GH Update Thursday 5/1/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/1/03

By Michelle
Pictures by Juanita

Today’s opening scenes take us to Lucky and Summer discussing why Sonya has a coin exactly like the one Summer tried to take from the Cassadine’s. She tells him that is why she danced with her so he would have time to search. Lucky questions Summer as to all she knows. Meanwhile inside Luke grabs the phone away from Sonya thinking it is Matthew. He tries to get Matt to speak with him; little did he know it was Nikolas on the other end.

Alexis watches Cameron eating dinner with a woman friend, she starts to get up but Scott walks in. He starts asking her what is she up to now. He debates with her whether she is still practicing law to help Nikolas.

“Shoot him”, Jason says with gun drawn and pointed toward Ric. Sonny backs up and stops aiming towards Ric. Ric pleads with Sonny to tell Jason. “This scum is my brother”, Sonny says. Jason takes Sonny’s stand and points the gun at Ric, “Well, he’s not mine”; Jason says and begins to pull the trigger. But Sonny pushes Jason and the bullet misses Ric. Jason rushes Ric and puts him in headlock. But Sonny calls Jason off and lets Ric leave.

Sonya is questioned by Luke, Lucky and Summer as to where the coin came from. She explains that Matthew gave it to her before he left. They ask where he went and she says he never said. They press her more but she tells them she thinks Matthew is dead. She lets them keep the coin and she leaves.

Scott continues on Alexis until Cameron finally comes to her rescue. He begins to try and analyze Scott on his relationship with his mother and if she ever was a blonde. Scott finally backs off with a recommendation from Cameron to come see him. Alexis tries to thank him but he just walks back to his companion. Alexis picks up her things in disgust.

Jason pushes Sonny to find out why he let the man who raped his wife and try to kill his sister to walk away. Sonny explains to Jason that Ric said he didn’t touch Carly only made it appear he did. He also tells Jason the story of how his mother fell and how his mother chose him before all else. Jason asks Sonny what else does Ric have to do before Sonny will put him in the ground.

Ric returns home. Liz is waiting for him. She slaps him hard, telling him he lied about everything. She questions his involvement of Courtney’s kidnapping and the rape of Carly. He tries to explain but she refuses to believe him, asking him why he is still alive. She tells him it was all for nothing.

Jason shows up at the hospital with flowers for Courtney. She tells him of her condition. He tells her Ric is still alive but he will protect her. He also tells her the story behind Ric.

Sonny wakes a sleeping Carly. She asks how everything is. He tells her that Ric is his brother. He also tells her that Ric said he never touched her. She is angry and asks what about Courtney. He tells her he couldn’t kill his mother’s son.

Nikolas tells Alexis that the family fortune is in trouble. He explains that Helena’s last scheme was a costly one. She queries if Stefan knows. She offers to look at a few figures and meet again. She tells him everything will be fine. As she leaves, Sonya calls; she tells him they took the coin. He tells his guard that Summer will take care of everything and they just have to follow.

Luke gets an appraisal on the coin. The man says it is worth fifty thousand dollars. Luke asks how you would get that much. The man suggests an invitation only black market auction. Luke presses for the name that will help him get in. Summer looks worried as the man says “Gideon”. Luke notices and asks how she knows Gideon.

Ric tries to calm Liz down but she will not. She opens the door to leave and he tells her he loves her. Faith is standing outside. Liz asks if he is sleeping with Faith too and she leaves. Faith walks in and asks him if he has broken Liz’s heart. He then asks her if she told Sonny about the house. He says never mind it was all part of his plan. He tells Faith she is expendable and that he has Sonny right where he wants him.

Carly walks to the desk where Sonny laid his gun, she picks it up but Sonny calls her. She goes to sit down with him on the couch, all the while eyeing his gun.

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