GH Update Thursday 3/6/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/6/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Carly was at Carly's club setting things up, and Jason came down looking for Carly because she had called him to meet her there. Courtney and Jason realized that Carly has set them up. Courtney told Jason that she still loved him, he told her that they were over because he wanted her to be alive. Jason started to leave, but Carly came down the stairs, telling him he was being stupid and he should think about what he was doing to Courtney. When Carly told Jason that she wasn't going to let him hurt Courtney anymore, he told her that right then she was hurting Courtney, not him. Courtney told Carly she needed to be alone with Jason. When they were alone, Courtney told him that he was being no better than Sonny by telling her how to live her life. Courtney told him that she had the right to love, and the right to risk her life for him. Jason tells Courtney that he wants her to be safe. Courtney says that Jason is no better than Sonny for telling her how to live, and he is cold, like he wanted her to see. Courtney told Jason that if he couldn't understand that, than she was finished with him, because they had nothing.

He left, and A.J. came down the stairs, applauding his ex-wife, telling her that she should have gotten rid of Jason a long time ago. He was told to go away, but he suggested that Courtney get revenge on both Jason and Sonny by sleeping with him. Courtney slapped him, and told him to get out (yay!). At the penthouse, Sonny was on the phone with Benny telling him that he wanted maximum security on his family. While he was on his cell phone, his home phone rang, and Ric answered, saying he was Sonny Corinthos! He agreed to pass on the news, and then congratulated Sonny about Carly's pregnancy. Sonny told Ric that he had once again over stepped himself, and needed to mind his business. Ric told Sonny he had answered to be helpful, and had told the doctor that he was Sonny's lawyer. Sonny told Ric he could prove himself by keeping the secret about Carly's pregnancy. He agreed "You can trust me" he said (haha).

Carly came home, and Ric glanced at her stomach before leaving. When she was alone with Sonny, she exploded because Ric knew. When Sonny questioned her, she told him she was just being overprotective. She got ready to go back to the club, and left. Jason came in, and Sonny asked if any new information had been found about Sam, the hit "man". When he said no, Sonny got upset, and told Jason that he had to get more information or he would have to send Carly, Michael, and Courtney out of the country. "I can't do this anymore" Jason announced. He told Sonny that he loved Courtney and it wasn't fair to her to deny her the right to make choices, something he had been taught by Sonny. Sonny told him if that's what he felt, then he would have to make a choice.

Back at the club, Carly apologized to Courtney for setting her up with Jason, and Courtney told her that it was okay because now she knew how Jason really felt about her, that her love would never compare with Jason's loyalty to Sonny. Carly encouraged her not to give up.

Luke called Laura's doctors in London to tell them that she loved spring, and flowers so he wanted her to be moved to a room with a view of the garden. The doctor said he would pass along the request, but everything dealing with Laura had to be approved by Nikolas. Luke called him, and demanded that Nikolas sign power of attorney to him. Nikolas refused, but told Luke that he would discuss the decisions with Luke about Laura. Luke told him he wouldn't go through Nikolas to have choices made about Laura. Nikolas still said no, but agreed to meet him half way.

While Scott was eating with the mayor, Summer came and threw a martini in his face (that's my girl!!). She told him that he was manipulative, and pretended to be her friend to cause problems for her and Luke. Scott said he did her a favor. She went to see Lucky who had gone back to his room after talking with Nikolas about his relationship with Summer being over. She asked Lucky if they could have a second chance. He wanted to know how much his dad was paying her. She got mad, and stormed out saying she had bad judgment about him. She went to Kelly's and got a phone call. She went to eat with an old friend of hers from her old work. She offered Summer a chance to come back to the business. She said she was away from that life. Lucky went to see Luke, and told him that he didn't need his father to pay hooker's to be his dates.

Ned and Faith met up, and when she told him the million dollars was to leave Sonny "dead in the water", he refused to give it to her, saying he wouldn't finance killing. He told her the best way to ruin Sonny was so that he would have to suffer; take away his money and power. Ned told Faith to be patient, he was working on a plan to destroy Sonny.

When he left, Faith summoned Edward to the Grille, and requested the million from him. He agreed as long as she agreed to make her relationship with Ned public. They agreed on the terms. She left and caught up with Sam. She showed her proof of putting half the money into her account. She told Sam she wanted the hit on Sonny that night while he was at the Cellar with Carly. Sam told her she decided when and where; Faith told her this time she would do when she was told.

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