GH Update Wednesday 4/9/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/9/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny points a gun out the door thinking Carly is Faith, and knocking down Courtney on his attempt to shoot her, Carly talks him down and asks Courtney to lock up the gun. Carly hugs her husband. Courtney stands on the stairs and watches. Sonny informs his wife that Rick figured out who Faith’s silent partner is. He asks her where she had been and refuses to listen to her excuse. He explains that he though she had already been killed, and she sends Courtney away. Against her better judgment, she goes back to her penthouse.

Jason threatens Edward’s life, forcing him to help find Edward’s silent partner. Elizabeth interrupts. Emily immediately sides with Jason, knowing that Edward was up to something. He asks her what is going on, but doesn’t get to the answer before Courtney calls, asking him to come home immediately. Jason heads to Sonny’s assuring him things re fine. Sonny warns him to stop anyone from hurting his family – even him.

Jason runs into Rick in the hall, refusing to let him take the “evidence” to Sonny, but makes enough noise that Sonny gets the evidence regardless. Jason asks where Rick got his pictures, pointing out it was convenient that they showed up. Jason tells Sonny it’s not proof. When Sonny asks “if not Jax, who?” Jason nods at Rick. Jason tries to make Sonny see that Jax doesn’t work that way. When he doesn’t want to listen, Jason tells him it’s too risky. Rick wonders why they’re stalling. When Rick leaves, Jason points out that Rick was pushing awfully hard. Jason wants Sonny to promise not to take action until he brings proof, but Sonny refuses, pointing out he’s boss.

Courtney and Carly discuss Sonny’s personality, Carly pointing out Sonny’s control issues. She explains that there is a circle around Sonny, when it comes to not having control and lashing out. Courtney worries that she is the cause of it all. Carly explains that she is not responsible and that it is internal, nothing more. Jason gets in, informing Carly that Rick has done his damage. Jason gives her instructions to keep him calm, and Jason remains with Courtney. They hear Carly out in the hall yelling at Max for letting Sonny leave. Carly points out that some of the measure they may be taking could convince Sonny they are against him too.

Jax runs into Faith on the docks, literally and asks him if an envelope is his. He says no and passes it back, Rick taking pictures the whole time.

Laura explains the deal to Luke, pointing out that Lucky thinks she’s a liar.

Lucky and Nikolas argue about Nikolas’ decisions, Nikolas opting not to apologizing for protecting the catatonic Laura. Lucky wonders how long Nikolas has been fighting Luke, pointing out that he took the slack when Lucky couldn’t. Nikolas throws it in Lucky’s face that he wanted to ease Luke’s pain and wondered if his brother wanted his pain eased instead. Summer and Luke arrive to break up the fight, but Lucky gets a punch in and Nikolas falls on the base of a stone in the cemetery. The paramedics show and Lucky tells them Nikolas fell and hit his head.

They get Nikolas to the hospital, where Lucky starts to worry about the outcome. Laura tries to console him, but Tony informs them all that Nikolas’ situation was bad.

Alexis wakes up in Cameron’s arms, a little awkward, and gets up to get the crying baby. Cameron informs the new mother that the baby has an ear infection. She wants to take her to the hospital, but Cameron points out the fact that she is missing and offers to write the prescription. He leaves Alexis and the baby alone.

Scotty threatens Cameron, but the doctor refuses to buy it, telling Scott that he was compensating for his inability to do his job. Monica breaks up the squabble, sending the men in different directions.

Zander chats with Liz about Emily, explaining that things didn’t seem to be over, but he could tell something was wrong. Emily joined him and Liz went back to waitressing. Emily explained that she was scared and they considered starting over, but decided they were past that.

Cameron heads to Kelly’s to pick up some food, and runs into Zander and Em. Zander waves him over and Emily invites him to sit down. Just as he is ready to leave, Scotty comes in, police in tow. Scotty places Cameron under arrest until Alexis is found.

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