GH Update Wednesday 4/16/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/16/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Skye and Jax argued about the kidnapping, Skye wanting nothing more than to get out of the Quartermaine household. She was ready to confess, but Jax gave her another option. Jax offered her a chance to start over, but Skye refused. She told Jax he only wanted to help once she’d hit rock bottom.

Cameron reminded Edward of a few things he had on the old coot for blackmail purposes. Cameron calls Scotty over handing him the arson report and Edward’s campaign contributions. Scotty puts two and two together, figuring out it was Gia.

Scotty orders Mac to let Alexis go, and Mac follows orders like usual. Alexis wondered how he made that happen. They returned to the mansion when Skye was on her way out the door.. Alan told his daughter that all charges had been dropped. They concluded that Edward still had custody, but Alexis and Ned both had visitation. Skye chatted with the child, but everyone bombarded her, telling her to get away from the child.

Skye had to listed to her family coddle the child, and left the room. Alexis entered to kiss her baby goodnight and asked Ned to keep his eyes on the baby. Cameron sent her home to get rest, handing her the info he’d used to blackmail Edward. She kissed him for it, and he kissed her back.

Zander and Emily discuss his brother, Zander explaining that even though he didn’t kill his brother, his father didn’t care. He explained that his mother had found a note that said he killed himself, after the fact. They headed to Kelly’s where Emily fainted in Zander’s arms. He sat her down and asked for Courtney’s assistance. She went to the bathroom, but his guard was already up. Getting out her hypodermic needle and a bottle of something , she eased her pain with an injection.

Luke visited Nikolas in the hospital. Nikolas told Luke that he didn’t deserve his mother and Luke turned the bright light into Nikolas’ eyes, making Nikolas fall to the floor. Luke jerked the call button out of the wall and let Nikolas wriggle in pain on the floor.

Lucky confronted Laura about the coin. She admitted she took it. He told her to put it back, pointing out the risks. The million dollar gold coin went back into the safe with the hopes that she would eventually find Matt. Lucky risked electrocution to knock out the power on Spoon Island. When they heard someone coming, Laura screamed for help, and Luke showed up. Luke tried to get them to leave, asking them to drag the guard at the top of the stairs away. They argued with Luke about his actions, Luke opting to make Nikolas pay. Lucky offered the solution to use Matt against the Cassadines.

Carly and Courtney argue about the body while Faith continued to tell the police it was Jason. When Courtney confronts Faith she gets upset and decks the mob lady, yelling “you want specials you’ve got ‘em.” Carly broke up the tango, threatening Faith with a pot of coffee. Courtney offered to snap her nemesis, but instead Faith kissed her. Courtney ran to the bathroom to rinse out her mouth, worrying that it was “the kiss of death.” Courtney remembered the night she was with Rick, wondering how she got drunk after one drink. She opted to send Courtney to chat with Coleman about the night. She pointed out who Fowler was and Coleman admitted that the bartender had seen Fowler messing with Carly’s drink, but though nothing of it when Rick showed up to save her. She delivered the news to Carly who headed out the door.

Jason continued to point the gun at Rick while Sonny interrogated him. Rick told the mob boss he wasn’t all alone. Taggart showed up pounding on the door accusing Jason of killing Folwer. He then dropped the bomb that Courtney opened the dumpster. Rick took the plunge, telling Taggart that Jason had been with him all evening. “How about this – evidence. You got any of that?” Rick turned on the lawyer mode and talked Taggart out of the penthouse, but not before he had the chance to point out how his processor turned out. Once Taggart was in the hall, Sonny put his hand on Rick’s shoulder and asked what it was all about. He flat out asked if Rick killed Fowler, but he said he didn’t, blaming it on Faith’s people. Rick looked Sonny in the eye and said he would never try to do anything to hurt Sonny or his family. He admitted to making big mistakes and alienation his key people. Rick gave him the option of trusting him or not, but told his boss he was who he said he was.

Once he was out the door Sonny and Jason discussed it, Sonny with a plan in mind. They threw around the idea that Rick killed Fowler, agreeing that they needed to be careful.

Scotty blamed Taggart for not arresting Jason, but he pointed out having evidence was crucial. The evidence he needed was in Rick’s possession when he went to have a conversation with Faith.

Carly ran to Rick’s room., hitting him where it hurts and telling him about the date rape drug. He told her she was not unconscious. He asked her if that’s how she was going to get herself out of her predicament, but calling date rape if the child was his.

When she arrived home, Sonny informed her that Rick wasn’t who he said he was and to be careful.

At the close of her shift, Courtney went outside and found Jason there to share a goodnight kiss with.

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