GH Update Thursday 5/9/03


General Hospital Update Friday 5/9/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Jason was getting ready to pick Courtney up from the hospital when Carly and one of the body guards showed up at his loft. Carly brought bags of food, and started telling him all about their dinner plans. Jason told her they weren’t having dinner because he was going to the hospital to bring home Courtney.

Carly told Jason she had everything all worked out, and that Sonny was at the hospital and was bringing Courtney home to the loft so they could all have dinner together. Jason knew she had a plan coming, and he told her that he wasn’t going to be part of any plan of hers, because they never worked. She said she had no plans, they were going to just have dinner as a family. Before Jason said anything else, she said for dessert he could ask Sonny for his permission to marry Courtney.

Jason got serious and told her that she had to stop with all the marriage talk. She kept going, saying she didn’t understand why Jason wouldn’t ask Courtney because they loved each other. Jason told her that when he decided to marry he Courtney, it would be his decision, and nobody else’s.

While Courtney was packing up her things from the hospital, Ric showed up at her door. He came in, and started making threats about Jason if Courtney told anybody about his and Faith’s plan. He told her that his threats were serious, and pulled out some court papers. He told her that if anything were to happen to him, if he were to die, or disappear , or if she even told Jason or Sonny about the tire iron, than the original paper would be sent to the police, and Jason would spend his life in jail.

Sonny finally got there, and told Ric to get away from his sister. Ric lied saying he was just checking on her, because Courtney was sort of his sister too. Sonny told him that Courtney was nothing to him, and they were not at all related. Ric wondered to Sonny why Courtney and him could be brother and sister, but nobody could be brother or sister to him. Sonny told him that whatever him and Courtney had, he would never have with either of them. Sonny told Ric that he had better be thankful that they had some matching DNA, because it was the only thing keeping him alive.

Sonny and Courtney went back to the loft, after he bugged her about what Ric was really doing there. She brushed it off, and they walked in the door to Jason and Carly arguing about her plans. She and Jason sat down together, and Jason told Sonny he was glad he came. Sonny smiled at the three of them, and said he was glad too.

Later, Jason and Sonny talked about Ric while Carly bugged Courtney about getting married. While they were sitting on the couch, she tried to get Courtney to try on her ring, but she refused. She told her sister in law the same thing Jason did, to back off. Courtney told Carly they would get married when they wanted, and because they wanted to.

Ric and Faith met up on the docks, and she suggested they leave Port Charles(I wish) and start over in Florida. He shot down that idea and said he liked Port Charles. She said they were finished there, they had nothing left to destroy Sonny or Jason. Ric told her that wasn’t true, he had a secret weapon…Courtney.

Ric went to Kelly’s looking for Elizabeth. She asked him why he got such a charge out of lying to her, and he told her that he loved her and wanted to be with her. He told her that he tried to keep her away from him in the beginning, but now he couldn’t stay away from him. Elizabeth told Ric to stay away from her.

Alexis asked the judge to review her case again, and she agreed. Scott, Cameron, and Alexis went to her office, and Alexis tried to get her to agree to let her spend more time with Kristina. She also asked that her therapy be shortened, and that he law license be given back. Scott jumped in and told the judge that Alexis jumped back and forth between sane and crazy. The judge agreed that Alexis was in denial, and refused everything she asked for. She also told Alexis that the next time the case would be reviewed would be when she wanted it done.

Cameron told Alexis she was her own worst enemy, and he left to go back to his office. He was let in by a guard who warned him the door would lock when shut. Alexis showed up and shut the door behind her. She and Cameron talked about her, and he told her that the therapy would continue, and so would the fake reports to the judge. She tried to leave, but they were locked in.

At Kelly’s, Georgie and Dillon talked about Maxie. She told Dillon that she sort of hoped Maxie would go with Kyle so that Lucas wouldn’t follow her around, and he would give some attention to her instead. Dillon tried to convince Georgie that she was much better than Maxie because she cared about more than lip gloss.

Maxie ended up going to Kyle’s party, and his friends lost their bet, each owing him $100 dollars when Kyle and Maxie slept together, all caught on the web cam. Lucas showed up at the party to look for Maxie but when he got there, she was going upstairs with Kyle, so he went back to Kelly’s.

Lucas told Georgie that if she was going to keep covering for Maxie than she should be prepared to go get her from Kyle’s the next morning. He stormed out, and Georgie ran after him. She told him that she was sorry about Maxie.

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