GH Update Wednesday 4/23/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/23/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Emily and Monica argued about Emily’s breast cancer, Monica seeing her daughter going through the same things she went through. Emily explained to her mother that she had went to several doctors, and the outcome had ended in cancer. Monica shared her situation with her daughter, and they discussed Paige’s death. Emily couldn’t do anything but concentrate on the negative things that had happened. “I’m going to live Mom. As normally as possible, with my hair and with my eyebrows and with my breasts; and I’m going to grab, I’m going to grab, every minute I can with Zander, with my family, with my friends and then I’m going to die with as much dignity as possible. She explained that her treatment was a clinical trial, which made Zander think that she was on narcotics. Emily refused to endure the surgeries, to mutilate her body and waste the time she had left. Monica tried to convince her daughter to look at the bright side and think of the positive. Though Emily refused, Monica asked her daughter to go through with the tests and listen to the doctor; in return, Emily made her mother swear she would let the family to continue to believe she was hooked on painkillers. She admitted the family would pretend things were okay and worry in their spare time, and that Zander would be there for her like never before, but inside he would be dying too.

Zander wanted to see Emily, but Bobbie refused. He made the same message clear to the family, refusing to let them interrupt the mother and daughter. Edward asked if Emily was pregnant and Zander admitted he wished the problem was that small. He informed the family that Emily was back on drugs and took the blame for the dependency.

Monica went out into the hall and dropped the painkillers bomb, informing them all that Emily only wanted to see Zander. When Edward got defensive, she went after him. Alan, realizing something was up, wondering if the situation was really that bad. Monica informed him that it was.

Zander went in to talk to his girlfriend, giving her the impression that he knew about her cancer, telling her that she was sick and he was going to support her. She started to refuse, but when she realized he thought she was dependent on drugs, she let him continue, and he proposed to her.

The Quartermaines worried about Emily’s situation, leaving Tracey and Skye to chat. Skye defended her half sister while Tracey taunted her with her knowledge of her parentage. “She’s not even Alan’s biological daughter. I’m sorry, neither are you. Well maybe when they find out you’ll be equally-nope. You’ll be out.” Tracey discussed the price over Skye’s head, and gave her a time frame, with increasing amounts every 24 hours. Jax showed up, but he wasn’t there to see Skye, but Tracey. He took her onto the terrace where they found a candlelight dinner waiting. Skye had to see the view from the living room. She wasn’t fooled by his attempts, and wondered what was up. He explained she had taken him to the cleaners in the divorce, and threw it into her face that she challenged Skye’s paternity. She told him that it was true – Alan wasn’t Skye’s father. He asked Tracey for a partnership, telling her Skye deserved much worse.

Jax had to kiss Tracey goodnight, to Skye’s dismay, and when she got up from her hiding spot on the floor, she smacked him hard, admitting he had had way too much fun playing double cross.

Liz called Ric and left a voicemail for him, worried about his whereabouts. Taggart interrupted, wondering about her state of mind. She admitted to Taggart that she was worried about Ric.

Ric went to shoot Faith, and Sonny found him out. He tried to convince Sonny that he wasn’t Faith’s partner, but Sonny refused to listen, telling him he was going down. All Sonny wanted was the answer to why. He took him in and showed him the dummy, but Ric couldn’t believe Sonny’s distrust. Sonny admitted he had been looking at Ric all along. “I’m the best lawyer you ever had,” Ric told him defensively. “Well that’s not saying very much because I’ve had some problems with lawyers lately,” Sonny told him. “You get an ‘A’ for effort and persistence,” Sonny told him, wondering why Ric wanted to watch him suffer. When Sonny asked why, Ric told him to ask his wife. Sonny went off on him and headed to the hospital.

Courtney read the test results, which proved the baby was Sonny’s. Carly thanked her sister-in-law for being there for her. She tried to convince her that Ric lost his power over her and suggested she let things go, but Carly refused, wanting to warn her husband. Courtney agreed she was doing the right thing, but Carly was terrified at the prospect of his doubting her. Courtney pointed out that Sonny would kill Ric.

Jason took Faith into a drabby safe house, where she tried to convince him not to kill her. She rambled, but he paid her no attention. She tried to bring Courtney up, but Jason shrugged it off. Courtney called him and told him he should be there.

Sonny showed up to see his wife. She admitted to him that she didn’t have one test but two, and went on to explain that Ric drugged her and took advantage of her. She explained to Sonny that Ric kept telling her it was her fault. Jason showed up just in time. Sonny took him out into the hall where he gave him the order to get rid of Faith, informing his best buddy that Ric was all his own.

Carly informed her sister-in-law that Sonny believed her and despite what everyone else in town thought, Sonny was not a monster.

Jason went back to Faith, who practically started hyperventilating while rambling. He put a piece of tape over her mouth.

Sonny went back to the place he had Ric and found his guard injured on the floor.

Ric let himself into Liz’s studio, shot and bleeding. Liz found him there, but Taggart followed her and started knocking on the door, wanting in.


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