GH Update Tuesday 3/11/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/11/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Ned arrived at Faith’s hotel room to discuss the newspaper headlines: “Shootout at Corinthos Club.” He put two and two together, assuming she had hired and killed the lady all by herself. She pointed out he always thought the worst of her (yet she forgot to point out it was always true). In order to change the subject, she dropped her robe to the floor, hoping to shift his mind to something else. He acted like it was working, kissing her, but he put his hand around her throat, shoved her up against a wall and told her she had compromised his position. He pointed out his plans had been ruined and he was caught in the crossfire. “You turned on me, partner, and as they say, turnaround is fair play.” She tried to grab some scissors to stab him, but he caught her and pointed out she’d need a lot more than scissors when Sonny came for her.

Cameron told Alexis he wanted to get her out of the hospital and they tried to make a break for it. A security guard stopped them, though and Alexis had to go into her babbling Kristina routine to get them free. He took her to the Gatehouse where she got to hold her baby and coo to it.

Ned arrived home, finding his ex and her psychiatrist with his baby. Cameron took the blame for her being there, but Ned was still upset. Alexis pointed out that he was acting like Kristina belonged to him, but he denied it. She pointed out her baby needed time with her too and he agreed, asking them to call first next time.

Cameron managed to sneak Alexis back into the hospital with little trouble, and things were fine, but Alexis admitted to a feeling that something awful was going to happen.

Monica and Edward spent the day at the hotel with the police officers. “We’ve got a hotel to run and no one is going to want to sit by the chalked outline of a dead woman while having his latte and croissant,” Edward pointed out, trying to rush the procedure. Alan joined them, asking why renovations were being made on the house. Monica was unaware of the situation, but Edward wasn’t. When Alan left, Monica confronted her father-in-law about making room for baby Kristina, admitting Lila had been the first to see the clues. She told the old man that Ned was Kristina’s father and he could decide where she lived. Edward voiced his opinion that a baby could bring the family closer. Monica pointed out it could tear them apart just as easily.

Faith caught up with Edward at the Grill, Edward once again upset about their meeting in public. “No one’s around,” Faith pointed out. “A dead woman seems to be bad for business.” Edward gave her a warning, admitting he had paid her a million to be seen as Ned’s girlfriend and she wasn’t keeping up her part of the deal. She wanted to change the deal, but her refused to do so, giving her an ultimatum.

Ned played with Kristina until Edward interrupted. He pointed out that Alexis had been by earlier – using the gardener as a spy. Ned pointed out Alexis had a right to see her daughter and told his grandfather that the child would never live under his roof. Edward tried to point out all the things Ned had going on in his life and offered a helping hand.

Liz spent time with Rick in his hotel room, where they received good news about his condition. She pointed out this would be the time to walk away, but he admitted he couldn’t – he finally had the upper hand. He explained a little of the loyalty piece to her – proving himself would get him rewarded. She pointed out that he had proved his worth as a lawyer to Sonny time and time again, “but now that you proved you might die for the guy, you can be part of the inner circle,” she told him, still not getting it. She started to compare the situation to the mistake she made with Jason, but had to retract the statement, admitting things were different. She told him she was overreacting and that he had a right to do what he wanted, confessing to a spout of déjà vu. She admitted she was afraid she was pushing him away before they had even gotten to know each other, but he told her she wasn’t.

Carly found Sonny at The Cellar, where she addressed the matter of Laticia packing up Michael to take him away to the island. Sonny pointed out that things were dangerous and he wanted her to go with them, but she refused. “A hit man is like a housepainter,” he told her. “If he doesn’t finish the job, you hire a replacement.” She agreed to go if he went too, but he couldn’t.

Scotty interrogated Courtney and Jason as he waited the results of the autopsy. Scotty was convinced Courtney saw something she wasn’t supposed to see – Sonny’s retaliation against the hit woman. Jason tried to defend his girlfriend, but didn’t get anywhere. “You’ve got two choices: Shut up or sit down and shut up,” Scotty told him.

The autopsy report came back inconclusive, only giving “natural causes” as the result. Scotty was upset with that and let Jason and Courtney leave. Jason admitted the interrogation hadn’t been a waste of time – he’d figured out who was behind it all.

Courtney went to Rick’s room, standing outside, looking in. Carly came by moments later and noticed her tears. She pulled her aside and they discussed the situation, Courtney, pointing out it could have easily been Jason in the bed. Carly informed her sister-in-law that in Jason’s world there were no “what ifs” only “dids and did nots.” Carly admitted, it wasn’t always easy, “I haven’t quite learned yet, I’m just getting real good at faking it.” She told Courtney about the bomb Sonny got on his birthday and her joining with Jerry Jacks to get him into witness protection. Courtney was shocked at the story; amazed her brother had forgiven his wife. Courtney admitted she’d promised not to try to save Jason again, but it was a hard promise to keep.

Carly went in to visit Rick to find out his agenda. Asking him what he wanted, he admitted, “I only want what I’m due.”

Alone at The Cellar, Sonny called Benny to find out who was behind the attempt on his life, but Benny couldn’t give him an answer. Jason showed up with one though, pointing the finger at Faith. He explained both Faith’s grandmother and Samantha had a glass of Cherie before they died, ultimately leading back to Faith. Sonny was happy enough at the news, but didn’t want anything to do with Jason once he realized he was still with Courtney. Sonny pointed out that Courtney would be in danger by association. Jason stood up for himself and pointed out that Courtney was still Sonny’s sister and wouldn’t be magically safe just because she wasn’t also Jason’s girlfriend. Sonny tried to convince himself Courtney would have left town if it weren’t for Jason. Jason told him he needed him in case someone else was lying in wait for another assassination attempt. Sonny told him that he had survived before without him and could do it again. “All I did was love someone who loves me back. That’s not wrong or disloyal,” Jason told him before he was ordered to leave.

Sonny headed to Faith’s room, where he waited for her arrival. He had her sit down and explained that she had been sloppy developing a pattern and had left a trail. He pointed out the Cherie coincidence and revealed a glass of his own – one for her digestion.


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