GH Update Monday 3/17/03


General Hospital Update Monday 3/17/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Ric and Elizabeth were kissing in his bedroom, and ended up in bed together. They were laying down, but Ric got up and told Elizabeth that sleeping together was a mistake. She asked him what he meant, and Roc explained that she could get hurt by being in the middle of his plans. Elizabeth got mad that he thought she would be an inconvenience, and started to leave.

Ric pulled her back, and kissed her. He told her that she wasn’t an inconvenience, and that he wanted to be with her, he just didn’t want to see her get hurt. They made, and she began to leave. Ric stopped her at the door, and told her she should just shower at his place. They kissed again, and Faith stood in the doorway, unnoticed. They went down to Kelly’s where they saw Lucky. When Ric left, Lucky gave Elizabeth the “look”, and when he didn’t say anything to her, Elizabeth told her former beau that her and Ric were only friends.

The judge found Alexis not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. She sentenced her to court supervised therapy, and suspended her license to practice law. The judge announced she had more to say. She granted full custody of baby Kristina to Ned, for six months when Alexis would meet with the judge again. Alexis was also denied all visitation with the baby. Ned brought her into the courtroom, and Alexis told the baby good bye.

After the trial, Jax promised Alexis that he would help her in any way he could. She cried to Cameron that she lost her baby. Cameron took her home, after she thanked Dara. At her house, Alexis told Cameron she didn’t know how to thank him, but he told her no thanks was needed. He left, and Alexis sat at her desk crying.

Luke told Lucky that he had his guard up because Nikolas was trying to take control of Laura. Luke also said that he thought Nik was going back to what he used to be, a Cassadine.

Outside of Kelly’s, Nikolas told Summer that “their” plan had been working fine until she met Lucky. She reminded him that the plan was his, not theirs. Nikolas told her that she was hard to find, and he was paying her a lot of money to make Luke fall in love with her. Summer told Nikolas that Lucky was a coincidence, but Nikolas told her to make sure Luke takes her back so he forgets about Laura.

Nikolas went into Kelly’s, and Luke came walking by looking for something. Summer held up a keepsake of his, and told him she thought it would be his. She asked Luke id he missed her, and asked if they could go out. He agreed, and they left together.

Sonny told Jason to back off after Jason got up in his face. They argued, but Carly told them to stop, and Courtney told Jason they were leaving. Jason announced that nobody was leaving until he and Sonny understood each other.

Jason told Sonny that he was the one that wouldn’t let him work. Jason told him that he never quit, and their current situation was because Sonny couldn’t accept Jason and Courtney’s relationship. Eventually, the four left.

When they were home, Jason asked Courtney why she was so quiet. She told Jason that she loved him, but she didn’t want their love to hurt other people. She decided maybe they should admit they were wrong about their relationship. Jason told Courtney that he loved her, and they talked and Courtney announced she didn’t want to give up their love for anybody.

Sonny told Carly to “get it over with”, and tell him how wrong he was for being mad at Jason and Courtney. Carly told him that she wasn’t going to say anything, except that if he kept his anger up, the problems were going to ruin them, and Jason and Courtney. He admitted her missed them.


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