GH Update Friday 4/4/03


General Hospital Update Friday 4/4/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney visited Carly at the hospital. Carly thanked her for saving her life, and asked Courtney to be the baby’s godmother, because the baby owed it’s life to Courtney. Carly asked if she saw Sonny, and Courtney told her that he and Jason were outside talking, and that Sonny had asked Jason to come back to work for him.

Sonny told Jason that he needed him to protect his family, so he would have to deal with Jason seeing Courtney. Sonny warned that if anything happened to Courtney, it would be on his shoulders. Jason and Sonny went in to see Carly and Courtney, and Sonny asked Courtney if there was any way she would go to college and forget Jason. She said no, and he agreed not to interfere with their relationship. Carly and Sonny hugged as Faith watched through the doorway.

Sonny went into Faith’s room, and told her to never come near Carly again. He asked her about the silent partner and she told him that she didn’t have one. Sonny told her that he knew she had a partner and that she would tell him either right then, or later, but either way, she was a dead woman.

Luke and Cameron debated over why Alexis should or shouldn’t run away with Kristina. Cameron tried to talk her out of it, while Luke told her she should do what she had to do to protect her baby. Nikolas came in, and told Alexis everything was ready for her to go to Grease, but if she was leaving, she had to leave right then. She decided to stay in Port Charles, and return Kristina to the Quartermaine’s.

Alexis and Cameron were on the docks, and Alexis said good bye to the baby and handed her to Cameron to bring back to the Quartermaine’s. She left for her therapy session at the hospital, and Cameron had her meet him at the cabin. When Alexis got there, Cameron still had Kristina, and told her that he thought she should spend a little more time with the baby while the Q’s were still fighting over who let the baby get kidnapped.

While Skye was confessing her part in the kidnapping, AJ came in, and tried to turn it into Skye wanting attention from Jax. Jax and Skye left for Windermere, and when they got there, they asked Nikolas to see Alexis. He told them neither her, or Kristina were there, and told them feel free to look around. Skye said they should, but Jax decided they were wasting time, and they left.

At Kelly’s, Lucky bugged Emily about a package she had delivered to Kelly’s. She told him they were artifacts she had gotten in Mexico for her Lila. Lucky knew it was a fake story, but Emily wouldn’t tell him what was really in the box. Before she left, Lucky asked what was going on with her, but she brushed him off. Outside, Emily opened the box, and checked out the pile of syringes that were in it. When she got home, AJ asked her if she had seen “Golden Boy” yet, and Emily yelled at AJ that she loved him as much as she loved Jason. She said she was determined to make the Quartermaine’s love each other. AJ told her it could take her whole life, and Emily shot back that she better get moving.

Georgie told Maxie that Kyle had started a chat room about her on the internet. Maxie decided that she wanted to move back to Texas where people didn’t know much about her. Lucas came in and sat down with the girls. Kyle walked in, and made comments to Maxie. Lucas stood up and announced that Maxie was pregnant. Kyle announced to his friends, that he had never even touched Maxie.

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