GH Update Friday 3/28/03


General Hospital Update Friday 3/28/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

At the Cellar, Carly got in the middle of Jason and Sonny. She told them they shouldn’t be fighting because they were family. Liz and Courtney stood off to the side, looking on. Liz told Courtney she wanted to call the police. After getting in between the guys, Carly asked Sonny to take her home. He asked if the baby was okay, and then agreed to take her home. Before walking out, Sonny told Jason that he meant nothing to him.

When Sonny and Carly were gone, Ric told Jason they he clearly wasn’t welcome in the club, and he needed to leave. Jason told him that he was in no position to order him around, and nobody would tell him and Courtney to leave. Liz told Jason how sorry she was for what Sonny was doing to him. Jason answered her sarcasm with some of his own. Courtney told Liz that he sympathy was worth nothing, and her and Jason walked out.

At their penthouse, Sonny told Carly that he knew he was slipping, and didn’t know what to do to stop it, without Jason there to pick up the pieces. Carly and Sonny talked about the night that Carly walked into the penthouse, and Sonny had smashed everything, and had the broken glass in his hand. Carly told him that she knew Sonny would never hurt her, but he told her she didn’t know what he was capable of, and either did he. He wanted to send her and Michael to the island for a while, and as always, Carly refused to go anywhere.

Alexis showed up at Sonny’s and told him that they needed to talk about Kristina. Sonny wondered how she felt accusing him of killing her sister when Alcazar was actually the killer. He told her that he knew she killed Alcazar, and that he knew she was faking her split personalities. Alexis asked him to help her get the baby away from the Quartermaine’s, and he said the only leverage he had with them was Michael, and he would never use his child, to save hers. Sonny told Alexis that she should get down on her knees and be thankful that Kristina was not his baby. She left.

When she was gone, Sonny and Carly talked about their first baby, and how great their new baby would be. Sonny talked about how he knew he was headed for a breakdown, and admitted that he was “so tired”. Carly got him to lay down.

Jason and Courtney talked about Sonny and about Ric. Courtney realized they always went back to the same conclusion about Sonny; the only way to help him was to break up. Jason shot down that idea and told her he wasn’t going to lie about loving her. He made some calls, and she came back into the room and asked Jason to dance with her.

At the party, Maxie was upstairs with Kyle, making out. He reached into a drawer, and she sat up. He told her not to worry because he had protection. Maxie told Kyle she couldn’t sleep with him, she wasn’t ready. Kyle got mad, and she walked downstairs to find Lucas. She asked Lucas if they could leave, and he “complemented” her on her hickey. He asked her when she became such a lying slut.

At home, Maxie laid in her room crying, and Georgie came in and asked what was wrong. Maxie yelled that Georgie ruined her life, and that she hated her for telling Lucas she used him to get to Kyle. Maxie kicked her crying sister out of her room.

Ned figured out what the Q men did to get Kristina into their custody. He told them that the situation wasn’t permanent and went with them to the mansion where Monica was with the baby.

Cameron came to the mansion to see Ned about Alexis. He told Ned that Alexis said she was going to see the father of her baby. Ned left to find her. He stopped her after she left Sonny’s, and told her she needed to get herself together, or both of them would lose Kristina forever.


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