GH Update Wednesday 3/12/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/12/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Edward went to Alexis’ hospital room to threaten her. She told him to get out, and Cameron backed her up. Edward left but before he went he told her he was convinced that she was a danger to her daughter. When Edward left, Cameron reminded her that keeping her cool was pertinent to her case or else she would be charged with murder.

Scotty pulled Zander into his office to give him the third degree but realized rather quickly it was a waste of time. He did offer up the following threat though, just in case: “I could always concoct some kind of a charge and send you to jail.” Zander told him he would happily go to jail before helping the DA nab Alexis.

Zander went to Alexis to warn her of Scotty’s misdeeds, but she wasn’t surprised. He had another warning for her as well – don’t trust daddy dearest, he’ll bail on you. Cameron walked in on them and Zander admitted what he’d been telling his friend. “Our family’s dysfunction is about to hit her in the face,” he cautioned. Alexis assured Zander she believed in Cameron, but once he was gone she asked Cameron if she had made the right decision. He told her if anyone could help, he would.

Gia ran into Zander outside Alexis’ room and the duo headed to Kelly’s to discuss Alexis, his father and Scotty. Zander explained that he just didn’t trust his father, but for Alexis’ sake he hoped he’d changed.

Maxie and Geogrie went to Kelly’s and discussed their love lives, Maxie pining over a boy who only dates girls who sleep with him. Maxie tried to make her sister think there were things she didn’t know about her. Georgie called Lucas pretending to be Maxie and left a message. He recognized her voice but showed up anyway, making it clear that they were only friends and that he liked someone else. She told him to forget it ever happened.

Carly told Rick that his taking the bullet was an accident and that he should give up and go away. Rick pointed out that she was still a little worried about who fathered her child. She told him she had no doubt who the father was and he asked how far she was willing to go to make sure of that. “Careful Rick, your mask is slipping,” she told him, warning him that blackmail wouldn’t work. He told her he simply wanted to be put on retainer as Sonny’s attorney.

Sonny tried to force Faith to drink the Cherie, but she refused. He told her she was going to die anyway, that she should take the easy way out. He gave her quite the scare though and told her she would die soon. Benny tried to interrupt with info that the hit came from Miami, but Sonny didn’t care. He left her scared out of her wits.

Faith went straight to Scott at the DA’s office to try to get police protection, but he refused to help her due to lack of evidence. Faith told him Sonny was going to kill her. “Now that’s the best news I had all day,” he admitted. He nonchalantly asked if she had this discussion tape-recorded, realizing the possibilities of retaliation and all, but she admitted she didn’t. He sent her home empty-handed.

As soon as Scotty got the news that the postponement for the trial had been denied, he rushed to Alexis’ bedside to break the news.

Courtney and Jason discussed Sonny’s orders. Jason explained that Sonny could order him to do anything but give her up. Jason explained that he had tried to quit before but just wasn’t sure how to start over. She promised him they’d find a way. At that moment, Benny called on Jason to meet him at Kelly’s and discuss Sonny’s thoughtless actions.

Benny tried to convince Sonny’s right hand it wasn’t Faith, but Jason knew better and so did Sonny. Jason pointed out he couldn’t help on the inside since Sonny refused to be anywhere near him, but offered to remain nearby and ordered Benny to call him if Sonny did anything else stupid. “She’s slick, she’s sloppy and she’s desperate,” he warned.

Liz ran into Courtney near the nurse’s station. Courtney, cookies in hand, was on her way to “thank” Rick. Liz accidentally knocked the cookies on the floor and the discussion heated up quick, with Courtney telling her she needed therapy. “Someone in Sonny Corinthos’ family telling me to seek mental help? Now that’s good,” Elizabeth shot back. Bobbie broke the girls up, telling them they needed to discuss it elsewhere. Edward came along and offered to help Courtney pick up her cookies, but she knew better than to trust the old goat. He tried to get on her side and gently turned the conversation to Jason, thinking Courtney could be the “bridge” between him and his family. She nearly laughed in his face and went home to Jason.

Jason and Courtney discussed her trip to GH and Edward and Elizabeth. She thought it was a bit ironic that he didn’t want anything to do with the family that wanted him, but the family he loved was shutting him out.

Sonny visited Rick’s room; stopping at the nurse’s station long enough for Bobbie to warn him she was concerned about her daughter. He continued his mission and offered Rick $50,000 for his troubles. Sonny gave him the same spiel Carly had – he was in the wrong place at the right time. “I thought you just got in the way,” Sonny told him. He told Sonny he didn’t want a monetary gift; he wanted to earn his rewards. He asked Sonny to put him on retainer. The mob boss agreed to think about it.

Carly stopped by her mother’s station on her way out the door and Bobbie informed her Sonny had just stopped by. She went to spy on them outside the door. When Sonny emerged, she went in, asking what had happened. Rick was in the process of ripping off all his wires, mumbling about what he hadn’t done right and how far he would need to go to earn Sonny’s trust. He pointed out that Sonny wasn’t concerned with him at all, making his vendetta look pretty personal. He asked the woman who knew the man best: Just how much is enough?

Sonny and Carly regrouped at home to discuss their days. She told him she knew he went to the hospital and asked if he still thought Rick had an agenda (having changed her own mind). Sonny pointed out he has an agenda, but it may not be serious. They agreed he was pushing the whole “I took a bullet for you thing,” spinning it to his advantage like a good lawyer. Sonny admitted he was seriously considering hiring him. She tried to convince him to rehire Jason but he refused. The both admitted that with the recent goings on, they were afraid. Sonny promised her that he wouldn’t let anything happen to their child though.

Rick, pissed off that his last resort attempt had failed, went to Faith’s hotel room, gun in hand. Once an employee got rid of the doorman for him, he went inside and pointed the gun in Ms. Roscoe’s face. He changed his mind though, instead offering her a deal. When she was surprised that he wanted Sonny dead too, he admitted he wanted far worse than that, he wanted Sonny destroyed.


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