GH Update Thursday 4/24/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/24/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Emily is shocked that Zander wants to marry her. They both confess that they never stopped loving the other. Zander thinks that means she'll marry him, but it doesn't. She tells him that she's not ready to get married yet. She asks him if just being together is enough for him. He says he can't force her to marry him but the offer always stands.

Skye is at the hospital and asks Edward, A.J. and Alan how Emily is doing. They are not pleased to see her because they still blame her for Emily's accident, which is what they think led to her current problem of drug addiction. Skye is surprised at their reaction but leaves when they ask her to.

Edward and the others visit Emily. Edward yells at Zander. Emily defends him, saying that Zander is not responsible for her condition and that in fact he gave her a reason to come home. They look wounded. Emily explains that Zander has only tried to help her and forces them all to apologize, even Edward, for blaming Zander for getting her on drugs. Edward doesn't apologize for thinking he's a deviant, however. Monica comes in and tells them to leave so Em can rest. They all show her their love and support before leaving, except for Alan, who insists on staying and seeing Em through withdrawal.

Rae arrives at Skye's request. Skye tells her that Rae is in town and that she had some things to say about Skye's family. Rae hates Tracy and calls her a harpy. Skye starts to ask her about the truth but Tracy comes up and greets Rae with that nasty-joking way she has. She calls Skye the trash that Rae tried to pass off as a Quartermaine. The two women trade insults. Skye asks Rae to tell her the truth, that Tracy is lying. Rae confesses reluctantly that Tracy is telling the truth. Skye is devastated and angry. Tracy leaves her Swiss bank account number for Skye to deposit the blackmail money. Skye says there's no way she's paying off Tracy and she can tell anyone that she wants. Tracy says that's just what Rae said years ago before leaving town. Rae gave in, and so will Skye. Rae tries to explain that she wanted Skye to have a family and father she could be proud of. Skye doesn't want to hear her excuses and says she never had a mother in the first place.

Dr. Meadows tells Carly again that as long as she keeps taking care of herself, she should have a healthy baby in November. She gets paged to leave. Courtney and Carly prepare to leave. Carly is worried that Ric's damage to her relationship with Sonny will be permanent. Carly asks Courtney to leave her alone but she blames herself for what happened with Ric and is glad she can't remember what he did. Carly says she keeps picturing it anyway, so Courtney hugs her.

Marco tells Sonny that there's no way to tell how long Ric's been gone or where he went. He phones Jason to see if he's killed Faith yet. Jason says it's his call. Sonny says not to kill her before he talks to her again about where Ric went. Jason tells her that she can live if she tells him where Ric went. Sonny arrives and asks her, too. She can't think of anywhere except for Cancun, Mexico. He tells her that she has 24 hours to come up with something. Sonny tells Jason that Ric killed Paulie and that Jason shouldn't kill Ric now. Sonny wants to take care of him himself. He tells Jason what Ric did to Carly. Jason is shocked. Sonny kicks himself for listening to anything Ric said and says he will make him beg for death.

Taggert knocks on Elizabeth's door; Ric is hiding there so he asks her to get rid of him. Elizabeth wants him to go to the police, but he won't. Reluctantly she lets him hide as she answers the door. She tells Taggert that she thinks she made a mistake in telling him about Ric, that they had a fight and she over-reacted. He seems to buy it and asks her to call him if she sees Ric. Then he laves. Ric thanks Elizabeth for covering for it. He tells her that he got grazed by a bullet. She's upset that they got rid of the police and wonders who will protect him from Sonny. He says he will just have to do that himself. When she asks him what went wrong with Sonny, he avoids her question and says he wants what's due him. She tells him about the message on his machine (that she loves him) and says she's not going to let Sonny kill him. She asks how they fight Sonny, and he says they use his own weaknesses against him (cut to Carly then).

Jason goes to Elizabeth's. She won't let him in at first so he threatens to kick down the door. She finally does and says Ric's not there, but she threatens to call the police on Jason. He asks her if she realizes that she's protecting a rapist. Elizabeth doesn't believe him and thinks he's just using her rape experience to get her to tell where Ric is. She tells him to get out so she can get back to work. Jason phones someone to put a tail on Elizabeth. Then he goes to Ric's place and breaks in, looking around. He finds a file that has a picture of a Latino woman (Sonny's mother?), among other things. There is a painting of a New England cottage on the wall.

Sonny and Carly are at home; she has awakened to find Sonny staring out the window in his robe. She asks him if he sees Ric when he looks at her. He doesn't want to think about what Ric did, but she knows he is. He says he doesn't blame her, but she thinks that he can't bare to look at her. They talk it out and Sonny blames Ric, not her. He says that she's strong and beautiful. She cries and they hug. She wants him to come back to bed but he's waiting for word on Ric. He tells her that Ric will pay for what he did. He also says that for some reason Ric hates him and blames him for something, but he doesn't know what yet. He plans to find out.

Elizabeth gets a call from Ric; she is at Kelly's so she pretends it's a friend of hers. He just wanted to tell her that he made it to his car and he'll call her back if she still wants to help. She promises that she will.

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