GH Update Monday 3/24/03


General Hospital Update Monday 3/24/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny took out a gun, and told Ric to prove himself by killing Faith. Ric told him that he wasn’t a killer, and that he wouldn’t kill Faith. Sonny told Ric he could never be his replacement for Jason because he couldn’t carry out Sonny’s orders.

Ric told Sonny that his strengths were with the law. Sonny offered to put Ric on retainer. Ric told Sonny that he would have to think about the job. Sonny yelled that is Ric wanted the job he would take it now, and if he didn’t want to, he needed to get out of the penthouse. Ric agreed to take the job.

When he left Sonny’s, Ric went to Kelly’s to look for Carly. Ric told Elizabeth that he had gotten hired by Sonny. Liz congratulated him. Carly walked in, and Ric told her that Sonny had hired him as his permanent lawyer. Carly told Ric that she already knew that. Ric pleaded with Carly to not tell Sonny about the night they spent in the hotel. He told her that his life was on the line, and he didn’t want to die.

Sonny went to Courtney and Jason’s loft to see his sister. Sonny told Courtney that his enemies knew that his vulnerabilities were Carly and the baby. He told her that he needed some help from her. When Courtney asked what she could do to help, Sonny told her that she needed to leave Jason.

Alan and AJ discussed their secret plan. Monica walked in and asked what they were plotting. They quickly changed the subject, asking her about work. When she left, they decided to put their plan into action.

AJ went to Ned’s gatehouse, and started a fire. He went running back to the main house carrying a baby blanket wrapped around a doll. When he got back to the house, Edward was holding baby Kristina. Him and AJ left to meet the firefighters at the gatehouse. They “wondered” aloud what started the fire. At the main house, Alan held the baby and welcomed her into the family, and her new home.

Faith called Ned and summoned him to the docks. She was kissing him, and he tried to push her away. He told Faith the she was surprised that she was still alive, and that maybe he should call Sonny to get rid of her. Taggert and Scott arrived on the docks, and told Ned and Faith they were getting written up for public indecency. Ned explained that he was trying to make Faith back off.

Ned left to go home, and saw the fire. He asked the firefighters where the baby was. When his answer was “There’s a baby in there?”. Ned ran into the burning house yelling “Kristina’s” name. He ran towards her room, and a ceiling beam fell. The beam knocked Ned unconscious on the floor.

Luke told Lucky that they could go to London together, and come up with a plan to get Luke in to see Laura. Luke decided that Lucky could cause a distraction, and Luke could get into Laura’s room. Lucky told his dad that he signed all his rights over to Nikolas.

Luke got mad, and asked Lucky why he signed everything to Nikolas. Lucky explained that when he last saw Laura, she thought he was Scott, and he didn’t want to have to deal with decisions regarding her. Luke told Lucky that he sold his mother out to the Cassadines. Lucky told Luke that he thought he was doing the right thing. Luke kicked Lucky out of his office.

Lucky went to Kelly’s, and sat down to talk with Elizabeth. She asked him what was wrong and he gave her thee guesses, telling her all were about Luke. Elizabeth asked more details, and Lucky explained to her about signing everything over to Nikolas. Elizabeth thought that Luke was over the Cassadine vs. Spencer wars.


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