GH Update Monday 4/14/03


General Hospital Update Monday 4/14/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney wrote Jason a note, and left for him at their penthouse. He later came home and looked around for her, before finding the note. He left, and found Courtney at their loft. Jason asked her what was going on, and she told him that she left him the note. Jason told her that he read it, but wanted to hear “it” from her. Courtney told Jason that they had to break up until Sonny was better.

Jason told her that them being together was not what was making Sonny sick. Courtney argues that even if they were not the reason, them breaking up would at least ease up the pressure on Sonny. Jason agreed to stay away from her to make their temporary break up. They kissed, and they told each other how much they would miss each other.

Jason went to Sonny’s, who confessed to Jason that he was scared. Sonny said that he knew he was slipping, and felt like he had no control over anything. Jason told Sonny that his family was safe, and nothing would happen to them. Jason agreed to take over for Sonny until he was better. Sonny asked Jason how Michael was doing, and Carly came downstairs and told Sonny that Michael was fine. Jason left.

Carly got Sonny to rest on their couch, and he fell asleep listening to her talk about their son. Sonny soon woke up, and Ric arrived at the penthouse. Carly tried to send him away, but Sonny let him in. They talked about Faith’s silent partner. Carly left to tell Jason that Ric was with Sonny. When Jason went back without Carly, Sonny shook hands with Ric and told him that he had proved his loyalty. Ric left, and before Jason finished his sentence to Sonny, Sonny told Jason that Ric was the silent partner.

Carly went to see Courtney and asked her about the breakup with Jason. Courtney told her sister in-law that she didn’t tell her because she knew Carly would try and stop her. Carly said she understood, and would support Carly. Carly told Courtney that she was grateful for her trying to help Sonny.

In the woods, Cameron told Zander that he didn’t kill Pete. When Zander continued to blame himself, Cameron told him that he and his wife had found a suicide note from Pete. Zander asked Cameron how he could have let Zander believe he had shot Pete. Zander also yelled that Cameron drove his son to the grave.

Ned decided that he was going to take Kristina back to the Q mansion, and then call the police about Alexis and Cameron. Alexis asked him not to do that, for her and for Kristina. Emily offered to take Kristina back to the house, and agreed not to say anything about how she got the baby. Zander came back and said he wanted to help Emily return Kristina.

Summer went to visit Nikolas in the hospital to ask about her brother Matt. Nik told her that he didn’t know anything about him, and had made up the whole story. Summer left and told Lucky about what happened. Lucky told her that he would help her find out what Nik really knew about Matt.

Luke went next to see Nikolas, and demanded that he sign over the care of Laura to him. Nik agreed on one condition….that Luke go see Laura and how sick she was. He agreed to go to London and see her, but Nik informed him that Laura had been moved less than 100 miles away.


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