GH Update Thursday 4/25/03


General Hospital Update Friday 5/2/03

By Michelle
Pictures by Juanita

Monica hands Emily the consent form for the lumpectomy but it also for a mastectomy. Emily gets upset because she does not want to have her breasts removed. She holds the form in her hands and Monica receives a page but promises to come back in a few minutes. Emily walks to the nurse’s desk and lays the forms down and leaves the hospital.

Liz comes to see Courtney in the hospital. “This is a surprise”, Courtney says. Courtney starts out on the defense but Liz changes the tone of the conversation by telling Courtney she came to hear the truth.

Coleman goes by Kelly’s and asks where Courtney is. Penny tells Coleman that she is in the hospital but she isn’t sure why.

Faith is stopped by Ric from sitting down at the table with him. He claims there business is concluded. She resists. As they are arguing Scott comes over and asks about the mobsters. Ric tells Scott that Faith was just leaving; she tells him “To be continued” and walks off. Scott questions her meaning and Ric said nothing. Ric has him sit down. He tells Scott he can help bring Sonny down. But first he wants immunity for all the crimes he has committed since her has been in Port Charles. Scott says it’s worth it to bring Sonny down.

Sonny and Carly discuss the fact that even though Ric has done all these bad things to his family but he cannot kill his mother’s son. Carly tells Sonny maybe it isn’t your decision.

Mac catches Maxie trying to make plans even though she is grounded. She spouts at Georgie for trying to vacuum. Mac reminds them that he wouldn’t tell Felicia or Bobbie about the party if Maxie and Lucas cleaned the house. He tells Georgie she has done enough and Maxie to vacuum.

He also says he can always count on Georgie’s judgment.

Zander and Gia walk into Kelly’s. They begin discussing how Emily is pushing him away. Kyle sees a friend outside and he walks outside. In mid sentence Zander knows who Kyle’s friend is and he rushes outside to attack the guy. Zander pushes him against the wall and tell him not to deal to these kids. Gia runs to get Zander to back off. No one notices Emily has been watching. Taggert walks over to break it up and gets on to Zander, Gia defends Zander for being moral and taking a stand against drug dealers but Taggert threatens to run Zander in. Emily walks away before anyone notices. Gia tells Taggert he is a pig. They walk back into Kelly’s and Emily comes back to watch them through the window.

Liz goes to see Ric; she reluctantly accepts his invitation to come inside. She confronts him on being Sonny’s brother. She also asks why she wasn’t worth abandoning his revenge on Sonny. He said he wanted to but it had taken so much planning. She asks if he realizes that in his plot to take Sonny down, he had become just like him.

“This thing with Ric is not over”, Sonny tells Carly. He explains how he is just going to try it at a new angle. Ric believes he is the good son and I am the bad, Sonny says to her. Leticia brings Michael home from school. Carly asks Michael to tell Sonny what happened yesterday. Michael tells Sonny he wanted to see AJ and tell him he would never go with him. Sonny takes his baseball mitt for a week for what he had done. Sonny reassures Michael that he will love me equally as much as the baby. As Carly and Michael are leaving, Mike shows up.

Coleman goes to visit Courtney at the hospital. He was worried he said. She explains to Coleman about the kidnapping and how it was to be used as leverage against Sonny. Coleman tells Courtney that he can give her leverage against Mr. Lansing. He goes on to describe the night Fowler put the drug in Carly’s drink. Coleman explained how he followed Ric that night to the hotel room. He watched Ric and he confirmed Ric never touched her. He said he blackmailed Ric and Ric paid for his silence.

Emily finally walks into Kelly’s after seeing Zander leave. She joins Gia at the table. Gia tells Emily what Zander had done. She also admitted how she never really cared for Zander when he first arrived. But now she has a lot of respect for him. Emily thanks Gia for being a defender of Zander.

Georgie walks in and joins Dillon at a table. Kyle walks over and begins inquiring about Maxie and if she is still mad. Dillon makes him leave by threatening to expose the drugs Kyle had on him. Kyle leaves. Lucas then walks in and tries to get Georgie to come sit with him, but she refuses. Meanwhile Kyle has stopped Maxie and began to smooth talk her by apologizing. He invites her to his party. She walks in and joins Georgie and Dillon. Georgie asks what took so long, Maxie says he was apologizing. Kyle stands outside with his friends and tells them they will all owe him a hundred dollars after the party, they say as long as it is on the web cam.

Sonny questions Mike about Adela’s possible pregnancy with Ric. Mike doesn’t believe it and Sonny tells him the whole story.

Carly goes to Ric’s. He invites her in. He offers her a drink as he pours his own. She says water and he leaves to go get it. Carly slips a drug into his drink, he comes back and they begin talking about what happened. Carly asks if he thought it was okay what he did. He comments that she and Courtney are fine. He does inform her that he never touched her, it was harmless he says. He gulps down his drink. A few moments later he begins to stumble. “What did you do to me?” he asks. “Oh, I drugged you, but don’t worry Ric, it’s harmless” she says with a smile. He finally passes out over a chair.

Emily finally arrives back at the hospital where Alan, Monica and Zander are. She claims she needed a little time. Alan begins to blame Zander but Emily says no but tells Zander she does feel pressure and he needs to give her space.

Sonny goes to see Courtney, who is trying to get out of bed to dress and leave. Sonny stops her and then she tells Sonny what Coleman said.

Ric wakes up taped into a chair. He begins to protest but she offers to tape his mouth. She finally tells him to shut up. She pulls out the gun and the silencer, telling him eyes are the windows to the soul but his were empty and how she could not believe that he and Sonny could actually be brothers. She screws the silencer on the gun and aims at Ric’s face.

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