GH Update Wednesday 4/2/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/2/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky dropped off money from his college fund to Luke, who tried to get his son on the edge by claiming to have a hot date. They got into another argument about Nikolas, Lucky believing his brother over his father. Lucky encouraged his father to date Summer if he wanted to, but to at least own up to it.

Nikolas threatened Laura to keep up her end of the deal. She pointed out that Luke was on to her, but agreed to try and headed over to Luke’s. Once there, things heated up a bit, but she couldn’t take it. He asked her to tell him what was really going on. She admitted to Luke that she had a brother and it was his birthday and she was worried about him (Matthew). She admitted that they were about to run away together and live their dreams, when he started the car and never came back. Luke offered to help him find him, but he threw a fit and told him not to help, leaving.

Nikolas found Summer crying on the docks and Summer warned him that Luke was on to her. He gave her one last opportunity. Lucky came by afterwards and saw how distraught she was. He held her and asked what his dad did this time. Luke was behind them though, and was interested in the answer to the question as well.

Emily got interrupted with her hypodermic needle and is forced to put it back in her purse. When she confronted her mother, Monica admitted she though someone in the family was involved and encouraged Emily to head to Kelly’s. When the conversation turned to Zander, Emily reassuring her mother she wasn’t heading to Kelly’s for him, Monica informed her daughter that Zander had saved Ned’s life.

At the cottage, Skye was forced to continue helping AJ with her plan, and had to venture into the world of childcare to do so. “Oh God, What is it doing? Ooh. It’s wet,” she cringed. Skye tried to change Kristina’s diaper, a little unnerved at the entire concept. Yakking to the baby the entire tie, she realized how difficult children can be. Just as she got the old diaper off she heard Jax knocking on the door, wondering who was inside. Skye hid the child and opened the door for Jax, trying to convince him she is simply there wallowing. When he asked if she’d been drinking, she had to admit, though it was unfortunate, she was sober. Just as he was leaving he heard the baby cry, she tried to convince him she was hearing things, telling him it was the ghost of what might have been and getting him off the premises fast. She began to realize that the child had been through a lot and didn’t deserve it.

Edward and company found Alexis’ baby carrier in the nursery, but Ned said he had put it there. Ned asked Cameron if Alexis had anything to do with it, and though he didn’t believe she did, he admitted they couldn’t rule her out. Cameron asked her if she knew where the baby was, and she told him she didn’t. Jax arrived to console his friend.

Jax pulled Alexis aside and told her that he had an idea to where Kristina was.

Zander and Gia came up with another plan to get her into the DA’s office and were on their way outside when they found Emily. She ran into Zander’s arms. She informed her friends that Alexis’ child was stolen and that Scotty was there taking care of it. Gia informed her that Scott was corrupt and that she wanted her brother to help out. Elizabeth came outside and she and Emily enjoyed a short reunion. Gia watched Zander and Emily continue their reunion from inside the diner. Zander asked his ex where she had disappeared to after she said she was coming home.

Gia tried to push Liz about info on Zander and Emily. Liz explained that she was probably concerned for Jason and she had a thing for Zander. Gia seemed a little worried that they hadn’t broken up after all.

Sonny tried to get Faith to give up her partner before bleeding to death on the docks, but didn’t get the info before she was carted off to the hospital. They agreed that whoever shot Faith must have been her partner. When Sonny asked his best friend if it was a set up, Jason explained that Carly was supposed to tell him. He told Jason he didn’t want his pregnant wife involved.

Courtney managed to get Carly out of the freezing pond with Laticia’s help. Once on the dock, Carly started CPR and Laticia took Michael away. Courtney got her the hospital where she found Jason and Sonny. Sonny started to go nuts, concerned about the child. He ordered Tony, Monica and Alan to save her. Courtney explained what happened to her brother.

Jason informed Courtney that things didn’t work out like they though. Rick swung by the hospital, but Sonny shrugged him off. He started a little argument with Jason, but he sent him away. Jason sent Courtney to help console Michael, and told her he loved her.

Alan started tugging on Sonny, who threw a fit on them all. Jason looked at his best friend and realized how bad things actually were. Alan ordered Sonny thrown out, but Monica pulled him into Carly’s room and gave him an ultimatum: the baby or Carly.

Rick went to see Faith in the hospital and threatened her. He cut off her supply of medicine from one of the bags hooked up to the IV.


Emily met Zander outside of Kelly’s and they talked about her life. He asked her if she was still seeing the guy she dumped him for. She said they broke up. When Zander asked if she was involved with anybody else, she told him “sort of”.

Zander and Gia talked, and she wondered why Zander wasn’t pursuing Emily. She told him they shared a “Romeo and Juliet” moment. Zander told him and Emily were done. Inside of Kelly’s, Elizabeth and Emily caught each other up with the men in their lives. Elizabeth told Emily about Ric and filled her in on the Jason and Courtney situation. Elizabeth asked Emily why she was home. Emily said she was homesick, but Elizabeth knew that wasn’t true. Emily jumped to the conclusion that Zander and Gia were a couple, and Liz said if Emily wasn’t still stuck on Zander, she wouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion.

Alone on the docks later, Emily stood crying, and then emptied her purse out. She held her syringe in her hand, and got ready to throw it.

Jax, Cameron, and Alexis talked at the Quartermaine mansion about Kristina. Jax told them that he thought that Skye had the baby at Brenda’s old cottage. Alexis told him that AJ was probably in on the kidnapping with Skye. Cameron and Jax agreed.

They went to the cottage where Skye had just left with Kristina after a tip off from AJ. The three searched for Kristina, bought saw no signs of her being there. Alexis picked up her purse, and also a piece of paper that sat on the couch. When asked by Cameron and Jax if she found anything, she said no.

Skye returned with Kristina. She immediately gave the baby a bottle, and AJ made fun of her for her motherly instincts to the baby who Skye affectionately named “Princess Brat”. Later, Skye went to check on Kristina to make sure she was breathing, and discovered she was missing.

At the Quartemaine mansion, Alexis snuck in holding the baby. She told her daughter that she would see her in six months because she had always had respect for the law. She listened as Jax and Edward argued about Kristina, and the parenting abilities of Ned and Alexis. The door to the Q mansion was wide open.

Nikolas told Summer that their deal was off after Lucky left her apartment. When she asked about seeing her brother, and he hung up on her. Lucky and Summer discussed Luke, and Lucky told her that Luke would never love her, and she deserved better. Summer asked if Lucky was going to do something to save her, and she answered herself by saying she didn’t think so.

Nikolas and Luke saw each other outside of Kelly’s, and they had another go-around about Laura.

At the hospital, Sonny contemplated about what to do about Carly and the baby. Jason came into the room, and told Monica to give Carly the medicine that would save her but kill the baby. Sonny told Jason he would make the decision and agreed with Jason, he told Monica to give Carly the drug.

Monica was about to give her the medicine, when Carly woke up. Her blood pressure was still high, but Sonny talked to her and it went down. She cried about the baby, and asked if it was okay. She was upset about Michael as well, until she was told that Michael was okay.

Monica came back and said she was worried about Carly bleeding. Carly started having cramps and Monica said there was nothing that she could do. Carly promised Sonny she wouldn’t let anything happen to the baby.  Sonny prayed to God in the chapel to let his baby and wife live and not punish them for what he's done.

Ric told Faith that she better not give him up. Jason came into the room, and Ric switched his conversation to make it look like he was helping Sonny and Jason. When Ric was gone, Jason talked to Faith, and demanded to know who her silent partner was, she denied having one.

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