GH Update Thursday 4/25/03


General Hospital Update Friday 4/25/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Jax writes out a check for Tracy for some business deal they're doing. She flirts with him. Skye comes in and thinks that he's writing a check for blackmail, saying he shouldn' tpay Tracy. But they tell her it has nothing to do with her. Skye is nonplussed and reveals that she has called a family meeting so that Tracy can tell everyone about her paternity. Everyone gathers, including Rae. Tracy doesn't like being manipulated by Skye and won't say anything, so Skye does the honor and tells them that she's not really a Quartermaine. Even Edward is shocked speechless for once. Tracy can't believe that they're not happy to find out that Skye isn't related to them, but they all tell her to shut up. The news doesn't make anyone happy. Rae confirms that it's the truth. Alan says it doesn't matter, she is still his daughter and always will be. She is touched. Skye goes to tell Lila herself. Lila is not happy to hear it but says that Skye is still her granddaughter. The other Q's turn on Tracy for being so low, much to her surprise. Lila insists on speaking with Tracy. Tracy thinks she will be forgiven, but Lila tells Reginald to pack Tracy's bags immediately. Ned tells her that the reason she is worse than the other Q's is because she is not loyal to the family. They stand up for each other but she is only in it for herself. Alan is surprisingly understanding to Rae and thanks her for sharing Skye with him.

Jax congratulates Skye since she's still a Quartermaine and Tracy is leaving. She would like to say she was being noble but she just didn't want to go through more secrets and lies, especially since it cost her Jax before. He says there's no sense looking at past mistakes. She hopes she can lean on his shoulder, though.

Dillon goes to the high school and finds Georgie, who is doing some last-minute studying for a test on Moby Dick. She is surprised but pleased to find him there. Lucas comes up and is not happy to see him. He tells him to go away and leave Georgie alone. The bell rings so Georgie doesn't have to choose sides; she slips off to class. Georgie's teacher tells her that her dad called and she must come home right away. Outside, Dillon tells her that he set it up so she could get out of her test. She's annoyed because she was worried, and worries now that she will get in trouble. He says he was just trying to do her a favor. He tells her to either go back to flunking her test or spend the day with him. They go to her house and watch a DVD of the old Humphrey Bogart movie "To Have and Have Not". Dillon is into old movies and says there's a great video store on the pier that has rare stuff. She asks if he has a large collection. He says he just has the top 100 that he can carry with him because they move so much. He talks about life with Tracy, how they move a lot and have been everywhere, but Tracy gets people mad at her and has to leave places suddenly. He says she's like a good friend. He doesn't seem to mind but Georgie says that he seems sad, even though the places he's been to seem exciting. He says he's not sad and insists they watch the movie. The movie finishes with a romantic kiss and Georgie tells him how much she loved it. She says if Lucas ever kisses her, she hopes it's like that. He asks what she sees in Lucas and what she has in common with him. She says that Lucas is an awesome soccer player, he's nice, funny, protective. Mac comes in and sees them together, wondering why they're there. Dillon steps up, introduces himself as Dillon Quartermaine, and says that Georgie came home sick so he brought her some cough medicine. Mac says he has to leave so she can rest (not sure whether Mac buys the story or not), so Dillon leaves, taking his DVD with him.

Jason shows Sonny the files he found at Ric's place. He says Ric is rich so he wasn't after money. He says what he found on Sonny goes way beyond simple research. Sonny's whole life is laid out in paper form. Carly comes in and sees that they are discussing business, so she starts to go back upstairs. Sonny stops her and says this concerns her, too. Jason tells her he knows what Ric did to her and assures her that he will pay. Sonny kicks himself for not seeing through Ric's game. So does Carly. She says that Ric played the same game that she did when she first came to town, so she should have recognized it. Jason gets a call from someone to tell him that Elizabeth may be going to meet Ric, so he leaves. Sonny tells Carly again not to blame herself. Leticia brings Michael home so they tell Michael about the new baby. He is excited at the news. Michael talks to Carly's stomach to say hi to the baby. He hopes Sonny will be happier now with a new baby. Sonny apologizes for how he's been acting lately. He says he's realized how lucky he is to have them all so now he will be fine. Marco phones Sonny to tell him that Faith is ready to talk, so Sonny leaves. Carly and Michael hug about the new baby. Later, he helps her with the laundry and they talk about the baby. He wonders whether they will love him less with the new baby around. She assures him that they will love them both equally. He reminds her about A.J. and asks if it's true that Sonny stole him and he's not his real father. Carly is stunned.

Jason finds Elizabeth sitting on a park bench with a strange man who looks a little bit like Ric. He realizes that she was a decoy so Ric could get away. The man says she's "deeply troubled" and rushes off. Jason says that he hopes she's proud of herself for letting a rapist escape. They bicker. Jason points out that Ric must have something to hide since he didn't go to the cops, and she can't argue with that.

Ric phones Elizabeth while she's at work. Courtney is sitting at the counter so Elizabeth pretends she is talking to her grandmother, who is sick with a cold. Courtney observes suspiciously that her Gram must have a big appetite, since Liz is bringing a huge bag of food. Liz snaps at her that she wants her to food in the house, since she's sick. Courtney starts to follow her but Max, the bodyguard, stops her and follows Elizabeth himself. Courtney hears a noise in the alley and goes to investigate. Ric is there with a gun. He runs off and she follows. She goes to his place and he comes up behind her with his gun. She spits out about what is going to happen to him since he raped Carly. He says he did no such thing but is surprised that Carly finally told Sonny. She says he doesn't value family, loyalty, etc. and he talks about family sarcastically and how Sonny gets everything he wants. He thinks she is his ticket out of there but instead she takes Ric out with punches and kicks (oh please!). She runs to the phone to call Jason but Ric grabs the phone away. Jason is on the other end, yelling frantically. Next we see Jason has gone to the apartment but Ric holds a gun on him.

Lucas finds out from talking to Maxie that Georgie didn't really have a family emergency. He realizes that Dillon must be behind it. Maxie is worried for her but because of how much she's teased Georgie, she won't listen to her.

Dillon sees that Tracy's bags are packed and wonders where they're going now. She tells him that he's staying there so that he can take his rightful place in the family.

Sonny goes to see Faith. She remembered that one time she and Ric were on the docks and a yacht went by from Martha's Vineyard. He mentioned that he had a house there, so she thinks that's where he would go.

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