GH Update Friday 3/7/03


General Hospital Update Friday 3/7/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita


Jason told Sonny that he would always be loyal to him, but he loved Courtney. Sonny told Jason that he should respect his reasons for not wanting them together. Sonny told Jason to make a choice, Courtney or his job. Jason said that he loved Courtney, and couldn’t stop, or help who he loved. Sonny told Jason that was his choice, and fired him. Jason told Sonny that it was his right to fire him, but the timing was not right; Sonny needed Jason’s protection. Sonny told his best friend that he didn’t want anything from him, protection from Sam included. Sonny ordered Jason to get out. In the hallway, Jason looked at Sonny in the doorway, and Sonny slammed the door shut.

After Courtney left Kelly’s, she went home. Soon after, Elizabeth showed up to bring Courtney her paycheck. Courtney asked what was really going on, Elizabeth said nothing, she was trying to be nice. They had another argument about who Jason loves, why, and how he feels. Courtney told Elizabeth that Jason didn’t dump her, she told Jason she didn’t want to be with him. Elizabeth told Courtney that Jason didn’t love, and she would never be as important as his loyalty to Sonny. Courtney kicked her out of the house. When she was alone, Courtney packed up some things, looking as though she were leaving for a while. There was a knock, and when she opened it, Jason was there.

Jason came in, and told Courtney that he loved her, and he knew he had been hurting her. Jason told her that he thought the pain would go away, but he knew his love for her wouldn’t. Jason said that he understood if she didn’t want to give him another chance, but kissed him.

Before the memorial for Catherine, Ric told Carly how shocked he was the she was pregnant. She told him the baby was Sonny’s, not his. She also threatened that if Ric hinted to anybody, especially Sonny that he thought the baby could be his, he wouldn’t have to worry about Sonny, because she would kill him herself.

Inside the Cellar for the memorial, Carly had Max doing security checks. First, she kicked AJ out, and when Faith and Ned came in, Carly told Faith to get out too. Ned told Carly that she didn’t want her customers to see her throw Catherine’s granddaughter out of the memorial. She agreed to let Faith stay, but warned her to “behave”.

Sam came in, and walked pass the security, but Carly stopped her to go through, telling her it was part of the history. Sonny came, and told Carly they should go home because she needed rest. Carly said no, she had things to say. Sonny told her say what she had to say, and they would leave. When she wondered where Jason was, Sonny told her not to worry, he would explain about Jason to her later. She got up and made a speech about Catherine, and how important she was to the Cellar, and the history she had. Carly told everyone how much Catherine’s family meant to her when she was alive. When she was done, Sonny asked if they could leave, she said after one dance. While Sonny and Carly danced, Sam got her gun ready to attack Sonny. She pulled out the gun, firing several shots. Everybody got down on the ground, Sonny covering Carly, and both Ric and Benny moving towards Sonny.

Lucky told Luke that he didn’t want him telling Summer that she should date him, or try and work things out with him. Luke told Lucky he didn’t, whatever Summer did now was because she wanted to. Lucky left, and went to Kelly’s. He saw Elizabeth who was angry after Carly threw her out of the club, and Ric didn’t try to help. Luke went to see Nikolas, and again demanded power of attorney so he could make decisions about Laura. Nikolas refused.

Summer met with an old friend, Bree, from her old work. Bree offered Summer another job, but she refuse saying she was done with her old life. She did admit to Bree that her new life wasn’t making her happy, but she had gone too far to go back. Later, Summer went back to Bree, and told her that she changed her mind, and would take on new clients. Bree gave her “perfect” client. Summer knocked on his door, and the man who answered was Jax.


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