GH Update Wednesday 4/30/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/30/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Skye confronted Edward, who took her off the ELQ board since she was no longer a Quartermaine. “You may have as much love and support as you want, just keep your hands away from the stock options,” he told her.

AJ pulled on Carly’s arm, but managed to catch her. Edward showed up asking if he was pushing his ex down the stairs again. Edward wanted to talk to the boy and AJ tried to put in his two cents, but Skye stopped them all. Skye explained to Carly what she had told her son, the child confirming what she said. Once Carly and Michael were out of the way, Edward went after AJ’s throat. Skye pointed out that Sonny and Carly were his parents and they needed to accept that. She pointed out that he was better off away from the family. Edward had himself convince Michael was crying to get back into the house. He left, leaving AJ and Skye to argue. AJ didn’t understand that she was trying to do what was best for the child. “When you thought we were blood we were like one, on the same team. Now you’re against me like the rest. … I don’t know you, I have no sister,” he told her. She sauntered over to the alcohol cart and poured her self a glass of Vodka, taking a sip.

Ned came home and managed to walk into a verbal smashing from Skye. He told her that he had been planning to offer her a job. He explained Jax almost had him convinced that he could be right. He explained to her that she couldn’t just give up and get plastered if she were working for him.

Skye went to Jax, thanking him for the effort, but pointing out she had ruined it. She told him she needed to try things without the support of her families – and she needed to find out what she really wanted. Skye told him she could be very tenacious and left.

Alexis and Cameron discussed the judge and Alexis’ visitation rights. He pointed out that the judge was beginning to resent her and not to pull a stunt to risk visitation. He told her wasn’t going to cover for her next time. Nikolas showed up and pulled her away from the good doctor, asking her to act like a Cassadine. Nikolas tried to get his aunt to help him protect Laura, and Alexis agreed as long as she didn’t have to hurt Luke in the process. Cameron stepped in, pointing out that it could cost her visitation. “Was I eavesdropping? It’s an occupational struggle,” Cameron told them. Cameron tried to convince her to stay away from her family, pointing out they were a complication she didn’t need. She told him not to expect her to hand over her existence. He left her with a cold, to the point verbal stab – you only have your daughter to use.

Alexis went to Ned and they started discussing Cameron. Ned pointed out her actions could cost her visitation. She explained she needed a new therapist, and he pointed out she was falling for him. “You have another good man standing right there beside you… and look what you’re doing, you’re finding fault, you’re running away, just like always,” he told her.

Alexis went to the grill and witnessed Cameron on a date. She began getting irritated with the scene in front of her.

Nikolas, on the phone with an illusive business partner, mentioned he was looking at another form of capitol.

Lucky tried again to try to get his father to leave he and Summer alone. Luke offered to change hotels to give his son his privacy. Luke threw out a theory that Matt was working for Nikolas as well. Lucky asked his father to stay, hoping they’d get farther working together.

As Sonya came on to Summer, Summer questioned the acquaintance about her brother. Luke and Lucky showed up in time to catch Summer and Sonya hugging, and gave her points for style. Summer and Sonya Tangoed, Summer giving Lucky the heads up to go for Sonya’s purse, where he retrieved yet another coin like the one they found in Nikolas’ safe.

Laura went outside and Sonya called Nikolas. Luke interrupted, hoping that Matt was on the other line.

Jason got Courtney up and found a ladder for her to climb. He got her up off the floor and they started their assent. They headed out of the mine. Jason took Courtney to the hospital, where Carly met them and offered to stay, so Jason ran off after Sonny.

Sonny had Ric at gunpoint on his knees. “Why don’t you just go ahead and shoot me. I’m the bastard brother, I’ve been planning your destruction for years,” Ric screamed at him. Ric pointed out the obvious, that Sonny’s mother couldn’t have afforded a place like the one they were in. He pointed out that his father had really loved Adella, and was planning on leaving his wife for her. Sonny accused him of lying, but Ric continued to tell his story. Sonny remembered his mother asking him to be a family with Trevor, then came back to hear Ric point out how he wanted his mother all to himself. He told Sonny that he had wanted his mother to lose the child so that she would no longer be with Trevor. He accused Sonny of ruining their mother’s life. Sonny remembered ordering Trevor to see his mother, pushing her, and remembered Trevor telling him that he had almost killed his own mother. Ric continued to probe Sonny, pointing out he had been just as cold, heartless and controlling as a child. He explained that Trevor hadn’t wanted to raise the child with Sonny in the house and asked her to give him up for adoption, but instead she signed over custody of Ric to his father and left.

Sonny didn’t understand why Ric would want to get rid of him, so Ric explained that he just wanted back what he had never had the chance for. He told Sonny that every time his father looked at him he saw what could have been. He told Sonny if it wasn’t for him he might have had a family. “Every time I look at you I think of what my mother chose – poverty and violence.” Ric blamed Sonny for his mother’s beatings, for all her sorrows. “I wanted to take everything from you that you loved - everything that you need. And leave you broken. Then tell you the truth – it was your brother who destroyed you,” Ric told him. When Sonny told Ric he had failed and took it out on his wife, Ric nonchalantly claimed not to have ever laid a hand on Carly. Ric pointed out that the irony in all of it was that Sonny wrecked everyone that he loved on his own and that his only talent was for destruction.

Jason showed up ordering Sonny to shoot Ric. When Sonny refused, Jason offered to do the job. Ric forced Sonny to tell him that he was his brother. “He isn’t mine,” Jason said. As the view shifted to the outside of the house, there was a gunshot.

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