GH Update Monday 3/10/03


General Hospital Update Monday 3/10/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

At the club, Sam fired shots. Sonny and Carly hit the ground, and Ric ran interference. He took the only bullet, protecting Sonny and Carly. Elizabeth and Lucky heard the shots from upstairs, and they ran down to see what was going on. Elizabeth tried to help Ric until an ambulance came. When help arrived, they took Ric to the hospital, with Elizabeth going along.

Carly had to sit down because she wasn’t feeling well. Sonny wanted to take her to the hospital. Before they went anywhere, Sonny told his men that he wanted them to find out everything they could about the shooting. He tried to take Carly to the hospital, but Taggert stopped them to ask questions. Carly announced that she felt dizzy again, and Sonny insisted they leave right away for the hospital.

At the hospital, Dr. Meadows told Sonny and Carly that both Carly and the baby were fine. She told Sonny to take care of Carly, and Carly to take care of herself, and both would be okay. Before they left, Carly went in to see Ric who had come out of surgery. She asked if he was okay, and he told her that she was lucky, she almost lost her baby’s father. Sonny came in, and announced they were leaving.

Elizabeth told Sonny that she never believed the bad things people said about him, until that night. She said that he was cold, because he didn’t care about what Ric did for him.

Jason got a phone call from Benny telling him what happened at the club. Him and Courtney rushed to the hospital, and saw the paramedics bring in Ric. Jason asked Elizabeth if anybody else had been hurt. She said no, but told Jason that the person shot should have been him. Courtney told her she should shut up, before she was shut up by Courtney!

Jason told Courtney that the shooter could be coming after her, and he was going to take her to a public place. He brought her to the Grille, and then headed to the club. At the club, he overheard Lucky say that he saw an African American woman at the club. Jason questioned Lucky about her, and then he went back to the Grille.

At the restaurant, Sam and Faith met at the bar. Faith gave her a receipt for the other half of the million dollars. Faith asked Sam if she could buy her a “special” sherry. Faith drank some of her glass, and started to leave. After finishing with her drink, Sam started to leave as well. Passing Courtney, Sam fell to the floor, with Faith watching from the doorway.

Jason arrived, and grabbed Sam’s purse. Him and Courtney went to another room, where Jason went through the purse. He found the gun that Sam had at the club, and told Courtney that Sam was probably the shooter.

Outside of Kelly’s, Ned asked Faith about the money she used to hire a shooter. She denied everything, but Ned saw through her. He told Faith he wouldn’t be part of murders, and told her that he was done. Ned wished Faith luck on her own.

Jax and Summer discussed what they should do for the night. They were interrupted by a phone call from Ned. Ned told Jax what happened, and told him he would be there soon. Ned also told Jax to pull the plug on all the plans they had to bring down Sonny. Jax asked Summer if she would consider waiting in the bar for him, she agreed. While there, Scott came and offered to buy her a drink. She told Scott no. Jax came down to the bar, and Summer asked if they knew each other, he said no. Later when Summer was at Kelly’s, a runner of Bree’s, delivered an envelope of money to Summer from Jax.


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