GH Update Monday 4/28/03


General Hospital Update Monday 4/28/03

By Michelle
Pictures by Juanita

Today’s show opens with Monica arranging tulips sent by Lila from her garden. Monica said Lila sent them not wanting Emily to miss the beautiful blooms from the gardens. Emily said that is what she missed the most, the spring. Stating California they have spring, but it’s not the same. Monica goes to Emily’s bedside sitting down to tell Emily that the biopsy results are in and the lump is cancerous.

Nikolas finds Gia on the docks; Gia sees Nikolas and finishes up her phone call. Nikolas and Gia exchange niceties and Nikolas starts to walk away. Gia stops by asking “You are always polite with strangers, is that what I am now?”

Dillon tells Tracy, “If you are leaving, Mom, I am coming with you”. Tracy tries to tell Dillon that she has a big business venture starting up in Europe and he would be better off here, with family. Dillon still resisting her leaving him there, tells her they are a team. She voices her opinion on his movie watching. She tells him he needs interaction with people that aren’t colorized. Tracy tells Dillon that his grandfather has requested he stay. Dillon and Tracy have a tearful good-bye. “Make me proud while I am gone, when the deal is finished, I will come back”, Tracy says.

“Of course, Sonny is your father, he is the one that loves you” Carly says to Michael. She tries to avoid the subject of AJ, but Michael still presses on.

Sonny tells Faith “If you’re lying, you’re a dead woman” he says as he removes her blindfold. Faith tells Sonny about the picture on Ric’s mantle. Sonny says so what he likes pictures of houses. Faith keeps talking saying how he said he use to spend summers there in Martha’s Vineyard. Then it must have clicked with Sonny like he knew something.

Jason is forced to put down his gun; Ric threatens to kill Courtney if Jason refuses to comply. Jason puts down his weapon and Ric stands behind him still holding a gun to his back. Courtney screams no as Ric’s arm rises up, “Tell, Sonny, Martha’s Vineyard” Ric says and knocks Jason to the floor.

Monica brings in a doctor to explain the medical options of treating her breast cancer. Emily still refusing to comply with any medical options. Monica and the doctor tell Emily she is lucky they caught in the early stages. The doctor tells Emily that they had reviewed the files from Stanford and that the cancer has not spread as they had first anticipated. Emily is still reluctant and angry. She tells Monica “What do I do when they hacking away piece bye piece?”.

Nikolas asks Gia if she still is riding, telling her she was becoming quite good at it. She explains since he is the only person she knows who owns horses she hasn’t for a while. Then she says how she really never liked horses. Nikolas begins to tell her how he always appreciated her being there for him. That he was proud of her achievements. Gia tells Nikolas that he could be something other than a Prince, trying to find new ways to spend the family fortune. He says that is what I have learned to do, inherit. He walks away leaving Gia on the sidewalk.

Carly tries explain to Michael the differences in biological fathers. He asks if AJ is his biological father. Carly says yes. Michael feels concerned because Sonny is only his father in love as Carly put it. Carly tells Michael that her, AJ and he had once all lived together, but that they were all sad. They had lacked love. Michael asks where they use to live and Carly tells him, explains the Quartermaine house. Carly leaves the conversation telling Michael that Sonny will love him no less even when the baby is born.

Edward asks Dillon why he is still here. Dillon starts to get the impression his grandfather didn’t ask for him to be there.

Gia is in the elevator at the hospital with a huge bouquet of flowers, Zander helps navigate her off the elevator. Gia begins to question how Zander is doing with Emily’s addiction.

“I’m more afraid of being sick, than dyeing”, Emily says to Monica asking that sounds weird. Monica explains that it is not strange to feel that way. Monica keeps up the rallying for Emily to seek both alternative and medical treatments for the cancer. “What you have to look forward to is life”, Monica tells her.

Liz comes to Carly, telling her to admit she is lying about Ric raping her.

Sonny goes to Ric’s apartment and finds Jason lying on the floor. Jason comes to and asks where is Courtney. Sonny asks if she was there. Jason gives Sonny the message about Martha’ Vineyard. He then asks Sonny what it means. Jason states that Ric is using Courtney as a hostage. Sonny finds the picture on Ric’s mantle, “I know this place”.

Ed accuses Tracy of leaving her excess baggage. Ned tries to stop Edward from saying anything further in front of Dillon. Dillon tells Edward that he wanted him to stay, Edward laughs, saying he had tried to convince Tracy to leave Dillon for Lila and he to raise when Dillon was a baby. But she had stated that he was all she had. The family starts hurling insults and they all start arguing. Dillon looks in amazement and walks up the stairs.

Monica tells Emily that she will not let her die.

Zander tells Gia about the “painkillers” he flushed down the toilet and that after that Emily had passed out and Monica took her to the ER. Zander starts to blame himself for the accident that caused Emily’s pain. Gia tells Zander to let Emily see how strong he is, not weak. Monica walks up to them, Zander asks about seeing Emily and she refuses them saying she needs her rest. Zander asks how bad is she?

Carly tells Liz that she was indeed raped. Liz hurls back that Carly cheated on Sonny and is using Ric as an excuse for Sonny to not be mad at her. Liz argues, “Being raped is something you remember”. Carly answers, “Not when you were drugged and have a big black whole of what happened, unable to fight and say no”. Liz still refusing to believe, accuses that Carly’s lies will cause Ric’s death at the hands of Sonny. 

Sonny stares at the picture of the house at Martha’s Vineyard and has a memory of he and his mom swinging on the porch of that house.

Zander finds Emily in his room. He says your mom said you were sleeping, that you needed your rest. My mom doesn’t always know what’s best for me. Zander says I will do whatever you need. Emily leans and kisses Zander.

Leticia drops off Michael at the birthday party, he walks inside, sets down the gift and waits for her to leave. He leaves the party.

Carly tells Liz that she is only saying that Carly is lying because Liz is sleeping with Ric.

Sonny keeps Jason from going after Courtney, that if he goes they will both get killed. Sonny begins to question, why there and how does Ric know about this place. Just then Ric calls Sonny and asks if Jason gave him the message, also telling Sonny if he kills him then they will not save Courtney. Scene shows Ric looking down into what looks like an abandoned mind and Courtney is standing at the bottom. Ric says “See you at Martha’s Vineyard” and hangs up.

Emily and Zander are wrapped up in bed. They start remembering the past, Emily states that what they had was wonderful, Zander tells her she will beat this, and it will make us stronger.

Ned warns AJ to leave Dillon out of any of his scheming against Edward. Ned leaves and Edward walks through and AJ makes a comment about Ned not going to work, again. Edward said if AJ was motivated he would be making plans for Ned’s replacement. The doorbell rings and AJ opens the door to find Michael standing there. “Michael?” he says. Michael says I know who you are.

Carly and Liz still arguing over whether or not Carly was actually raped, Jason flies through the door, telling them both that Ric has kidnapped Courtney and points at Liz saying “What do you know about this?”

Sonny is on his way to Martha’s Vineyard, a call comes in giving them address to the house, and he has another memory of he and his mother on the porch of the house.

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