GH Update Thursday 3/13/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/13/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

At their loft, Jason stood in the bathroom, and Courtney came in to help him shave. They kissed, and then ended up in bed together. Carly pounded on the door, and Jason let her in. Carly explained to him that Sonny had sent Benny to a meeting with the five families. Carly through a fit, begging Jason to go the meeting. Jason told her that he couldn’t undermine Sonny by going to the meeting.

Jason called Sonny and offered to go to the meeting in Benny’s place. Sonny demanded to know how Jason knew that he sent Benny to represent him. Jason told Sonny that Carly was there, and she was worried about him. When Sonny asked Jason if he wanted his job back, Jason said he did. Sonny told him that he knew what he had to do. Jason glanced at Courtney, and told Sonny that it wouldn’t happen.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny yelled at Carly for eavesdropping on his conversations. She promised she didn’t. Sonny told Carly she should learn to stay out of his business. Carly told Sonny that she knew Benny shouldn’t be at the meeting, and that Sonny needed Jason back. Sonny told Carly she needed to respect his choices.

While Jason and Courtney were sitting together, she asked him why Sonny didn’t go to the meeting himself. Jason explained to her that Sonny didn’t answer to the other families. If he was to go to a meeting, than he would have to call it. Jason got a phone call, and he rushed out of the house.

At the warehouse, Jason found Benny lying on the ground. Benny had a heart attack. Sonny showed up right after Benny stopped breathing. He asked what happened. Sonny asked Jason what happened. Jason told his former friend that Benny’s heart gave out. “Why did you send him?!” yelled Jason.

Alexis’s trial began. Dara brought Ned up to the stand. He explained about having seen Alexis on the docks, but thought she was Kristina. Dara asked Ned about the changes in Alexis, and how her personality was different from Kristina’s. Scott cross examined, and asked Ned how much he would do for Alexis.

Next, Cameron was brought to the stand. Scott asked if Alexis could be faking. Cameron said “yes” but in his professional opinion, she wasn’t. Scott asked about his personal relationship with Alexis.

Dara brought Scott to the stand, and questioned him about his relationship with Alexis. Dara asked about the way Alexis acted when Scott was at her apartment. Scott told her that Alexis attacked her with a letter opener. Dara asked if it was Alexis, but Scott admitted that when he was attacked, it was by Kristina. He still thought she faking.

When Alexis was on the stand, Dara badgered Alexis until she turned into Kristina. Kristina admitted that she threatened Alcazar, and wanted to kill him to protect Alexis. Kristina told the judge that she wouldn’t let anybody hurt Alexis, or the baby.


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