GH Update Wednesday 3/19/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/19/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Faith met with Rick on the docks. She told him Sonny’s people were prepared to revolt. Rick hoped that Sonny would send him to fight for him and warned Faith to let him win so that they could work from the inside out.

Greg visited Sonny’s penthouse but found Carly there and started discussing business. Sonny overheard and made it clear that Carly was not to be involved in business at all.

He also told Greg that if someone in the 5 families doubted his ability they should tell him to his face. He told him some of the families wanted reassurance that he was still in control. Sonny asked him to make a list of those people so he could “reassure” them one by one. As Greg left, Rick came in, hoping to be sent to the meeting to negotiate on Sonny’s behalf, but his hope was premeditated. Sonny assured him he would be attending the meeting himself and asked Rick to remain at the penthouse to wait further instructions.

Courtney answered the door to find Mike on her doorstep. Her father pleaded with her to break up with Jason for Sonny’s sake. She refused.

Carly went to see Courtney to discuss her problem. Courtney listened as Carly quickly explained how the baby could be Rick’s and how Sonny would take the news. Courtney, not fully realizing the wraith Sonny could entail told her sister in law that keeping the secret gave Rick the power and if Sonny loved her he would forgive her. Carly pointed out she knew her husband well enough to know better. She explained that if the baby was his, he would stay with her for the sake of the baby, and things would be fine; but if it was Rick’s, he’d want a divorce. She decided to go home and tell her husband what had happened in hopes that the few months it would take to get a DNA test done she could win him back.

Carly returned home to find Rick and Sonny both, and she was prepared to tell the truth, but Sonny told her he had other business to attend to and left her there with Rick. She told him of her plans to tell Sonny, including the fact that Sonny would kill him the minute he found out, but he begged her not to. “I’d kill you myself it I didn’t think Sonny would do it cleaner,” she told him. He promised to resign and move back to Manhattan. She told him if she returned and that’s what Sonny informed her, she wouldn’t mention it, but if he was still there when she got back, she would tell Sonny everything.

Carly tracked down Courtney at Kelly’s telling her she might have found a reprieve. Courtney’s advice was to tell the truth and get it over with. Carly explained that the truth would rob Sonny of the joy of having the child and she didn’t want to do that to him.

Sonny headed to the meeting where he found Faith in the middle of the ‘Sonny’s lost control and needs to be removed’ speech. He entered the room, coiled his fingers around the hair at the nape of her neck and jerked her to a standing position. He continued to tell the group what a whore Mrs. Roscoe was and that he was in complete control. “I do business in this territory,” Faith told him. “So do a lot of other streetwalkers. That doesn’t give her a place at this table for more than entertainment.” Then, telling his henchmen to “get this bitch out of here,” he continued the meeting, explaining he wouldn’t be undermined by anyone. The men agreed he was in control and left it at that.

Sonny returned home to find Rick sitting on the couch with a whiskey glass in his hand. Sonny got into a drawer and pulled out a gun, scaring Rick. He told him that he had been trying to prove himself for so long he was giving him the chance. He handed Rick the gun and told him that he was tired of Faith, to kill her and prove his loyalty.

Faith returned once the meeting was over to have a private conversation with Sammy Taggleoti. She explained that the meeting was supposed to have occurred after they had taken Sonny down and that she was supposed to have been awarded part of his territory. He told her things had changed. “Sonny Corinthos is the same as he’s ever been – smart and deadly,” Sammy told her. He proceeded to tell Faith she was nothing and if she ever got lonely to give him a call. He also gave her a word of advice – learn respect and live longer.

Laura went to visit with Luke, realizing that he was packing for a trip and asked if she could tag along. He declined her offer, telling her that he was headed to London to see his wife. He promised he would call, but couldn’t give her a when. He was in the process of purchasing his airfare when Scotty walked in and hung up the phone on him, presenting him with a restraining order from Laura.

Lucky argued with Nikolas at Kelly’s about Luke being the cause of their mother’s catatonic state. After telling his brother to back off, Lucky headed to the docks where Laura found him.

Nikolas followed his brother’s path to the docks, but not until after having a little chat with Elizabeth, begging her to help him persuade Lucky. She told him she liked someone else and didn’t want to get back into an emotionless relationship with Lucky. When he found Lucky talking to Laura. He told Lucky that Laura was bad news and told him to stay away from her, but Lucky defended the young woman yet again. Nikolas left irate and the two continued their small talk.

Lucky headed to Luke’s where they discussed the restraining order, Luke mentioning that he thought Nikolas was behind it. Lucky defended his brother to the hilt, pointing out that Nikolas was doing what he thought was best for their mother. Luke told him that he hated him and he was the enemy, but Lucky didn’t agree. Dara walked in and informed him that the restraining order was legit, after Luke had already cut it into tiny pieces. She also informed him he couldn’t fight the custody since he and Laura were divorced. Luke asked the attorney if Lucky could challenge it, throwing the deciding vote to his son and asking him to be on his side.

Nikolas had Laura dragged to meet him. She told him that being harassed wasn’t part of their deal. He pointed out that her involvement with Lucky wasn’t either, that he had paid her to date Luke and keep him distracted, not get involved with his brother. He told her to focus on Luke if she wanted the rest of their deal to be complete. He told her that if she would cut Lucky loose once and for all and concentrate on Luke, he would tell her where he had found her brother. He explained that he didn’t want to punish Luke, but that he had warped Laura’s mind and was pushing her further into a catatonic state. He asked her to keep him away for a while longer.

Maxie and Georgie discussed Kyle’s party, Georgie asking her older sister if she’d be willing to sleep with him in order to get him. Maxie told her she would. Lucas joined them, asking Maxie out on a date – to Kyle’s party. She complied thinking solely about her intentions with Kyle, but Georgie pointed out that Lucas thought it was a date. Maxie assured her sister that she and her cousin were just friends.


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