GH Update Friday 5/16/03


General Hospital Update Friday 5/16/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis had her visitation time with Kristina, but Skye wouldn’t leave the baby alone with Alexis. She hovered over them until Alexis yelled at her to back off. Kristina kept crying, and Alexis wondered what was wrong. She thought maybe she was sick, but Skye told Alexis that Kristina was scared of the toy that was being waved at her, and Alexis should give her the lamb. Alexis snapped at Skye for acting like Kristina was her daughter.

Edward started yelling for “Dobson” and Alexis made up an excuse about having to leave for therapy. She ran out, and hurried back into her Dobson disguise. When she went back to the Quartermaine’s they let into her for not being there. Edward planned on firing Dobson, and then Emily came down and ordered them all to stop. She informed Edward that Dobson was entitled to a break, and the family needed to have patience with him, because he would need it with the Q family. Edward agreed to let Dobson stay as their butler, and Emily talked to him about the family.

Emily was writing in her journal, and then Alan and Monica came in with news about her cancer….the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes.

Sonny and Carly went to the hospital together for Carly’s check up. She tried to convince him to leave her alone, he didn’t need to stay/ He got a call from Jason and left Carly alone t the hospital. When he left, Carly saw Elizabeth sitting in the waiting area.

Bobbi double checked Elizabeth’s pregnancy test results, and they confirmed that she was pregnant. Elizabeth asked Bobbi if she was sure, and got the news she was actually pregnant. Elizabeth got upset, saying she couldn’t have a baby, and she couldn’t be a mother. Bobbi told her she didn’t have to decide anything right away, but Elizabeth met with a doctor who talked with her about getting an abortion. Elizabeth sat down to start some paperwork.

Carly walked over to her, and tried to say hello. Elizabeth got up, but dropped all her papers on the floor. Carly helped her pick them up, and saw that she was pregnant. Elizabeth said she was, but tomorrow she wouldn’t be. Carly sat down, and told Elizabeth about the first time she got pregnant by Sonny, and how she almost had an abortion. She told her about how much carrying a baby, and being a parent changed her life. Carly also told Elizabeth that she should take more time to think about her decision before she went through with anything. Carly said after she took some time to think, she may think differently, and if not, then she should go ahead with the abortion.

Ric and Courtney went to his apartment where he told her that she had been sloppy in telling Jason about his plan to frame Jason for murder. He opened the drawer with the tire iron, showed it to Courtney and then told her she should have kept her mouth shut. She tried to move, and he pushed her. Ric called the cops, and told them to go over right away.

Jason showed up and pulled a gun on Ric(yay). Ric told Jason the cops were on the way. Jason demanded the tire iron from Ric, and when he didn’t hand it over, Jason warned him that he would shoot him. Jason put his finger on the trigger, and the cops knocked on the door. Ric threw Jason the tire iron.

Courtney let the cops in, and Jason was to to be found. Ric told them Jason had a murder weapon, but the cops didn’t see him, and Scott announced Ric was wasting their time. Sonny arrived, and told Scott he wanted to arrest Ric, but Scott left instead. Sonny told Courtney to leave after he was sure she was okay.

Sonny tried to have a conversation with Ric, telling him that instead of trying to ruin Sonny’s life, he should have some more focus on his. Sonny told Ric that he knew Elizabeth cared about him, and then he left. When Sonny was gone, Ric went to see Elizabeth at the hospital, bringing her flowers. He ran into Faith who had peeked in Elizabeth’s chart and found out she was pregnant. Ric threatened Faith about going near Elizabeth. He went to see her, and she tried to kick him out. When he didn’t go, she slipped up spilling the news that she was pregnant, thinking that Carly had told Ric.

At the park, Kyle admitted to Maxie that he had made a bet with his friends about the web cam, and he knew about it all along. While they were arguing, Georgie showed up and Kyle left. Maxie told her sister to let it go, when Mac showed up asking both girls about Kyle. Maxie wouldn’t say who her friend was, and Georgie covered saying she didn’t know.

Nikolas, Lucky, and Summer all escaped Roberto, and Nikolas and Lucky talked about where the Cassadine fortune would be. Nik told his brother that he had hired Matt to find the money, and he knew four places, and the money would be in one of them. Lucky thought Luke would be there, but worried because it was a “hot spot”.

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