GH Update Tuesday 3/18/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/18/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Edward, Alan and Monica argued over one of Edward’s new schemes, even though Monica wasn’t sure what it was, she didn’t like it. “Here I am, the devil incarnate again,” Edward said (she agreed). Alan and Edward called her paranoid for thinking they were up to something. “Being paranoid in this family’s a sign of sanity,” she told them. When AJ joined the group, Monica tried to warn her son of the outcome, mentioning that Edward had a tendency to dangle a prize that you had to jump through fiery hoops to receive. Once she left the room, Edward warned Allan, that if she blew the whistle on their plans, all bets were off. Alan had a warning for his father also: if he double-crossed him he would blow him out of the water. He then left Edward and AJ to talk.

Alan cornered Monica, trying to do his part and get her out of their business. “We’re Quartermaines, Monica. We use each other. We always have and we always will, and if you’re lucky you get what you want,” he told her.

Ned was rocking Kristina when Faith showed up out of nowhere. He told her she was not welcome in his house or his life, to get out. Faith pointed out it was her chance to take out the whole lot of Sonny’s operation at the funeral, but she was playing the game his way. AJ came in at that point, interrupting, and introduced himself to Faith. After the mob wife was gone, he commented on Ned’s choice in companions: “Wow. Okay. A certified mad woman and now a lady mobster? Ned, You sure can pick ‘em.”

Faith called Edward, upset that AJ had barged in on her trying to sway Ned, but all Edward told her was to get him under control. A few moments later AJ showed up, explaining to his grandfather how surprised he was to find a mob wife in Ned’s Gatehouse.

Cameron visited Alexis, who was on a rampage about trying to find a way to see Kristina before her 6 months were up. She researched the quickest recovery in history, discovering it was 3 months and decided she could convince them in only 6 weeks. “You know how to convince a judge that you’re sane only days after you convinced a jury that you’re certifiably unstable?” Cameron asked, amazed. She pointed out that she had killed Alcazar in self-defense. “Your control issues are so strong that rather than call 911 you fabricate an alternate personality. He told her that if she could accept that she couldn’t contact Kristina for 6 months, she might actually get the chance to raise her. He pointed out she should use the time to process what she’d done. Jax chose that moment to show up, to Alexis’ relief and she kicked Cameron out to try her ploy on Jax.

She begged Jax to work with her on a plan in which he and Ned would be in a joint business venture and Ned would bring Kristina along, so she could have back door access. He refused, pointing out that she was sick and her alternate personality could not be trusted.

When her charms didn’t work on Jax, she ushered him out of her apartment and headed to Ned’s. Once there he told her that she was risking her future, pushed her out the front door and told her not to comeback. Cameron found her outside and held her, as she kneeled to the ground.

Sonny had a dream that he goes to the funeral and finds Jason in the casket instead of Benny. He woke up and discussed the funeral with Carly. Michael came in, overhearing something about Benny and thinking there was a party. Sonny sat his son down and explained that Benny had died. Then Michael asked if Jason had died too since he hadn’t been around to see him. Carly assured him Jason was fine and promised he’d come by soon.

Jason and Courtney discussed the funeral, Courtney opting not to attend, explaining that the funeral should be about Benny, and her being there would just cause problems. He agreed, explaining to her that Benny had taught him a lot, and after being the patient teacher was just as happy to take orders from his student. He quoted one of Benny’s favorite phrases: “Don’t borrow trouble.”

Rick and Liz discussed his attending Benny’s funeral. Liz asked why he wanted to be part of their lives so bad when he was nothing like them. He explained that the timing was perfect since there was a rift between Sonny and Jason. She quickly made sure he wasn’t trying to take over Jason’s job. He assured her he wasn’t, that there were other jobs on Sonny’s payroll like Benny’s available. She told him to aim higher, but he pointed out that Benny’s job was one of the safest seats in the house.

When Courtney came to work, Liz started giving her a hard time, asking why she wasn’t attending the funeral, but Courtney turned the tables, being down right mean to Liz, pointing out she gets to wake up next to Jason in the morning and watch him sleep. Courtney pointed out that Liz and Rick were a lot a like, always following the rules and wanting things to be perfect.

Sonny, Carly, Jason and Rick attended the Jewish funeral for Benjamin Eugene Abrams. Sonny greeted Benny’s wife, who told him how much Benny had admired him, considering him a dear friend. Sonny offered to help with her finances, making it so she wouldn’t have to worry, but she informed him Jason had taken care of that and the paperwork.

Benny’s replacement approached Jason cautiously, admitting that Benny had informed him to get with Jason because there were certain things that needed to be taken care of that he could only discuss with Jason, not with Sonny. He was curious as to what those things were since Benny hadn’t embellished, but Jason assured him they’d discuss it later.

Sonny went to Jason to discuss a few things. They made small talk for a while, Sonny telling Jason he wanted to go half on Leia’s retirement fund. He also told Jason to stop by and visit Michael.

Carly cornered Rick and told him that he was a lying pig and he wanted something out of Sonny. She told him she wouldn’t let him do to Sonny what he had done to her. That was all they got to discuss before Sonny sent Rick away.

Rick went back to Kelly’s to visit with Liz. He explained that Sonny was finally starting to appreciate him. They went into the kitchen and kissed, but Rick pulled away when he saw Jason through the window. He went out to talk to Sonny’s right hand. He told him how much he supported his decision to be with Courtney. “So much for those people who say you don’t have a heart,” he told Jason. Jason made it very clear his perception of the lawyer hadn’t changed. He pointed out he knew Rick wanted something from Sonny and he wanted it bad. Courtney jumped in to end the conversation and got Jason outside.

Courtney pointed out that Jason was cold to Rick, and he apologized for scaring her. She admitted that he hadn’t scared her, but she didn’t like seeing him hurting.

Sonny had a one on one with Benny’s coffin. He told his old pal that he had done his part – keeping the books straight so that Sonny wouldn’t fail as so many others had. He confided that Benny had never broke his faith in his boss, even when his boss broke faith in him, and asked the void is he was trying to warn him not to kill his best friend (Jason) the way he had killed him.


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