GH Update Friday 3/14/03


General Hospital Update Friday 3/14/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Taggert showed up at the warehouse, after the paramedics took away Benny’s body. He questioned Jason and Sonny about why Benny was at the meeting, and why Jason wasn’t. Taggert told Jason and Sonny that he knew there was something going on with the five families, and he knew Sonny was vulnerable. Ric arrived and asked Taggert for an arrest warrant. When Taggert didn’t have on, Ric told him to stop the questioning.

Courtney went to Kelly’s to fid Ric. He wasn’t there, but Carly saw her sister in-law and sat down with her. Courtney asked Carly what was going on with Jason, and Carly told her not to worry because Jason could take care of himself. Carly mentioned Ric, and Courtney asked her what was going on with her and Ric. Carly told Courtney that Ric was jerk, but Courtney knew it was more than that.

Courtney told Carly she knew something was wrong, and asked what it was. Carly brushed it off. Courtney told Carly that she had always helped her, and now she wanted to help Carly. Carly told Courtney that Ric was blackmailing her, but she didn’t want to admit why. Courtney asked a few questions, and then Carly admitted that she slept with Ric. Carly told Courtney about the night, but confessed she didn’t remember a thing. Courtney asked if maybe Carly thought the baby was Ric’s.

Johnny came to the table, and said he had to go because there was trouble. He left for the warehouse, with Carly and Courtney right behind. There, Jason and Sonny were talking about Benny, and Sonny blamed Jason for his death. Carly said how weird it was Benny died. Sonny looked at Jason and explained how loyal Benny was to him, and would do anything for him, unlike other people.

“Don’t you try and make this Jason’s fault” Courtney told her brother. Courtney continued yelling, with both Carly and Jason telling her not to waste her breath. Sonny exploded at Courtney, telling her that she should “open her eyes” because Benny’s death was actually hee fault. Sonny told her that Benny wouldn’t have been there if she would have let Jason go.

Jason jumped in, yelling at Sonny not to talk to Courtney that way. Sonny yelled back, telling Jason not to tell him how to talk to his sister, he didn’t know anything about loyalty. Jason said he had been nothing but loyal to Sonny since day one. “You don’t know the meaning of the word” Sonny screamed.

Outside of Kelly’s Lucky and Luke met up. Lucky told Luke that he agreed with Nikolas, that he should have the power of attorney for Laura’s care. Lucky told his dad that he wasn’t thinking clearly. Summer showed up to use a nearby payphone, and asking the person to hurry, she had been waiting. Lucky got up in her business trying to convince her not to go back to being a hooker.

Nikolas came, and told Summer that she was playing the “father son card perfectly”. Luke, Lucky, and Nikolas started a yelling match about Summer. She announced she wasn’t interested in being discussed, and she was better off without either Luke or Lucky. When she was gone Nikolas told Luke that he had sent one Laura into a hospital, and the other back to being a hooker. Luke punched him, and then Nikolas left.

Summer went to Nikolas and told him that she had “done it” just like he had asked. He told her she was doing great, and his plan was working for Luke and Lucky.

When Ric went back to Kelly’s, Elizabeth went to his room, and told him that Carly and Courtney had both been looking for him earlier. She offered to help him change the bandage on his chest, and he agreed after realizing he was not being given a choice. They began kissing.

At her trial, Alexis was still Kristina as Scott continued to badger her. When he turned around, “Kristina” jumped down from the stand, and ran at him with the evidence knife. She was pulled back, but lunged at him again. Cameron talked her down for the court. Scott began his questions again, convinced it was all an act.

Edward sent a message to the nanny, who immediately called Ned. She told Ned the baby had a coughing fit, and wasn’t breathing regularly, even though she was fine. Ned rushed out. “What’s wrong with my baby” Alexis yelled. Scott was sure that was proof that she was faking her disease.

During closing arguments, Scott argued all his reasons for thinking Alexis was faking. Dara argued in Alexis’s favor, using examples that Dr. Lewis had provided about DID. The judge decided that she didn’t need time to deliberate, she knew what her decision was.


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