GH Update Thursday 5/15/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/15/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth was brought to the hospital where she was taken care of by Bobbi and Tony. They ran some blood work on her to make sure that her snake bite was not poisonous. When she was alone in her room, Faith came in and made a comment to Elizabeth about the snake. Elizabeth realized that Faith was the one who left the snake in her room. Faith assured Elizabeth that the snake bite wouldn’t kill her, but marrying Ric would. Elizabeth told Faith that her and Ric weren’t together anymore, and that he was marrying Elizabeth. She left.

Pric came in and asked Elizabeth how she was feeling. She asked him why he bothered asking or showing up because he didn’t care about her. He tried talking to her but she refused to look at him. His phone rang, and Courtney was on the other end, so he told Elizabeth that he had to leave. She knew it was Courtney and let Pric know that she knew who it was. When he was gone Bobbi came back into the room. She told Elizabeth that physically she was fine, but told her something had come up in her blood work…..she was pregnant!!!!!

Pric went to Sonny and Carly’s and announced that he and Courtney would be getting married. Sonny and Carly laughed in his face until Courtney walked in and told her brother and sister in law that she couldn’t wait to marry Pric. Jason walked in, and Carly blew up at him. Pric announced that he and Courtney were leaving together, and they left the penthouse. When they were gone, Sonny, Jason, and Carly all agreed they didn’t like the idea of Pric and Courtney being together. Jason assured them that someone was trailing them, and she wouldn’t be hurt by Pric.

Sonny announced that he had a better idea for bringing down Pric. Courtney and Pric met at the park, and while he was hiding in the bushes, her and Jason talked about the tire iron and Pric’s plan to frame Jason. When Pric came out of the bushes, he took Courtney’s arm. Jason called Sonny from the bushes and told him that Pric bought “it”.

Summer and Roberto talked in the cemetery, and he agreed to tell her everything about Matt if she came with him. She left, with Nikolas and Lucky trailing behind them. At Roberto’s, Summer asked about the coins, and about Matt. He went in the other room, and Lucky and Nik came in. They agreed to search the room, while Summer distracted Roberto. She agreed and went into his bedroom, where he handcuffed her to his bed and demanded that she tell hi, everything she knew about Matt and the coins. He wanted to know where they were, and she told him maybe she would work out a deal.

Lucky ran into the room, and knocked Roberto to the floor, and got Summer out of the room. In the other room, Nik found Luke’s passport, and then Roberto came out holding a gun to the three of them. He said they had to stay still or they would end up like the guy in the passport.

Cameron told Alexis that he would be resigning as her therapist because he was too involved. She was mad that he didn’t give her any warning. She left to turn herself back into Dobson, the Q family butler. When she overheard Skye say Alexis was late for her visit with the baby, she lost her butler uniform, and went to her visit with Kristina where Skye asked if she was wearing aftershave. And when Ned walked in he asked if Dobson had been there.

Skye was on the phone with a sperm bank and wondered why you had to fill out an application. Ned overheard her and asked what she was planning. She admitted to Ned that she wanted to be a mom. Ned figured out that she had asked Jax before she came up with the idea of the sperm bank.

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