GH Update Monday 5/5/03

General Hospital Update Monday 5/5/03

By Michelle
Pictures by Juanita

“You don’t mean it” Zander says to Emily. He can’t believe she is telling him she needs space away form him. She tries to say that it is part of the rehab. Zander protests and Alan steps in to help Emily. She tells him she needs this to get better. He tells her he will wait. He walks to the elevator with his head down.

Maxie tells Lucas and Georgie that she wants to go to Kyle’s party. Meanwhile Kyle is outside of Kelly’s telling his friends to get ready to pay on their bet.

Liz spills the bean to Faith that Ric is Sonny’s brother and that he has lied to everyone to only seek revenge on Sonny. Faith asks if she is sure, they couldn’t be brothers.

Courtney explains to Sonny about what Coleman saw Ric do. Sonny is apprehensive but believes because it is what Ric told him too.

Carly has the gun pointed towards Ric’s head. She asks him how it feels to be drugged. She tells him she is going to stop him before he hurts Sonny anymore. “It will be as if you were never born, I am going to erase you from existence”, She says while the barrel of the gun brazes the back of his neck.

Lucas gives Maxie a hard time for believing anything Kyle has to say. He defiantly cannot understand why she would even consider going to his party. Georgie asks Dillon to go with her so Maxie and Lucas can talk. After getting outside Georgie asks Dillon to help her with something.

Faith thinks Ric has lied about being Sonny’s brother. Liz tells Faith that Ric only used her to get revenge.

Sonny is worried about an absent Carly. She was supposed to be at the hospital visiting Courtney so when she doesn’t arrive he goes to the penthouse and asks Leticia if she is there. Leticia confirms that Carly should be at the hospital. Sonny goes upstairs where he discovers that his gun is missing, he heads out to find Carly.

Carly tells Ric that after it is over, Sonny and Jason will take care of it and Ric’s body will never be found. He tries to convince her that Sonny would resent her for killing him.

The nurse keeps Courtney in bed. Scott barges in. He asks Courtney to give her statement. She tells Scott about what Ric did. Scott tries to turn it around saying Jason must have beat her up. Courtney threatens to sue Scott if her ever mentions that again. She asks Scott if he was going to do something about Ric or sweep it under the rug.

Georgie asks Dillon to rate their kiss on their first meeting. She then asks him to help her improve her technique so that when she kisses Lucas it will be great. Dillon looks crushed.

Emily calls Gia to come see her. Monica walks in and tells Emily that her plan is not going to work. She tells her she cannot force Zander and Gia together. Monica tries to convince Emily to let her tell Alan because he would find out anyway, he runs the hospital. Emily then convinces Monica to move her to another hospital and not tell Alan. Monica reluctantly agrees.

Sonny walks in just as Carly was about to pull the trigger. He tells her that Ric is not worth it. He finally convinces her to not do it. He unties Ric, Ric starts mouthing off to Sonny and Ric puts his hand on Sonny’s shoulder. Sonny turns around and punches Ric.

Emily tells Zander that she is going away and will not be able to call. He refuses to give up on her and he will be waiting no matter how long she is gone. She makes him leave now. Gia walks in after Zander is gone and Emily asks her to keep an eye on Zander and not let him mess his life up. Gia agrees.

Georgie tries to convince Maxie to not go to Kyle’s party but Maxie thinks he will ask her to prom. Kyle calls Maxie pretending to apologize again for what he did and she agrees to come to his party. He walks back into Kelly’s and tells his friends to come to his room and set up the web cam.

Mike comes to see Courtney. Courtney reveals that she knows Sonny is not heartless. She also says that Sonny would pick her over Ric any day.

Ric brings Scott files containing all the information on Sonny’s organization.

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