couldn't form attachments and eventually ran her car off the road.  Alexis' cell phone rings but she ignores it.  Ned tells him again that the baby is Alice's concern, not his.  Alexis checks her voice mail and gets the message (below) from Cameron.  She is trying to sneak out when Edward comes in.  He rants and raves as usual.  Alexis has the phone set to vibrate and tucked in her back pocket, so when Ned goes to call her, she keeps getting a twinge, making Edward suspicious.  "Dobson" claims that he sometimes has a mild back twinge.  Ned leaves a message, saying that he thinks that maybe Kristina should spend more time with her mother.  Edward has a fit and reminds Ned that he was better off without Tracy.  Ned admits that is true but otherwise doesn't say anything.

Zander remembers giving the heart necklace to Emily.  He is on the docks and looking bitter. He goes to throw it into the river but stops himself.  Emily wanders on the docks so they run into each other.    She laughs a little wildly so he thinks she's stoned.  She assures him that he's not.  She babbles about how she wants to just live life in the moment and doesn't want to think about the future.  He tells her that he can't do that because he cares what happens in her future.  She kisses him but then decides again that he isn't right for her right now.  He tries to give her back the necklace, but she won't take it.

At Kelly's, Dillon gives Maxie a fake ID that she wanted.  After she leaves, Lucas, who is bussing tables, yells at him for helping Maxie to get into more trouble.  He explains to Georgie that Maxie would have just gotten it from someone else anyway.  Georgie knows he was trying to help but says he did the wrong thing.  Lucas apologizes to Georgie about kissing her and says he doesn't like her in that way.  Her face falls.

At GH, Dr. Meadows tells Skye that she can't have children.  Skye is crushed.  She thought maybe the problem she had before was temporary.  The doctor says that she is welcome to get a second opinion.  She says Skye can get pregnant but she can't carry it.  The doctor gets paged away.  As Skye is leaving, upset, she runs into Cameron.  He asks if everything's okay.  She says it's par for the course, another dream up in smoke.  He is concerned but she tells him bluntly that if Alexis is evidence of how good of a shrink he is, then she's not interested.  Cameron looks annoyed as she walks away.  Alexis' new doctor, Rachel, tells Cameron that Alexis didn't show up for her appointment, so she will have to call the judge and let her know.  Cameron phones Alexis to let her know; he gets her voice mail.

Ric questions Elizabeth about the baby and pleads with her to take him back, for her sake as well as the baby's.  He says he's decided to drop the vendetta against Sonny and concentrate on living his life.  She is not sure whether she can trust him.  He pledges to go to Sonny now to tell him that it's over and then he will return to her.  They go back and forth about it for a while.  He asks her, regardless of her feelings for him, does she want the baby.  She replies that she does.  Outside, Faith lurks around and listens in.

Carly tells Sonny that it's Elizabeth that's pregnant with Ric's baby, not Courtney that's going to be a mother.  Sonny asks her why she would say he was going to be an uncle, then (since he doesn't consider Ric his brother).  Courtney and Jason come in with big news but then tease Carly by not coming right out with it.  Finally they admit they're engaged.  Everyone is happy, even Sonny, and there are hugs all around.  They decide to go out to celebrate.

Maxie uses her new ID to go to The Cellar and find Kyle.  She tells him that Mac is going to prosecute the people responsible for their internet love-making, but she won't give up his name.  He thanks her and suggests she stick around.   She agrees.  She runs into Kyle's sister, Shannon, who is not happy to see her.  She says that everyone thinks Maxie is a dork and a big slut.  One of Kyle's friends, Zach, offers Maxie ecstacy to make her happy, so she takes it.  Kyle brings her a drink but when he sees how strange Maxie is acting, he thinks better of it and takes it away.  She tells him how great it was between them before she found out about the camera.  He agrees that it meant a lot to him, too.  He finds out that Zach gave her "E".

Also at the club, Carly and Sonny toast Jason and Courtney's future happiness.  Sonny is glad they didn't listen to him because real love is rare and is worth fighting for.  Maxie comes up drunkenly and asks if they've seen Kyle, then she collapses on the floor.  Jason tends to her and yells at Courtney to dial 911.  The paramedics come to take Maxie away as everyone watches.  Sonny notices Zach trying to sneak out so he asks him about what happened.   Zach tells him that Maxie took E, so Sonny tells that to the paramedics.  Scotty comes in and gives Sonny a hard time, asking if he's dealing drugs again.  He swears to get even with Sonny for what he did to his daughter, Karen (years ago, Sonny owned a strip club where he dealt drugs and got Karen hooked on them).  Scott also questions Kyle and Zach, who claim not to know anything.  Zach keeps saying that Maxie brought the drugs into the club herself.  Lucas and Georgie arrive in time to see what happened.  Lucas warns Kyle not to come to the hospital.  Scott closes the club until further notice, much to Carly's dismay.  Jason and Sonny confer. They wonder if this was a setup to make Sonny look bad and get him in trouble with the feds.  Jason intends to find out who the dealer is.

Skye returns home with presents for Kristina.  Ned wants to talk to her about spending time with Kristina.  He worries that the baby is getting attached to her.  She assures him that she's sober and that she isn't going anywhere.  Alexis listens intently, pretending to clean as they speak.  She says that she wants to be as close to the baby as the family will allow her to be.  He is glad to hear that and says the baby needs a mother figure.  He isn't sure Alexis is getting any better.  Alexis gets upset and runs out so that no one will see her crying.  Outside, Cameron is there and asks Dobson if he's crying.

Faith runs into Ric on the docks and makes snarky comments about Elizabeth.  He warns her that if she harms Elizabeth or the baby, he will kill her.  She says that Elizabeth won't hold his attention but he ignores her words.  When the nurse comes in to tell Elizabeth that she has additional forms to fill out (for the abortion), she tells the nurse that she's changed her mind (big shock, right).  She leaves the hospital and looks on the docks for Ric.  Faith is skulking in the shadows and is about to clonk Elizabeth on the head with something when she hears someone coming, so she dashes back into the shadows.  It's Emily.  Elizabeth tells her about the baby and how confused she is about Ric.  She confides that she's still in love with him.  Emily tells her that she was looking for Zander to apologize to him for earlier.  Faith gives orders to someone on the phone to follow Ric.

Mac questions Georgie about Maxie using drugs.  Georgie swears that Maxie doesn't normally do drugs.  They visit Maxie, who is awake now.  She feels like an idiot.  Tony tells Mac that Maxie got a bad batch of E and is lucky to be alive. If she'd taken alcohol on top of it, she'd be dead.  Georgie tells Maxie that she has to tell Mac about Kyle.  Jason and Courtney come up to find out how Maxie is doing.  Mac, upset, grabs Jason and throws him against the wall, saying he's a drug-dealing bastard who almost killed his daughter.

Ric goes to visit Sonny.   Carly doesn't want to see him but Sonny lets him in.  He says that someone was dealing drugs at Carly's club and an underage girl OD'ed.  He gives Ric 3 seconds to convince him that he had nothing to do with it.

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