GH Update Thursday 5/8/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/8/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Alan looked through Emily’s hospital chart when he went to the hospital. He wondered why Monica kept the cancer secret from him. Monica told him that Emily didn’t want anybody to know that she had cancer. Alan went in to see her, and asked Emily why she kept her cancer from everybody. She told Alan that she was scared, and knew she was going to die because her cancer had spread into her lymph nodes. Alan and Monica tried to get her to believe she was going to be okay.

Alan asked Emily about Zander, and why he wasn’t at the hospital with her. She told him that she didn’t want to involve Zander in her problems. Alan told her that they loved each other, and Zander would want to be there for her. Emily said Zander was just getting his life back together, and he would go down if he had to watch her die. Emily asked Alan and Monica to try not to fight, and to try and get along. She said she came home because she wanted to help the family get along.

After mistaking Ric for Jason and telling all about the plan to frame Jason, Courtney told Ric that he couldn’t stop her from telling the truth. Ric told her that he had everything he needed to put Jason away for good, and if she didn’t cooperate with him, he would make sure that Jason went to jail.

Sonny went to see Courtney and asked her about why she was crying. She brushed it off as hating the hospital, afraid to tell the truth about Ric. She asked about Jason and then he walked in, so Sonny decided to leave them alone. Jason knew something was bothering Courtney but she didn’t tell him about Ric, she told him that she was afraid of losing Jason.

Courtney told Jason that Carly had a “ridiculous” idea and he finished her with “getting married”. She was surprised that Carly told him about her plans for them to get married. Jason asked why she thought it was ridiculous after she said she wanted to spend her life with Jason. She asked what he thought, and Jason told her that he thought Carly should stay out of their relationship.

Jason asked if she was sure everything was okay when Courtney told him that she told him that she wished everybody would just leave them alone to love each other.

Carly and Jason talked about Courtney and Ric. Jason told her that he didn’t care who Ric was, and it wasn’t Sonny’s fault that he had a psycho brother. Jason told her that if he found out that Ric was the one who ran down Courtney, than he was done.

Sonny and Carly went to the police station and questioned Mac about the car accident and why nothing was being done. Mac told him that the PCPD was ordered off the case by Scott. Scott told Sonny that he couldn’t have things both ways with the police. Sonny said since the police weren’t going to help his sister than he would. Scott told him that when he slipped up, he would be locked away for the rest of his life.

Taggert was going to arrest Zander for possession of drugs when he found them on the docks. Gia told her brother that the drugs were hers, so if he was going to arrest someone, it should be her. Taggert knew she was lying to protect Zander. He didn’t arrest her or Zander, but said he would be watching them. Gia and Zander went back to Zander’s apartment and she bandaged up his ribs. The phone rang and she answered. Emily, on the other line, hung up when she heard Gia.

Nikolas decided to get Summer out of jail, and was going to leave Lucky in there until he could get him a lawyer. Summer refused to leave the jail without Luke and Lucky, and so Nik got Lucky out too, but Luke refused to go with them. Nik, Lucky, and Summer left together to figure out a plan to get the Cassadine fortune back.

Later in the prison, the guard brought Luke food, and found out that he was missing. He had gotten help getting out by another prison guard.

Elizabeth went to see Ric, but Faith was the only one at his house. She asked what she was doing there, and figured that Ric probably didn’t know she was there. Faith and Elizabeth talked about Ric, and Faith told her that she never had a chance with Ric because all she did was follow him around.

Ric came home and told Elizabeth that she was glad she came back to see him. She asked him why every time she thought he was changing, he did something to prove her wrong. She asked what he wanted, her or revenge on Sonny. He didn’t answer her right away, and she walked away saying she had thought Ric; revenge on Sonny was more important.

When Elizabeth left, Faith told Ric that she wouldn’t have worked out, and that instead of Liz, she was there. Faith told Ric that she could either be good, or she could be bad. He kissed her, and they ended up sleeping together. She asked if he got to Courtney and when he told her “yes” she wanted to be sure Courtney would keep her mouth shut.

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