GH Update Wednesday 3/26/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/26/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Edward talks to Judge Farmer on the phone and convinces her that Ned and Alexis are both unfit. Skye eavesdrops on the whole thing and points the un-daunting finger at her granddad. “I seem to have caught you in another diabolical plot,” she told him. Figuring out his newest ploy, she spat it back to him in a nutshell. Edward pointed out she’d done her thinking and informed her that AJ would benefit greatly, as would the others who had helped him out. As for her, he simply told her she’d get what she deserved.

She hung around until AJ arrived, and when he did she informed him of her knowledge of the whole fiasco. She pointed out that if Ned had died in the fire he’d be facing murder charges. She reminded him they were partners in crime and told him it was time they cashed in. He told her he was taking the kudos for this one and keeping them for himself. When she threatened to tell on them, he told her that her recurring drunken state didn’t do anything for her testimony and reminded her that their grandfather always covered his back. He told her to get out of town, get sober and start a new life, but she decided to stay right where she was and work her own angle.

Alexis confronted Ned on camera, explaining that she wasn’t comfortable with him caring for her child. She told Scotty she wanted him arrested for criminal negligence and endangering the welfare of a child. Scot refuses to arrest him, claiming there was no evidence of Ned’s actions being deliberate.

Cameron took Alexis aside and explained that her actions weren’t helping her situation any. She explained she was doing what any concerned parent would. He agreed, but pointed out that she was a concerned parent diagnosed with MPD, and that if she weren’t careful, they’d take Kristina from the both of them. She headed back in to apologize to her ex, but is astonished when the judge shows up. Scott assures them he didn’t call her. The judge informs them all that she is taking custody away from Ned and rewarding it to Edward. Ned noticed that the decision was quite hasty, but agreed to go along with it after a little push. “I’m stunned,” Alan said, pretending to know nothing of the decision. “So am I,” Monica agreed. “What judge in his right mind would award custody to you,” she asked Edward.

Once everyone was gone Alexis and Ned had a conversation, Alexis asking why her ex had agreed to the devious plan, worried that she’d never get her baby back. Ned explained that they had a better chance working together than they did apart and promised to get the baby back. He also promised (after she showed concern) that after her 6 months was up, he would return Kristina to her mother.

Edward, AJ and Alan returned home to celebrate, and they did so rather loudly. Monica came in cooing to the baby, wrapped in a blanket and tossed it at the three of them. “My, AJ, how heroic of you to save it from the building you burned down,” she told him, following her understanding up with a “Gotcha.”

Scott went to see the fire inspector, who told him of Zander’s questions and pointed out that the fire wasn’t exactly “normal.” Scott changed the conversation to the fire inspector’s desire to go into a hire position and explained that he would be happy to give him a letter of recommendation. The fire inspector took the bribe.

Zander and Gia went to the Quatermaine's to check out the remains of the Gatehouse. Zander explained that after they framed him for assault in order to keep him away from Emily, that they would do anything to get what they wanted. They found the fire inspector there and Zander suggested he look into arson as a possibility. He told them to get lost and mentioned that Scotty Baldwin had an interest in the incident. Zander wanted to stay and argue with the guy, but Gia pulled him away, pointing out Scotty’s involvement. They found Cameron and clued him in on their discovery. They agreed that the best method of airing the dirty misdeed was through Scott and his blubbering mouth. They agreed to put Gia in the DA’s office as an intern to do a little “secret agent” work.

Sonny dreams about Carly falling down the stairs and takes it as a bad omen, sure that something awful will happen to them and the baby. He made her a huge plate of vegetables and sat her down to eat it. She told him she loved him because he took care of her. He assured her he would continue to do so, starting with buying her all new shoes – flats (so she wouldn’t trip). She told him frumpy clothes would be next. “It’s going to be great. Sonny Corinthos and his fat frumpy wife,” she commented. She told him, “With us as parents, this baby’s going to be a kicker!”

Jason flung himself into Courtney and the two hit the ground. He told Faith she was done, but she informed him she wanted him as a partner and the shot was only a warning. He packed Courtney up, attempting to encourage her to get out of town. When she refused, he opted to take her to the penthouse instead. Once they got there, Courtney was still really shaken up over the whole situation. He explained to her that he couldn’t promise here that the next time she wouldn’t get hurt. She explained that she went in to the relationship with her eyes open and understood perfectly. They locked lips just as Sonny opened the door. He sent Courtney to see Carly and had a one-on-one with his ex-enforcer.

Courtney barged into Sonny’s penthouse complaining about Sonny barging in and yelling at her and Jason. Carly seemed to notice the similarity between the siblings. Upset at the scenario, Carly told her that if she didn’t like what Sonny had to say to move back into her apartment and let him avoid the pain of seeing them together. Courtney told her what had happened and she changed her mind, realizing the apartment was no longer an option. She explained to her sister-in-law that her husband sometimes went overboard with things (like his eating habits) and told her that her best bet would be to make an effort to go along with it. Rick interrupted them asking for Sonny, but Carly informed him he was with Jason. Courtney left to return to Jason’s apartment and Rick remained at Sonny’s.

Jason calmed Sonny down, explained the scenario and pointed out that Faith wanted him as a partner. He explained that taking out Faith would be a bad decision since she had a partner other than Ned helping her out. Together they agreed that he could work on her and use her to their advantage and find out who their invisible nemesis was. They were in the process of making their plans when Courtney opened the door wide and Sonny jumped back into his “you can’t date my sister and work for me routine,” shouting it loud enough for everyone in the building to hear. He slammed the door on his way out and returned to his own penthouse.

Once there he found Rick and Carly warned him up front that Rick was curious about his newfound relationship with his ex-best friend. Sonny remained elusive, reminding Rick that his role was that of the attorney and he would call him if he needed him. Worried about a restored friendship between the two, when Rick left he nonchalantly chatted with the guard about the neighbors. The guard gives him the scoop willingly: Sonny’s mad as hell at Jason and it’s worse than ever.

Jason realized how upset Courtney was and told her it was okay to be scared. He held her as she cried, shaking.


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