GH Update Thursday 4/17/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/17/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Coleman went to see Courtney at her loft, and warned her that she should get out of town before Faith had her killed.  Courtney asked him if he had any information about Fowler, but Coleman just warned her that she was in too deep with Jason and Faith.  He left, and she went to Faith's hotel, and tried to get into her room. 

A hotel worker let Courtney into her room after she made up a story about Faith being her sister, and always being late.  When she got in there, she looked around, and Jason grabbed her from behind.  He asked what she was doing there and she explained that she wanted to find the murder weapon from Fowler.  Faith started coming into the room, and Jason and Courtney hid in the closet.  Faith called room service, and then Taggert showed up.

Taggert warned her that she had made Jason mad and should cooperate with the murder investigation, or she would end up dead.  When he left, Faith called Ric and told him they needed a new plan, their current plan wasn't working.  She heard a noise in the closet, pulled out a gun, and shot a few times at the door. 

Ric asked Liz to meet him somewhere at five o'clock.  He went to an apt. and set it all up, and then hid something in a drawer under the fireplace.  He went through boxes, and looked at a picture, but then Liz arrived early.  He let her in and she asked about his family, and he promised he would take her to his family's place one day.  Ric asked Liz if she would paint for his new apt.  She agreed.  She overheard a phone call with Faith, and said she had to leave.

Maxie and Lucas got Maxie's house set up for their party, when Georgie came home.  Maxie told her that she had to find somewhere else to stay that night because she couldn't come to the party.  Georgie stormed off saying she had a date anyway.  Lucas told Maxie that she should be nicer to Georgie because she was just a kid.  Georgie went to see Bobbie and told her that she was sick of everybody treating her like a kid.  Bobbie told her that she was more responsible than both Lucas and Maxie.

Alice brought Kristina in the house after a nap, and Skye told Alice to leave her alone with the  baby.  When she said no, Skye told her that she was a Quartermaine and Alice worked for her family.  Alice left, and Skye talked to the baby about how she brought the Q family together.  Ned came down, and they talked about the baby.

Edward went into Emily's room and found her with Zander.  He threatened to call the police, and then called Alan and Monica into the room.  Edward yelled at them, and Emily announced that she was an adult, and would be making her own decisions. 

Back downstairs, the family argued about Emily and Zander, when they came down and Emily said she had been gone for a long time, and now longer could anybody tell her what to do.  They were interrupted by the door.  Edward told Reginald to tell whoever it was to go away.  Tracy came in.

The family all wanted her to leave, but she had her son Dillon, come in.  Tracy introduced Dillon to the family, calling Emily, the little orphan child, and AJ the black sheep, and when Skye came in, Tracy wondered sarcastically who her mother was.  She then introduced Dillon to his brother Ned.  Ned gave Dillon his keys and sent him on a drive.

Tracy announced that she was a Quartermaine, and that she needed help.  Edward told her it was her problem she needed help, and nobody wanted anything to do with her.  Lila came into the room, and Tracy begged her to not let Ed throw her out.  Tracy told the family she was not leaving until she got the help she needed.

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