GH Update Tuesday 5/6/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/6/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Summer, Lucky and Luke went to the auction to buy their coin, all dressed up. Luke promised she would get to connect with her brother soon. Luke recognized Summer’s nervousness and pointed out it wasn’t good for their operation. Luke outbid everyone else on the coin, but when it came to paying he handed the guy a credit card, and when he didn’t except that he pulled out a checkbook. Matt showed up then, sticking something in Luke’s side and giving him his options. When Luke told him he was a friend of his sister, Matt wondered what sister he was speaking of. When Luke mentioned Summer, Matt remembered the girl, but said she wasn’t his sister. Luke asked if they had paired with or against Nikolas Cassadine, mentioning the coins were Cassadine money; but before Matthew could say anything, someone threw a knife into his back. Luke tried to get the last sliver of info out of him before he died, but it didn’t happen When Summer and Lucky showed up Summer tried to act upset, but Luke looked at her wondering what her scheme was.

Zander ran into Emily in the park while he was waiting on Gia; she filled him in that she was headed away to rehab. He told her it was a message from cosmic signals that he was one of the last people to see her and would be one of the first when she returned. Emily told him not to have any expectations, that she didn’t know who she’d be after this and he shouldn’t wait on her. He told her it didn’t matter; he’d be waiting for her no matter who she turned out to be. “It’s about as simple as it gets. I love you Emily. You’re the only person who makes me happy,” he told her. She got frustrated, telling him that she didn’t know if she could come back healthy and strong. He described her best qualities and told her they were going to make it. She tried to apologize, but Zander wouldn’t let her. They started to kiss just as Gia showed up, and Emily rushed off. He realized that something was going on with Emily that he didn’t know. They sat outside the brownstone and Zander explained that Emily was hiding something from her, and her drug story didn’t ring true. Gia thought Emily might be holding something back. She explained that she fell hard for Nikolas until things got lost. She told him she lost her love for Nikolas gradually and explained that maybe he and Emily had grown apart. He wondered if Emily’s feelings had changed, wouldn’t he feel it?

Monica had her daughter fill out the forms and explained what the process would be like. Emily didn’t want to think about it, thinking worst case scenario. “They’re going to do whatever they have to do to save your life and I thank God for that,” Monica told her child. Emily undressed it her hospital room and looked at herself in the mirror, crying.

Ric waited on the docks for Elizabeth. He asked her if it was really that easy to just drop everything and told her he couldn’t let her go because he loved her and he wanted to prove it to her. She told him she didn’t know him or anything about him. He explained that he had told her over and over he had an agenda for Sonny. Ric once again assured her he hadn’t raped Carly, but Liz pointed out what he had done was wrong. He told her he wasn’t making excuses. “I grew up thinking that I lacked whatever it takes for a person to look at you with love and that affected me,” Ric told her. “And to hell with anyone who had the good fortune to get in your way,” she told him. He told her that he’d love to be able to take Sonny down, but he loved her more than he needed to hurt Sonny. “If I thought there was any hope of a future with you my past wouldn’t matter,” he told her. “Like I said. I’m not interested,” she told him.

Carly got dressed and ready to go out, but Sonny wouldn’t let her go, telling her Ric wasn’t hers to deal with. Sonny asked her to just rest until the baby was born. “When that day comes we have some serious renegotiating to deal with,” she joked. They kissed and Taggart barged in on them. “I finally hit the mother-load Sonny. Your number’s up,” Taggart told him. They started searching the house, and Sonny was fine with it. Carly threw a fit though. Taggart explained that they were getting warrants for his work and bank accounts. “Did it ever occur to you geniuses that the timing might be a li-itle bit suspicious?” Sonny asked his old nemesis. Taggart asked him to sit down with Scotty and have a chat. Sonny informed him he would have to consult his attorney. “And who exactly would that be?” Carly asked her husband.

Courtney woke up to find Jason asleep in the chair by her bed. He sat down with her and told her he missed falling asleep listening to her breathe. She told him she missed her medication, but when he got up to get it, she told him that wasn’t the medication she was missing. They kissed for a few minutes, discussing her release from the hospital. He explained to her that Sonny was back in control and he didn’t need him to cover his back. He got a call from Sonny and headed off. He headed to the warehouse where Jason was in the process of destroying the computer in the office.

Sonny went down to the PCPD to chat with Scotty. Scotty tried to make him worry, making him aware on the bank account freezes and the waterfront warrants. “I’ve got a reliable informant that’s got enough to put you and that blue-eyed boyfriend of yours away for the rest of your stinkin’ lives,” Scotty told him. Sonny asked if his informant was his own brother. “Your family’s kind of different – funny in a way,” Scotty told him. “What does that mean?” Sonny asked defensively. “Well most people who come from big families you know, they know who their brothers and sisters are, they’re right there in the house, but yours expanded late in life. So, every couple of years, up pops a grown sibling,” he reflected. Sonny informed Scotty of Ric’s situation and told him the “evidence” was fabricated.

Ric stood outside and watched as Jason was brought in. Ric warned him not to threaten him, that it would be yet another charge against him. Sonny came out and asked what he was doing there, telling him he didn’t impress him because he didn’t want to know his brother at all.

Taggart showed up with no information whatsoever, admitting every hard drive had been destroyed. “Corinthos, you and your girlfriend are free to go,” Scotty said sarcastically.

Carly got to Courtney’s room and found her up and ready to head home. Carly offered to give her a ride. “Good, then maybe you can tell me where home is,” Courtney asked her sister-in-law. Courtney told her she didn’t want to go back to the penthouse at the expense of Sonny’s family. She asked if Sonny could handle it, and didn’t like her sister-in-law’s reaction. “Oh no, straight to the cookies and don’t pass go,” she laughed. Carly pawned the cookies off as a sedative to make up for the way her morning started. She told Courtney that he could handle it. They joked about what happened if her child happened to be a girl. They laughed then Carly turned serious and told Courtney she had to propose to Jason immediately. She explained that Sonny was a sucker for priests and chapels. “No more sugar for you, you’re delirious!” Courtney told her. Courtney tried to persuade her otherwise, but Carly explained that Jason would say yes, he just didn’t think of those kinds of things. Courtney explained that she wanted someone who wanted her to marry him bad enough to actually propose. Carly promised not to bring it up anymore.

Courtney stopped on the docks, hiding behind a bush, listening to Ric and Faith. Faith admitted that her survival deepened on framing Jason for Fowler’s murder and sending him to prison. She asked for the tire-iron that killed him and told her Sonny would kill him too. Ric told her she wasn’t getting the tire-iron, that Sonny wouldn’t kill his own brother. They heard Courtney drop and apple, but shrugged it off until later when Faith saw the apple laying on the dock next to Courtney’s hospital bracelet and saw the sliver of someone’s shirt disappear around the corner.

Ric headed home, opening a secret drawer in his fireplace, but shut it when Faith called explaining a “serious problem.” He hung up when there was a knock on the door and opened it to reveal Sonny.

Jason and Carly met at the Brownstone. Courtney stood across the street, looking at them and headed in their direction, but she was standing in the middle of the street when a car’s headlights came careening at her.

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