GH Update Monday 4/7/03


General Hospital Update Monday 4/7/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Jason went home to the penthouse, and was surprised to find out that Courtney had re-decorated. She asked if he liked it, and Jason told her he appreciated it, and that she did a good job. Courtney said she had to leave for work, and Jason told her she couldn’t go because he wanted her to stay home until he and Sonny had “things taken care of”. She reluctantly agreed, and Jason went over to Sonny’s, and Carly went to see Courtney.

Ric arrived at Sonny’s, and told him that he had some leads and ideas about Faith’s silent partner. Sonny told Ric that he and Jason were taking care of her, and if Ric was needed he would be called. Sonny sent him away. Jason came over and told Sonny that he would find out who the partner was.

Ric went to see Faith at the hospital, and told her that he was going to feed Jason and Sonny a name to throw them off about who the silent partner was. He went to Sonny and told him that it was Jax.

Jason went back to his penthouse, and Courtney was practicing defenses on a punching bag, after she told Carly she could protect herself. Jason told her she wasn’t kicking high enough, but whatever she was lacking in skill, she made up in enthusiasm. They kissed.

When Carly went back across the hall, her and Sonny talked about their family, and the new baby. Carly told Sonny there was nothing to worry about because their baby was a fighter, just like them. She told him that their baby could have died when she fell through the ice, and the fact that he didn’t, proved that their baby would be okay.

Jax called Alexis, and told her that he knew she had Kristina. Cameron took the phone, and told Jax and Skye to meet him at the hospital. When they all arrived, Cameron told them Alexis was finishing her therapy, and Jax, Skye, and Ned all should leave her alone.

Jax, Skye, and Ned went to eat at Kelly’s where the guys agreed that they didn’t think that Alexis had Kristina.

Cameron went back to the cabin, where Alexis was trying to calm the baby who wouldn’t stop crying. Cameron took Kristina, and she stopped crying. They talked about babies, and Cameron said he had a way with babies because of all the time he spent with his sons.

Summer told Nikolas she needed one more chance, and within hours she would have Luke distracted again. Summer went to the docks, where she ran into Lucky who apologized for putting her in the middle of him and his dad. She accepted his apology, and said she did not want his friendship. Nik showed up, and him and Summer had another argument. She stormed off, and Lucky came down the steps after listening in on their fighting.

Zander and Gia sat at Kelly’s together and talked about Scott, and Emily. Emily and Lucky were sitting together, and she left, ignoring Zander. He left after her, and called Emily who was in her bedroom. She told him she couldn’t see him, but he crawled through her window as she prepared another syringe.

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