GH Update Wednesday 5/14/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/14/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Jason asked Courtney to marry him, and she told him yes! (yay!!!) Jason told her that he wasn’t sure how to go about proposing because he had never done it before, and told Courtney that he thought they could go ring shopping together, because he didn’t have a ring for her yet. She pulled out the ring that Ric had given her, and told Jason that she already had a ring. She told him that Ric had asked her to marry him. Jason asked what he was using to blackmail her with, and she told all about Ric and Faith’s plans for blackmailing Jason with the tire iron. Jason told Courtney that she could always come to him with anything, and to never let people threaten her. Courtney announced that she was going to tell Ric “yes” to marrying him so she could protect Jason. Jason shot down that idea, but she convinced him that she would have to go along with Ric long enough so that Jason could find the tire iron. Jason warned her to meet Ric in public areas only, and to get out if he threatened her in any way. Jason told her that if Ric “played nice” than so would she, and if he didn’t, Ric was finished. Courtney went to meet Ric at the park where she found a crying Elizabeth.

Elizabeth told Ric that she never thought she would forgive him for all of his lies. She told him that when it came down to it, what Ric did couldn’t compete with their love, and she wanted to be with him. Ric told Elizabeth that his plans changed when she told him that they didn’t have a chance. He announced that he would be marrying Courtney. Elizabeth asked if he was kidding, and he explained that he and Courtney had an understanding. She yelled that they never had any relationship and everything that Ric did was always about getting back at Sonny. Before leaving, she screamed that he was crazy, and maybe she was too for ever letting herself love Ric.

Elizabeth sat at the park crying when Courtney walked through, not knowing Ric told his ex that he would be marrying her. Elizabeth told Courtney that she was interested in her fake niceness, and slapped her. Courtney said that was the last time she would ever be hit by Elizabeth, and didn’t do anything saying she understood that Elizabeth was hurting. Elizabeth told Courtney that if she didn’t like being hit, she should stop going after Elizabeth’s boyfriends. Courtney explained that Ric had something that she wanted, and when Elizabeth asked about Jason, Courtney told Elizabeth that she loved Jason, but she needed what Ric was offering her. Elizabeth walked away, asking Courtney what she had ever done to her.

Elizabeth went to her studio, and found a duffle bag on her counter. She opened it up, but there was nothing inside. She sat down on the couch, and when she lifted up a pillow, a snake, that Faith had planted their earlier jumped out at her.

Ric met Courtney at the park, and she told him that she was agreeing to marry him, but only because she loved Jason. She told Ric he was sick and twisted, and didn’t know anything about love, because he had never loved anybody. He told her that she didn’t know everything, and said the look on Sonny’s face would be enough for him. She wondered angrily why seeing Elizabeth so hurt wasn’t enough for him.

Sonny and Carly went to their island, and she wanted to call Jason and Courtney right away to see if he had asked Courtney to marry him. Sonny told her that it was none of her business, and brought her out and showed her a present. He told her the only way she was getting the present was if she promised not to make any phone calls and not to mention three words... Marriage/Proposal/ Engagement. She agreed, and got a new dress from Sonny. They went to the casino, with Carly coming back with lots of winnings. They were dancing when she felt the baby kicking. Sonny put his hand on her stomach to feel their baby moving, and he told Carly that he loved her for carrying their baby. She told Sonny that it was easy to do things for Sonny because most of the time he was so easy to love. When he asked about the rest of the time, she told him it was hard, but very worth it to love him.

Emily screamed at Zander that he was the reason she got back into drugs, and that she wanted him out of her life. She told him that she had been pretending to care about him, and now she was done. Emily told Zander that she didn’t love, and wanted him gone. He told her that he would stop caring about everything, and he left. When he was gone, Emily called Gia and told her that she had broken up with Zander, and she wanted Gia to stop him from doing anything crazy.

Edward hired Alexis as their new butler, not knowing that she was the one dressed up. The entire Q family came in to meet “him” and all filled “him” in on the things they expected from “him”. Monica gave the speech about owning the house, and Edward gave his about answering the door. The family each bashed Alexis, and finally Ned and Monica defended her.

Jax told Skye that they were not having a baby together. She tried to convince him by saying she didn’t expect anything from him, and would care for the baby all by herself. Jax told her that he grew up with two married, and devoted parents, and wouldn’t give his baby anything less.

Skye went back to the mansion, where she met the new butler, who was being flirted with by Alice. When Skye came in, she told Alice that Kristina should be in bed already. She said good night to “her Princess Brat” as she continues to call her. When Alice took the baby to bed, Skye did her own Alexis-bashing, and told her that if Alexis were to come around for her visits, to make sure that either her or Ned were around. Ned came in looking for Skye, and asked her to read Kristina her bedtime story because he had a phone call. Skye agreed happily, and went upstairs to the baby. With Skye going up yelling to the baby that she was coming, Alexis sighed at the position that Skye was taking in the baby’s life.

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