GH Update Friday 4/11/03


General Hospital Update Friday 4/11/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

The Quartermain's were fighting about Kristina, and Ned yelled at them all for fighting about the baby as if she were a shoe. He told them that if they really loved Kristina, than they wouldn't fight about her, or taken her away from him. Ned went out to the terrace, and Emily went out after him. She told him that Kristina was safe. Ned told her that they would never get the baby back since the kidnappers had never called. Emily told Ned that she had seen Kristina, and that she was fine, and happy, and healthy, Ned asked who she was covering for when Emily wouldn't tell him where Kristina was. Emily went to see Alexis, and she apologized, and then told her that she told Ned that she had seen Kristina. Ned walked through the door.

Outside of Kelly's, Zander had flashbacks from the day he accidentally shot his brother, Peter. Emily came, and asked him what was wrong, and told him nothing he told her would ever change the way she felt about him. Zander told her that he had shot his brother exactly five years ago.

Cameron and Alexis talked about Zander and Peter. Alexis told him that he should try and help Zander, and at the same time, Zander would be helping him. She told him that they were both grieving, and they should do it together. Zander walked in, and Alexis told him that she knew it was a hard day for him. Zander got mad that Cameron told Alexis about him shooting Peter. He left, and Alexis encouraged Cameron to follow him, and help. Cameron went after Zander.

Skye and Jax talked about Kristina. Skye was upset that even though Alexis had the baby, something could happen to Kristina, and it would be her fault for taking the baby from the mansion.

Michael asked Sonny if he could go to school without the body guards. He told him "no", and that soon their problems would be over. Michael asked Sonny what was wrong with him, and he said nothing. Carly told Michael that Sonny was worried about business.

Michael went to Jason's but he wasn't home. Courtney told him it would be a while until Jason was back, but Michael could come in and talk with her. He did, and asked Courtney why Sonny never read to him, or took him places. Courtney gave the same reasons that Carly did. Michael thought Sonny was mad at him because Carly had to rescue him from the ice, and she fell through. She assured Michael that Sonny was not mad at him. Michael went back home.

When Jason came home Courtney told him that she thought they had to break up to save Sonny from himself. He told her that Sonny "got like that" sometimes, and them breaking up wouldn't be a fix for Sonny's problem. Jason went to Sonny's.

Jason sent Carly upstairs so he could talk to Ric. Jason asked Sonny why Carly hated him, and told him that she only hated people who had done something to hurt her. Jason told Ric that he went to see Jax about the pictures, and Jax agreed that Ric was setting him up.

Sonny came home and started thinking that something was happening to Michael and Carly. He started to get all upset, and said he needed help. Jason and Carly tried to help. Carly held Sonny and they sat on the floor, while Jason tried to shield Michael from what was going on.

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