GH Update Tuesday 4/1/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/1/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth offers to let Courtney go home, but she wants to stay and work. Elizabeth tries to talk to her, to relate, but Courtney refuses, telling her Jason isn’t a threat. She tells Liz that he’s addicted to the rush of losing his life. They start discussing Rick and get into yet another argument, this time Courtney attacking Rick and Liz’s relationship with him. She tries to tell her that Rick is using her and everyone else in his life. Liz tells Courtney to get lost, so she does.

Jason agrees to partner up with Faith, telling her he wants what he deserves, but trying to keep Courtney out of it. She starts pushing him a little, acting like he’s been like her other partners – partners in business and in bed, but he stops her. “You want to talk business, Faith,” let’s talk. “You want to pick up a guy, go to Jake’s,” he tells her. He asks her for a name, but she tries to avoid the question. He won’t let her, but she agrees to give him a name after he proves himself. He offers a meeting, but she lets him know she will only introduce him to her partner if he eliminates Sonny that night.

Carly calls Rick to send him to release Sonny. He heads straight there and gets sent to see Ned. Carly ignores the red tape though and heads in to see her husband, who threatens everyone who grabs her. Rick shows up with Ned in tow, Rick having convinced Ned not to press charges. Ned plays it off as needing a clear record to regain custody of his daughter. Carly’s baffled by Ned’s sudden change of heart, still not able to have spoken with Sonny. Sonny is released and Jason calls, requesting a meeting. Sonny heads to the meeting place, still unaware of his wife and best friend’s joint venture.

Ned tells the DA and Lt. Taggart that he received a death threat from Sonny. “If I wanted you dead Ned, you’d be on a slab with a toe tag and a plastic sheet,” Sonny warned. They stick him in the interrogation room and watches as he loses his cool.

Edward and company find Alexis in the baby’s room, where she hands them a kidnapper’s note. Cameron notices Alexis’ baby carrier under the baby bed and pushes it further under. Emily enters the Quartermaine mansion during the debacle, not being noticed. “What is a little kidnapping between stabbing a man and throwing him over the balcony rail?” Edward asked, accusing Alexis of the act. “What did you do, kidnap her then misplace her during some psychotic break?” He continued. She tries to get them not to answer the police knock, but they do anyway. Everyone thinks that Alexis has taken the baby, but she refutes them.

Ned shows up at the mansion to discover his child’s disappearance. Everyone points out Alexis as the culprit. Scotty orders his men to cuff her, but Cameron tries to evade him, pointing out the court order is against her seeing the child not the mansion.

Monica finds Emily and welcomes her daughter home. Monica tries to explain the goings on to Emily. Monica thought she was home for spring break, but she informed her mother that she took a leave of absence from Stanford. When Monica asks if taking time off is the only reason she returned, Emily evades the question, using the 'I missed you' routine.

Ned confronts his family member, pointing out that if they hadn’t taken the child from him to begin with there wouldn’t be a problem. Skye and AJ hightailed it out of the firing range and Emily came down and broke up the shouting match for a few moments.

Cameron confronted Alexis, who admitted she was planning on kidnapping the child, but someone else had gotten to her first. Who? Why AJ and Skye, of course.

Emily went upstairs to the bathroom where she removed a hypodermic needle from her purse and laid it on the counter.

Carly chatted with Courtney at the hockey rink, warning her sister in law that she didn’t get a chance to tell her husband anything. Carly admitted that she had taken advantage of Jason to get him to go along with her plan and that her plans always failed. Carly also told her sister in law that she understood her feelings toward her brother, but that one day she saw a part of him she’d never seen before. She pointed out that there was a side of him she’d never seen. Courtney told Carly that she had went through with their plan. Michael is playing on the ice when it begins to crack.

Carly helps her son off the cracking ice, but falls in herself, arms flailing.

Faith called Rick to meet her at the pier as well, setting him up for a shoot down. He refuses, but she offers a threat. Sonny shows up on the pier and sees Faith. Jason admits he invited Faith and Sonny’s temper flails out of control. Sonny tries to get his friend back, but Jason sticks a gun in his face. Faith spends the time trying to press Sonny’s buttons. Jason, realizing his friend is not aware of their plan tries to sneak some info in, telling him he’s doing it for Carly, Michael and Courtney. Faith orders Jason to shoot and Sonny realizes that Jason is on his side, going along with it and offering Jason to pull the trigger. Jason refuses, wanting first to see the silent partner. Sonny warns Jason to be smarter than he was, not to love anything more than his life. He goes on to tell Jason that when he taught him loyalty and honor he was lying, that such things don’t exist. Faith goes to get out her own gun, but Jason grabs her gun and turns on her. Rick shows up just in time, shooting Faith.

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