GH Update Wednesday 5/7/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/7/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Summer begged a dead Matthew to wake up and tell her where he hid the money. Luke clued his deceptive companion that Matthew had revealed one piece of information – she wasn’t his sister. Luke pulled Summer’s number out of a hat, telling her that she and Matt were running the coin scam and he left her out of it. Before they could leave some men showed up with guns, mentioning that they received a tip. Luke went in his pockets to look for the coin and pretended he lost it, trying to give Lucky and Summer a chance to escape. Lucky was pretty honest when the guy questioned him, but it led to the guy wanting to discuss things on more controlled circumstances.

The three of them were shoved into a jail cell and Luke used the opportunity to get some info out of Summer. He asked her to give him something to use against Nikolas. Summer told them that Matt met Nikolas on his own and that she was supposed to have went with them. She admitted when she was hard up for cash she hit up Nikolas. “Nikolas wanted everything to do with me. But it had nothing to do with Matt and everything to do with the way that I looked and what I would do for money,” she told them. She told them that Nikolas turned on her, telling her he had no idea where Matt was. Luke agreed with the story, explaining that Nikolas was probably having them trailed. When Lucky tied it all back to the family war Luke told him that his mother had asked for him and he had never been told and he would never let it go. Lucky told him that revenge wasn’t worth it, and Luke, thinking his son made no sense, refused to speak to him anymore. At that moment, Nikolas showed up.

Emily prepared for her surgery with her mother by her side. They wheeled her out on the gurney and her mother kissed her head. She promised her daughter the point of the surgery was to make sure the cancer hasn’t spread. She told her to think of a lovely place in her mind and go there. As the doctors looked further at Emily’s lymph nodes, she dreamed of Zander. They discussed their lives together and their future. But when she pulled up the blanket, after hitting her arm on something hard, she saw her own grave. Monica noticed the change in her heart rate, and began giving orders. They reduced her heart rate and continued.

After the surgery, Emily awoke to her mother’s face and the good news that she still had her breast. She explained that the nodes the doctor removed were positive, but that they could be continued. Emily asked to be alone to confront her fears, and Monica gave her that time alone. She cried silently to herself in the hospital bed and Monica went out to the hall where her husband confronted her, asking when she was going to tell him his daughter had cancer.

Gia rambled on as Zander was lost in space. He explained that he was worried he was missing something – that she was under some kind of pressure that she couldn’t share with him. Gia left him on the docks to go get a cappuccino when the drug dealer he posted up and his posse came down to give him a beating. Gia found Zander on the ground. She helped him up, him refusing to go to the hospital. “How many fingers am I holding up,” she asked. “Fingers? All I see is stars,” he joked. He tried to avoid telling her who had come after him, but he finally did. She helped him to the bench just as Marcus came down the stairs. Taggart tried to threaten him, but Gia stood up for him. Taggart told Zander that if he wanted to do something good he could convince Gia to go to law school. Gia told him he could go that everything was under control, but when she moved the jacket on the ground, there were packets of drugs under it.

Courtney was the victim of a hit and run, but Jason memorized the driver’s tags as Faith Roscoe drove away. Jason covered her with his jacket and talked to her. She tried to tell him about Faith and Ric, but passed out before she could get the words out. The ambulance showed up, Mac in tow. When Mac questioned them about the car, Carly couldn’t remember anything, but Jason had all the facts. He told Mac that whoever did it did it on purpose.

Sonny went to Ric to warn him that people who tried to hurt him didn’t stay around long. Ric called his brother a fraud and a street hood. Sonny offered him a chance to take his life and move on, but Ric refused, bringing up their mother. Sonny pointed out that people had been. Sonny tried to tell Ric good things about their mother, but Ric told him he never got the chance. Sonny admitted his mother wouldn’t be proud of him and that she had always told him to show mercy. He explained that he was choosing not to retaliate against Ric in respect for his mother, but he warned him that if he continued to come after him he would hit back. “Like I said before, I don’t have much experience with mercy,” Sonny told his brother. Before he could get anything else out he received the call about his sister and left immediately.

Carly, Courtney and Jason arrived at the hospital, Sonny barely a step behind. Bobbie tried to calm her daughter down, worried about her child. When Sonny asked his right-hand man if it was an accident, he didn’t get the chance to answer before Mike showed up. He threw a fit about the accident being their fault and told them they should leave her alone. When Jason and Sonny were alone Sonny asked his question again and Jason admitted it was no accident. When Sonny started to blame himself, Jason pointed out that she hadn’t been in a better place a year ago and she was much happier now. He told his best friend that she had something to tell him before she passed out. Sonny admitted that Ric was with him, but he could still be part of it.

Carly took Mike aside and told him not to make his daughter have the same fight she had with Jason and Sonny all over again.

Tony informed Jason and Sonny that he was the only neurosurgeon on duty and the only one qualified to do anything. Despite Jason’s hatred, he was forced to let Tony continue to be his girlfriend’s doctor. Mac showed up and informed the crew that they found the car in the lake and there were no witnesses.

Ric sat home and watched the information on television when Faith barged in and told him she took care of things. She told him it could be their solution. Faith explained he had to shut her up. Ric had her call the hospital pretending to be Janine and they discovered that Courtney was indeed alive.

Ric showed up in Courtney’s room as the young lady woke. Before she realized to whom she was speaking, she told that Ric and Faith had something on him. He told her he was sorry she had heard that.

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