GH Update Thursday 3/27/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/27/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At his penthouse, Sonny yells at one of his flunkies on the phone as he looks for Greg.  He mutters that they're all incompetents as Carly tries to calm him down.  He goes to leave, to find Ric, so she grabs her coat and wants to come with him, but he yells at her to stay there.

In his penthouse, Jason is talking to Greg about leaving shipments, etc.  as they are (countermanding what Sonny wants).  Greg worries that Sonny will be pissed.  Carly arrives and tells Jason that Sonny's getting worse and that "it" is happening again.  Jason knows already that Sonny is losing it.  She wishes he could see a psychiatrist, but Jason reminds her that Sonny would die first.  He says he will try to stay out of Sonny's sight, but she says that all Sonny thinks about is him and Courtney, and worrying about this baby.  She says he doesn't sleep and he's drinking a lot.  He doesn't trust his men.  She begs Jason to help, saying he's the only one who can.  He says Sonny won't let him, so Carly is the only one who can pull him back from the edge.  They argue some more. Carly says she's not strong enough to stop Sonny from hurting himself.  Jason says that this time it's different because Sonny has her and the baby.  At the mention of the baby, her face falls, so he wonders what's wrong.  She gets upset but doesn't tell him why.

Ric and Elizabeth joke around and flirt at Kelly's.  She has the night off, but he has to work, so she says she'll sit in the bar and watch him, then they can hang out when he's not busy.  She says maybe he doesn't want them to be seen together but he says it's okay now.  Courtney arrives; Ric is surprised to see her there so soon after the shooting.  She explains that one of Sonny's bodyguards is outside.  Courtney is in a bad mood so she and Ric have a little tiff.  He fires her and she quits (the club).  Elizabeth is pleased to hear it.

Outside Kelly's, Georgie sees Maxie all tarted up and waiting for Lucas to take her to the party.  Georgie makes fun of how she's dressed and tries to talk her out of going there.  Maxie is determined to have sex with Kyle, the popular boy, so she can become popular, too.  George tells her that it's not going to happen.  Lucas arrives and admires how Maxie looks.  Georgie says that Maxie can't go to the party.  Maxie takes her aside and they argue some more.  Maxie and Lucas leave.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. sits on the sofa and tosses around the baby doll that they used in the fire.  Alan is nervous and tells him to knock it off.  Edward arrives and they wonder where Monica is.  They blame each other for her finding out about the conspiracy.  Skye comes in and no one is glad to see her, but Monica walks in and says she invited her.  A.J. pleads with Monica not to call the police because he could go to jail.  Skye says maybe that's a good idea since this is his third arson.  Edward says that the child could go to a foster home.  Monica tells him that's fine because she's not staying there.  They argue.  Monica asks what they're prepared to give her to keep her mouth shut.  Just then, Jax arrives and tells them that they're not going to get away with stealing Ned and Alexis' baby.  He knows that they set the fire, too.  Edward says there's no proof, and Skye reluctantly says he's right.  Monica orders Jax out, so he leaves.  Monica tells the guys that there isn't anything they can offer her because she couldn't trust them to follow through with their promise.  So she's taking steps to have the baby removed.  She's called the judge.

Ric and Elizabeth chat at the club.  He mentions that there is a hostess opening now but she says there's no way that Carly would let her work there.  They talk about their relationship.

Sonny goes to Kelly's and is not happy to see that Max is there guarding Courtney, on Jason's orders.  Sonny grabs Courtney and starts getting in her face about how she is risking her life.  When she asks him to keep it down, he raises his voice and starts yelling to everyone, saying they know who he is and that he's always in the papers for getting shot at.  He asks them to let his sister know how it is.  He wants Max to drive her home, but she refuses.  She says if he doesn't leave, she's calling the police.  He can't believe she would do that when he's trying to help her.  He tells her "to hell with you" and goes to the club.

Maxie and Lucas go to the party.  Kyle, a handsome boy, notices Maxie and asks her to dance.  Lucas tries to stop it but she says it's okay and asks him to watch her stuff.  Later, Kyle gets them some beers.  Georgie comes in and tells Maxie that Kyle is "lame".  They bicker some more. Lucas wonders why Georgie is there.  Georgie covers by saying she was feeling left out.  Georgie asks Lucas to take them all home, but Maxie wants to stay.  She says she'll get a ride with another friend.

Ric tries to talk about some business at the club but Sonny isn't interested in doing anything but sitting at the bar and drinking.  Elizabeth comes up and says hi so Sonny wonders why she's saying hi to him now, since last time she saw him, she said he was walking death.  Ric can tell something's wrong and suggests that maybe Sonny should stop drinking and go home.  Sonny tells him to stop telling him what to do.  Jax comes in and goes to the bar, next to Sonny, and orders a drink.  He does his usual bit with Sonny but Sonny tells him that today is the wrong day, wrong place.  Their argument gets worse; Ric tries to get Jax to leave but instead Sonny ends up break a bottle against the bar and holds the jagged end up to Jax's throat.

Cameron warns Alexis that she can't just leave her therapy.  He says that he'll have to go to the judge, who will appoint another therapy, and that will delay her getting Kristina back.  They argue.  She tells him how terrible the Q's are.  He says that not being around the baby for 6 months won't cause it any damage.  She doesn't know how he can know that.  Alexis leaves, saying that she will find Ned to help her instead.

Faith goes to Kelly's and taunts Courtney about the shooting.  Max is there to protect her, but he can't really stop Faith's mouth.  Faith threatens Courtney and calls her names.  She says that her face is the last one Courtney will see before she dies.  Courtney yells at her to get out.

Jason gets a call about Sonny and Jax, so he and Carly rush to the club.  They arrive and Jason tries to intervene.  Sonny turns on him instead.  He starts calling Jason names, says he betrayed him and went behind his back, and tries to get Jason to fight him.  He even takes a swing at Jason, but Jason won't fight back.  Carly gets in front of Sonny and begs him not to fight with Jason because they're family.

Georgie tells Lucas that Maxie was just using him.  He doesn't know whether to believe her or whether she's just trying to get him to like her.  She swears that Maxie is determined to sleep with Kyle so she can be popular.  Meanwhile, Maxie and Kyle go upstairs so they can have sex.  Once upstairs, Maxie looks scared and unsure, but Kyle pressures her.  Lucas goes back to the party and looks for Maxie.  Georgie phones Maxie's cell and leaves a message, saying she might have done something really stupid.

The Quartermaine men hide outside the french doors so that they can spy on Monica.  They had Alice (the maid) bring the baby in, pretending that she couldn't sleep.  She gives Monica the baby; she is concerned that the baby might be going to a foster home.  This is Alan's plan, to get Monica attached to the baby so she won't want her to leave.  The judge arrives.  She is glad that such a little angel didn't end up in foster care.  Monica looks torn.  Ned comes up behind the Q men and says, "Well, well. If it isn't the baby thieves. "

Elizabeth goes up to Kelly's and is going to call the police on Sonny and Jason, but Courtney stops her.

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