GH Update Tuesday 4/15/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/15/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky and Summer go through a safe and find a picture of Laura’s brother on Cassadine Island in Greece. They assume Nikolas is holding Matt prisoner. Laura found a coin the he stuff and hid it from Lucky, putting it in her pocket. The hidden door started to seal itself up, but Lucky didn’t'’ get to it in time and the two were trapped. Lucky pointed out that Nikolas probably told on them and asked about the pouch in her pocket.

Luke visits Laura and realizes that she is “empty.” The doctor explains that Laura had a window of lucidity in which she called out for him, but Nikolas wouldn’t let them call. Luke threw a fit, especially after he found out that Nikolas was with him during that time. The doctor told him that she could have as easily been expressing her fear. He continued to try to smooth over Nikolas’ decision and told Luke that her condition appeared to be permanent, that she was beyond the point of return.

Jason met a man in the alley, the guy that took pictures of Jax and Faith, but before he can get a name he gets shot in the back by a dart gun. When he woke up, Fowler was nowhere in sight. Jason went straight to Sonny and explained what had happened; telling him he thought it was Ric. Ric walked in at that moment and tried to fight the assumption. When Sonny gave the order to get out the gun, Ric tried to talk his way out of it, but Sonny refused to listen. Sonny told him she should have killed him, while Ric tried to undermine him, telling him Jason wasn’t trustworthy.

Courtney shows up at work, Carly in tow. Carly found out that Ric pushed Courtney out of her job and told her sister-in-law that she couldn't work, but Courtney explained it wasn’t important anymore. Max showed up and told Courtney he had orders to take her back to the loft. She threw a fit, wondering what else she had to give up to make her brother happy. Elizabeth offered to let Courtney leave and Courtney blew up at her. Carly pulled her aside and explained that hopefully things would be okay once Sonny gets better. She told her sister-in-law that, despite the problems, she felt closer to her husband than ever. Courtney went outside to take out the trash, and found Fowler’s dead body in the dumpster. Realizing he was one of the kidnappers, she told Carly. Carly recognized him as well – realizing he was the one who had hit on her at Jake’s. Faith showed up and identified him as one of her workers.

Monica, Alan and Edward meet Alexis, Ned and Cameron at the PCPD when Emily and Zander show up in handcuffs. Emily explained that she got a call about baby Kristina’s whereabouts. “Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Alan asked. “She did, she told me,” Zander explained. “Why didn’t you tell us?” Alan asked. “Nobody trusts you,” Zander told him. “Why didn’t she tell the police?” Alan asked. “Nobody trusts them,” Zander pointed out. Scotty tried to arrest Emily, but Alexis admitted she was the kidnapper. Alexis explained that AJ and Skye took the child first, adding her theories. Ned stood beside her in her argument, but Scotty put her under arrest regardless. “Do not blame yourself because you’re the only Quartermaine who is a bad liar,” Zander told his girlfriend. Alan and Monica pulled their daughter aside where Alan realized she was the only person in the mess who put Kristina first and gave her a hug.

Edward tried to start a fight with Cameron, but Cameron turned the tables

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