GH Update Friday 4/18/03


General Hospital Update Friday 4/18/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

After Faith fired shots at the closet, Jason opened the door, pointing a gun at Faith, who dropped hers. Courtney started talking, but Jason quieted her. Jason told Faith that he should kill her, but she said he would never kill her when Courtney was around. "Are you sure about that" Jason asked preparing to shoot her. Security knocked on the door, and Jason pulled Faith into another room, keeping the gun held on her. Courtney tried to talk her way out of trouble with the security man who heard gun shots. When he didn't seem to be buying her lie, she said Faith, her sister, and her had been watching Scarface. Faith came out from the other room, and told the guard that Courtney was right.

Jason came out and Faith told him and Courtney to get out. Jason told Faith that Courtney had just saved her life. Faith went to see Ric who told her to leave, because he didn't want people to connect them together.

Faith went in anyway, and she wondered what Sonny would do if she told him that his lawyer wanted to kill him. Ric told her if she said anything to Sonny, she would be dead. He slammed her against the wall, and told her she was only alive because he was alive, and he better not cross her.

Georgie met Dillon at Kelly's, and when Maxie and Lucas came in, she introduced him as her date. Dillon played along with her, and Maxie and Lucas asked him questions when he said he was a Quartermaine. When Maxie and Lucas left, Dillon told Georgie she should crash Maxie's party. She agreed as long as he went with her.

At the party, Dillon told Georgie that she should pretend everybody was a character. She wondered why Maxie hadn't yelled at her for being at the party. Maxie came over, drunk, and welcomed Dillon to the party.

Georgie told Lucas that she didn't know Dillon very well, but that she thought he was nice. Dillon came back, and they all sat down. Mac came in, and threw everybody out of the house, making them all leave their keys at the house until the next day. When all the people were gone, Felicia cold and Mac told her nothing was wrong and the girls were "hanging out" with Lucas.

After overhearing Ric's phone call with Faith, Elizabeth said she had to go to an art class. He knew she was lying, and asked her how much she knew, and how much she heard. Elizabeth told Ric that she needed him to be honest with her, and asked what the real plan for Jason really was. He told her that is was only to make him look bad in front of Sonny. She thanked Ric for telling him the truth.

Ric later went to meet Coleman on the docks, and Coleman told him that he shouldn't be made to wait, and that Ric better be on time for their next meeting.

The Quartermain's argued about Tracy, and whether or not she could stay. Lila told Tracy that whenever she was around, she caused trouble. She agreed that Tracy could stay. Edward said Tracy could stay with them on one condition; she wasn't getting any money from the Quartermain's. She decided she would stay in Emily's room, and that the "little orphan" should be grateful to her family, and be polite. Monica sent Emily upstairs and she told Tracy that she would rip out all her hair if she ever talked to Emily that way again.

Tracy told Skye that she should gather the family for her announcement. Skye didn't ask any questions, so Tracy kept talking. She told Skye that Alan wasn't really her father, and she should get ready to sign over her ELQ shares to her. Skye told her that she was lying. Tracy told Skye that it could be easily proved, and that if Skye wanted to stay a Quartermaine, she would pay Tracy 5 million dollars to keep quiet.

When Emily was alone in her room, she pulled out her syringe and got ready to inject some kind of drug into her. Zander crawled through the window, and asked her what was going on. She tried to lie, but he knew she was back doing drugs. Emily yelled at him to get out, but instead he went through her room until he found her box of syringes, and the jar of drugs she had. He threw them all out, while Emily kept screaming at him. Monica came in, and told Zander to get out.

Later, Emily went looking for Zander at Kelly's. He asked if she told Monica what was going on, and she told him that she didn't know anything. Zander told Emily that she had a choice, she could go to rehab with his help, or she could get the Q's involved. She told Zander that her going through detox wouldn't help, and all she needed was time, and to be with him so she could kick the habit.

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