GH Update Tuesday 4/22/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/22/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Faith begs Jason not to kill her, saying Courtney won't forgive him for killing someone. Jason is not impressed. He prepares the room for her possible execution, taping down plastic sheeting to the floor to catch any spilled blood. She asks what he wants and even offers to have sex with him. He tells her that her silent partner is going to rescue her, so she realizes she's bait for Ric. She screams as Jason puts her in the chair so that her Ric can get a clear shot of her head through the window.

Lucky accuses Summer of keeping the postcard from him, but she says it's not his problem. She thinks maybe she should find her brother on her own. Luke shows up to warn Lucky about the restraining order. They fill him in; Summer doesn't want Luke involved because she's afraid he might hurt her brother. She says it's possible that Nikolas has involved him in his plotting about Laura. Luke can't promise anything, but Lucky promises he'll look out for her brother. They try to figure out where the postcard is from. She says it's an island called Marbella. They hear dogs so Luke gets Lucky's jacket and uses it as a decoy so Lucky and Summer can get away. They do get away and Lucky has to talk her into letting him go with her again. He says he's going to find her brother Matt either way. They agree to leave town tonight after getting a few things and some cash. But they hear some cops talking at Kelly's about an APB out on Lucky, so they leave without stopping at his place. Summer is surprised to find that Lucky has an SUV. He says it belongs to a photographer friend who is out of town. They plan to stop at Luke's to get cash but instead Luke's head pops up from behind them, saying "Are we there yet?"

Zander argues with Emily about being on drugs, trying to help her out. Her worst fear is that he tells her family. Zander wants her to go to rehab but she won't. She tries to keep him out of her business. He says he loves her but she throws him out. Emily gets on the phone with someone and speaks urgently to them in Spanish. Then she passes out and falls.

Later, Emily wakes up in the hospital with Zander by her side. She's upset. He tells her that Monica found her and called him. He says he hasn't told Monica anything but he's not going to lie to her. She tells him to leave. Monica comes in so Em pretends to be asleep, then wakes up again. Zander urges her to tell the truth. She doesn't, so Zander says that Em passed out because she's on drugs. He tells Monica what little he knows and Monica asks to be left alone with Em. She tells Em that she had her medical records faxed so she knows that Em has cancer.

Carly waits anxiously for her amnio appointment with Dr. Meadows. Courtney waits with her for moral support. Carly wants Sonny there but she wants to find out about the paternity test. She realizes she has to tell Sonny the truth now. They rehash all that happened up to now with Ric. Sonny shows up for the appointment. Courtney leaves them alone. Sonny can tell that Carly is tense. The doc shows up and they have the amnio. Afterwards she says the results should be ready tonight and suggests that Carly stick around until then (I want their health plan!). Sonny has stuff to do so he leaves for now. Dr. Meadows assures Carly that the paternity test will be completely confidential. Courtney is outside so she plans to stay with Carly. Sonny warns her about getting into dangerous situations, so she knows that Jason told him about the night before. Courtney says tentatively that she hopes that Sonny turns out to be the man that Jason and Carly think he is. That leaves him a bit puzzled. Courtney keeps checking her voice mail, worried about Jason. The doc returns with the amnio and other results. She says the results are fine with the amnio. Carly can't open the paternity results so she asks Courtney to do it.

Sonny pretends to yell at his guy Greg for not stopping Jason from going after Faith. Ric offers to help but Sonny wonders what he could do. He abruptly orders them both out. Outside, Ric asks Greg to tell him where Jason is so he can help. Greg says they're in a power struggle and it's best not to get involved. At Kelly's, Ric keeps at him until finally Greg pretends to give in.

Ric tells Elizabeth he can't go to the gallery with her. She can tell he's upset about something. He says that he wasn't supposed to find something great like her in Port Charles. Then he says he might not live through the night, which shocks her. She realizes with horror that he's crossed Sonny somehow. She urges him to leave town, but he says he's got to follow it through. He tells her that she's made him happier than he ever thought he deserved to be. Later, Elizabeth phones Ric's answering machine and tells him that she's really worried about him. Then she blurts out that she loves him, surprising herself.

Ric sneaks up to the safe house and sees the back of Faith's head. He shoots. Behind him Sonny creeps up and says, "Faith's silent partner. We finally meet".

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