GH Update Monday 4/21/03


General Hospital Update Monday 4/21/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Traci walks in and flirts with Jax while Skye is ranting about "the witch". Traci says they know each other intimately and that Skye is not a Quartermaine. Traci says that she knows Rae from way back and insults Skye, saying she has an obvious lack of breeding that proves she's not a Quartermaine. Skye threatens to scratch her eyes out. Traci says she saw Rae with another guy on the pier back when Rae was pregnant with Skye and threatened to blow her secret if she didn't leave town. Jax doesn't believe that Skye knew this. Jax keeps Skye from attacking Tracey and reminds her that she hates the Q's so why is she so mad? Jax says he has a proposal for Traci. Skye has money for Traci because she's blackmailing her. Traci leaves and Jax says he's playing Traci, hoping to lead her into a trap. Skye wants details and is upset that Jax has a past with Jax. Later, Skye pushes Kristina in the carriage with Jax in attendance; Skye has a flower for her. Alice comes in and wants to take the baby for her nap. She and Skye get into a little argument. Skye is worried about her future if she's not a Quartermaine.

Luke yells at Alexis for getting a restraining order against him and Lucky to protect Nikolas. She says maybe she's on his side. She sticks up for Nikolas. They argue.

One of Nikolas' employees tells him that Lucky and Summer have reached the tunnels. (Tyler Christopher is now back playing Nikolas). Nikolas says he'll go for a walk in the stables to give them time to find what they need. He puts his fingers on something in a drawer. Lucky and Summer arrive and search Nikolas' study. Summer sees a postcard with her brother's name on it, so she hides it in her jacket. Nikolas comes in and suggests where they can search, and says they can just tell him what they were looking for. Lucky and Nikolas argue. Nikolas starts in on Lucky about Laura's condition, turning the guilt screws on Lucky. It's hard for Lucky to hear but he blasts Nikolas for not letting him know about what he was planning with Luke. Nikolas reminds him how out-of-control Luke was and claims he was just protecting Lucky. Lucky doesn't buy his BS and tells him not to rescue him; he can take care of himself. Nikolas says, oh, that's why he's violating his restraining order, with a call girl no less. Nikolas' employee shows a cop in, who says he heard there is a crime in progress. Nikolas says that Summer broke in and he wants her arrested, but to leave his brother alone. Lucky punches the cop; he and Summer run out through the secret tunnels. Nikolas pays off the cop. His man returns and says Lucky must have spotted him, so he lost him. Nikolas says they are still on the island so the guy leaves to search.

Lucky and Summer had to swim to get away, so they are wet. They have a fire to warm themselves and are sitting in not much more than their underwear. They hold each other for warmth so then of course, things get passionate. He says they have to go so they can't keep going. When Lucky picks up her jacket, the postcard falls out. He asks her when she was planning on showing it to him.

Ric catches Faith before she goes into Kelly's. They give each other dire warnings & threats. Faith thinks she's safe since she lived and Courtney is at work (she knows Jason didn't tell Sonny about what happened).

Courtney and Carly lend each other moral support at Kelly's. Ric walks in and tries to turn on his smarmy charm, mixed with veiled threats. Courtney tells Ric that he won't be around for much longer. Ric meets with Elizabeth. She shows him some pictures of paintings for his place. He is only interested in kissing her. He wants to go to the gallery but not for what she thinks. He says something she doesn't like so he asks her to stop. It was some silly misunderstanding due to her past relationship problems so they make up. Ric suggests they go back and make some more measurements in his bedroom. She laughs and they leave.

Jason tells Sonny that he wants to take out Faith today. He fills Sonny in on what happened the previous night with Faith. Sonny has questions and doesn't want to touch Faith. He says they're going to let Ric take her out. Later, Sonny is on the phone saying he's going to meet someone. Carly reminds him that they have to go to the hospital for the amniocentesis. He forgot but says he will meet her later. She asks him to promise again to be safe; he asks her to go get ready. He notices that she looks anxious and she says it's just the anticipation of the day. He blames himself for putting more stress on her. When Sonny is gone, Carly takes some hair from his hairbrush (to do a DNA test I guess).

Jason kidnaps Faith with the help of another of Sonny's goons, who knocks out her bodyguard. Courtney runs up and sees them. She and Jason exchange hurt looks, then Jason and the other guy leave with Faith. Jason takes Faith to a safehouse and she tries to talk him out of killing her. He yells at her to shut up, but he looks upset when she says that he will lose Courtney if he kills her.

Alexis visits the baby and is outraged to hear that Skye was out in the garden with the baby. Skye is shocked; Alexis tears into her some more. Jax tells her to stop it and lays out why she's wrong. She looks exasperated at him and says she'll work being grateful that she's so lucky and being nicer to the Q's. Jax leaves.

Ric was called by Sonny; he hears Sonny yelling at one of his men. Sonny tells Ric that Jason is out of control and went after Faith. They need to stop him before he kills her. Ric is confused and tries to figure out what's going on. The many tells Sonny that Jason took Faith to one of their safehouses and he plans to get the name of the silent partner before he kills her. Sonny says there will be hell to pay if she dies without giving up the name.

Luke asks Bobbie where Lucky is. She says she thinks that Lucky went fishing on Spoon Island. She asks Luke not to rush there because she has a bad feeling about it. He says Lucky needs to know about the restraining order.

Courtney shows up at Carly's amnio appointment to show more support in case Sonny couldn't make it. Carly is worried how Sonny will react if the baby is not his.

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