GH Update Tuesday 5/13/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/13/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Emily was working on her flexibility with the nurse when Monica and Alan came home with the offer to take their daughter home. They joked about their cover story for the breast cancer and agreed to take a walk through the park on their way home. They went to the park and Gia stumbled upon them, prying with an array of questions. Emily’s parents took her home, leaving Gia behind to call her buddy Zander with the news. Zander worried she would be using drugs by the end of the week if she remained at the Quartermaines. He hung up the phone and headed out the door.

Ned walked in on Skye cooing to baby Kristina. She admitted she’d gotten attached to the tot, and Ned admitted he was surprised she was so good with her. She told him that the time she spent with the child was magical. Alexis walked in and told her, “Welcome to the human race.” Alexis threw a fit when she saw Skye with her daughter, seeing as how Skye turned Alexis away when she came to visit – four hours late. Ned wondered why Alexis was so upset, but Alexis wondered why he wasn’t more upset. When Alexis took it upon herself to try to go visit with the baby, Edward came in threatening her for being in violation of the court order. He called for Reginald, but the butler slipped on his way in. The ambulance showed up and wheeled Reginald out on a backboard with his neck in a brace. Alexis tried to use the situation to sneak up to see her daughter, but Edward caught her before she could make it. Ned stood up for his ex, but Edward was more focused on finding Reginald’s temporary replacement. The family threatened him to make sure the replacement wasn’t permanent and he assured them it wasn’t. As Edward described his perfect butler, the wheels in Alexis’ mind churned a new plan. Edward tried to sneak off and hire someone else, but Cook caught him. AJ tried to side with Grandfather. At that time, Alan, Monica and Emily arrived home. They tried to sneak their daughter up to her room, but Skye and Edward caught them. Edward told his granddaughter that she shouldn’t be there. They sent her upstairs and had their argument with the family. They ordered Edward to stay away from their daughter, deeming her “off limits.”

Skye visited Emily, trying to explain rehab, trying to convince her sister that she needed the structured environment was extremely important. Alan interrupted; telling Skye that when she had children of her own she could make those decisions, calling the subject quits. Emily thanked her sister for meaning well and watched her leave. Emily admitted to her father that pretending she had a drug problem was harder than she thought, but continued on her path of keeping her secret. Skye went downstairs, wondering about the incident and getting an idea, grabbed her coat and headed out.

Alexis looked at herself in the mirror, pulling her hair up in an unusual manner.

Edward’s new butler showed up, but wasn’t quite what Edward expected. He interviewed a few more, one whom was so old he nearly dropped the tea. The last butler was Alexis in disguise.

Skye called on Jax for a favor, admitting it was presumptuous of her to ask, but she told him that she wanted a baby and she wanted him to be the father.

Zander came in through Emily’s window, Emily pointing out that Gia hadn’t wasted time. She told him that she wanted to be there, and if he couldn’t handle it to leave. When he tried to hold her, she ordered him not to touch her, a gesture he didn’t understand.

Sonny walked in on Carly trying to convince Jason to marry Courtney. “Sonny, why am I forbidden to eavesdrop and you do it all the time?” Carly asked her husband. Sonny told his wife to leave his best buddy alone. Sonny asked his wife if his sister mentioned she wanted to get married. Carly tried to enlighten Jason about what goes on in women’s minds, but he explained he would propose if and when the time was right. Jason left and Sonny remained behind to argue with his wife; but before long, Sonny headed to his best friend’s penthouse for a discussion. He told his buddy that his wife jumps to the wrong conclusions, but Jason admitted that he wanted to marry Courtney, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her before Carly started her plan. Jason explained that when the car hit Courtney he couldn’t think of anything but the future. “But most of all I want Courtney to know that I honor her; that I will never leave her; and most of all I want us to promise before God that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together,” he said. He explained he wanted to prove he could give her the life she deserved and was going to ask her to marry him. Sonny admitted Jason had already proved himself and they found the best of things in each other. Sonny gave his approval and admitted if he were a betting man, he would bet her answer would be yes.

Carly ran around the house looking for her husband. When he came in she tore into him about needing to understand that Jason and Courtney belonged together and he shouldn’t try to keep them apart. She was shocked when he admitted he agreed. She was ecstatic with the news, however, and extremely excited when he told her his best friend was about to propose.

Carly headed over to Jason’s with flowers to help set the stage. He told her that it wasn’t about her, it was about him and Courtney. He asked why it was so important and she admitted that she loved him and he had never failed him. “Basically I want you to have all the things I took away from you,” she said. After listening, he explained that he figured out all on his own that he loved her and was going to ask her to marry him himself. “It doesn’t mean anything if I keep doing what Carly tells me to do,” he pointed out. He told her to trust him, that he had a plan. She tried to get him to rehearse the proposal, but Sonny came over and dragged his wife away, letting Jason think things out on his own.

Ric asked Courtney to marry him, but she refused. Ric threatened to use the leverage he had over Jason to rope her into the union. Courtney pointed out that her brother would never buy the cover story. He told her they just needed to seep into Sonny’s life. “Maybe we’ll discover that we have a couple of things in common,” Ric suggested. “Yeah, like we’re both in love with other people,” she pointed out. Then she asked if his relationship with Liz was phony as well. He grabbed her hand and shoved the engagement ring on her finger. She took it off and began to throw it at him, but stopped herself. She sat on the bench, upset, when Scotty came along. She admitted Ric had done something else, but was unsure if she had legal grounds. “I’ll tell you what; file a complaint and I’ll tell you what to say,” he told her, explaining the truth was a matter of interpretation. “Are you telling me you would charge someone with a crime, take them to trial and send them to prison on based on trumped up evidence?” she asked.

Elizabeth made it clear to Faith that her personal life was none of her business. Faith asked if she planned to accept the proposal, telling her to turn him down. Liz told her that Ric moved on and she should deal with it. “When I get angry people disappear. If you’re attached to your attached to your menial little life, you will say no,” Faith told her rival. She escorted her out with a smile.

Carly and Sonny went back home to enjoy the news. “Right now is the most romantic time in Courtney and Jason’s life. … Once you’re married the guy doesn’t have to try so hard, he can relax, the chase is over, he knows he’s got the woman. Then when you’re pregnant forget the romance, that goes out the window because your husband makes you wear flat shoes and he dresses you in frumpy clothes and covers you up and cooks you huge meals and acts like you’re some prize breeding cow,” she explained. While she was talking, Sonny pushed her out the door.

When Courtney came home, Jason explained that he had told Carly that she couldn’t control their lives. He sat her down and explained that he cared more than she would understand, and that he wasn’t doing it for Carly or anyone except her. “I love you and uh, you changed everything for me. You filled my life when I didn’t know it was empty. And I want to give that back to you everyday, for as long as we live. Will you, will you marry me?” he asked. She was shocked.

Liz went to her studio, working on a black and white sketch of Ric, followed by a sketch of a wedding dress.

Ric arrived home to find Faith there. He told her to leave, but she refused, admitting she was never bored with him. He pointed out that was because she wasn’t a part of his life. When he told her he was getting married she called his wife to be a “little twit who can’t cross the street by herself.” He simply pointed out she wouldn’t be in the picture.

Faith broke in to Elizabeth’s studio, seeing the sketch of the wedding dress. She ripped it off the sketchpad and ripped it into several pieces.

Liz showed up on Ric’s doorstep. She told him she had stopped by earlier and wanted to tell him she couldn’t stop thinking about him. He tried to stop her, but she continued. She told him Faith told her to stay away from him, but admitted she couldn’t because she loved him. She admitted that she was wrong to say it was over, but she wanted to be honest. He told her he didn’t want to hurt her anymore. She told him that if he asked her to marry him her answer would be yes.

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