GH Update Tuesday 4/29/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/29/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Zander and Emily hold each other after making love. He tells her that he was unhappy how they left things, and how they were a perfect fit. He explained that she was part of him, which upset her. She got up, telling him she needed to get back to the hospital, needing some time alone. He didn’t believe her, thinking she was going for drugs, but he let her go.

Monica showed up at Zander’s, looking for Emily. He warned Monica that he was afraid she would be in trouble. His worry started to eat him alive. Monica explained that drugs were the least of Emily’s problems. Refusing to tell him the truth, she explained that Zander should be a part of Emily’s life and that she would need him now more than ever.

She headed to the hospital and found Emily there. She explained that Zander was worried about her and that he needed to know the truth. Emily revealed her plan to set Zander free.

Lucky and Luke continued their search for Summer’s brother. They argued about their methods just as Summer showed up in her bathing suit. Lucky told her what his father was up to. He left on his own, refusing to take them with him. Summer agreed with Lucky on the method of finding her brother, but instead of opting to go on without him, they opted to try something else to waste time, but Summer backed out of the love-making session, pointing out she didn’t want Luke to find them and get hurt.

Luke headed down town and made small talk with the bar tender, showing him a picture of Matt. A young woman at the bar recognized the picture, and Luke confronted her, but she refused to help. She claimed to be on her way to the lady’s room, but Luke waited on her, calling in his backups. Summer suggested that they give up on the girl, wanting to split things up. Lucky wanted to go talk to her, but Luke sided with Summer, letting her call the shots.

Back at the hotel, Luke and Lucky sat down, Lucky asking his father to remember if he dragged his mother-in-law around when he and Laura went out on their road trips. “What is this, pay-back or something?” Luke told his son that he wasn’t a treat to his love life, to stop looking for trouble.

Summer went back to the bar and caught up with Sonya. Caressing Summer’s arm, Sonya offered to help Summer, if she helped her.

Michael showed up on AJ’s doorstep. Michael admitted that he was frightened of AJ because of the way he spoke to him. “A real daddy is somebody who loves you and takes care of you. My daddy loves me, Sonny.” Michael explained that he didn’t like AJ because of the way he spoke about his father. Skye interrupted, offering to help Michael understand the way AJ felt. Michael admitted that he loved Sonny like a father. Skye pointed out that Michael loved the father he knows and wanted to be with the family he has. Michael said that he would never go anywhere with AJ. Skye promised that no one would take him away from his parents, and tried to convince AJ to promise the same. He promised never to take Michael anyplace he didn’t want to go. Skye took him into the living room to talk in private. She tried to explain that AJ just missed his son, and that he just showed it in the wrong way. She explained that many people in the house loved him and if he wanted to get to know them, he could come anytime, he just had to tell his mommy first. Skye offered to take him upstairs to meet the new baby and he told her that he would have a baby brother or sister soon.

Jason told Elizabeth that Ric kidnapped Courtney. He pressed her for information about where Ric took her, ordering to get out when she couldn’t give them any information. They went through the mines and found one that wasn’t numbered but named Adella, as in Sonny’s mother. Jason went after her and Carly looked again at the picture, realizing she was looking at Sonny’s mother. Carly did some more research as Laticia came in, looking for Michael. Skye called at the opportune moment, letting Carly know where her missing child was. Carly headed directly to the Quartermaines.

She got there and found Michael halfway up the stairs. With AJ on the other side of her, Carly told her son not to believe AJ, who grabbed hold of her wrist. She twisted around, jerking away and began to fall.

Courtney continued to try to escape from her surroundings, unsuccessfully. She fell to the floor, knocking herself unconscious. Jason found her there and tried to wake her up. He got her up just as the hole started to cave in.

Sonny followed his instincts, remembering a time when he was with his mother and a male friend, who handed her a handkerchief with the initials TRL embedded on it. Carly got upset when she realized Sonny went after him on his own. Carly found a picture that she thought she recognized, but Jason came up with more: Lansing Cole and Mineral Company. They agreed Rick must have Courtney hauled up in his mines. Sonny went into the house, cautiously, remembering his mother stepping out of the front door. Once inside, gun in hand he started calling for Ric. Ric came out of the shadows, gun pointed at Sonny’s back. “Who’s back after all these years,” he pointed out. Sonny dropped his gun and turned around for Ric. He started asking his questions, wondering why Ric took his sister. Ric pointed out that there were the “innocents” who always wondered in the face of danger. Ric asked Sonny to take a trip with him to the summer of 1970, when they stayed in the house. Ric pointed out that he owned the house, and Sonny remembered meeting Trevor Lansing, his mother’s boss and Ric’s father. Ric called Sonny a psychopath, telling him that the summer was no “vacation.” He told Sonny that his career started at the top of the stairs. He remembered his mother and him arguing there over a coat and her falling down the stairs. Ric told him that his mother didn’t fall, Sonny pushed her.

Ric told Sonny that he didn’t want to share his mother with anyone. Sonny got the gun away from Ric, and told him he didn’t care about what happened then, but he was going to kill the man who raped his wife. Ric told him to pull the trigger was to kill his own brother.

Jax’s escort kissed him during the middle of his over-the-phone deal, and he sent her on her way. She passed Ned coming as she was going. Jax admitted he needed a favor, about Skye. Jax told Ned that Skye needed something to focus on, and asked his best buddy to give his ex a job. Ned agreed to offer her a job, but Jax pointed out he didn’t want her to know that he helped her out again.

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