GH Update Wednesday 3/5/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/5/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Coleman called Skye to the Port Charles Grill to inform her that Jax was dating a call girl. She didn’t believe him at first, but she went right over to the table herself and Jax confirmed that she was a hired date, and that was how he would be living his life from then on. He explained he liked the idea – a simple business transaction with no emotion attached. She pointed out that he used to be fearless, but had sunk to choosing nothingness. He told her he was getting back into his life, that he had made foolish choices, pointing out how he had devastated her by encouraging her belief in love. She made him a deal that once he realized he was devastated she would be there for him – no strings attached. He thanked her, but declined, going up to his room and his hired date.

Skye returned to Coleman’s table, where they discussed the situation. He offered to take her back to Jake’s for a round of pool. She agreed, kissing him, but made one assumption that was worth noting: “They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Personally, I think Hell’s a place you choose to go and nobody’s going to pull you out ‘til you’re ready to leave.”

Liz was in the process of taking a crate of glasses upstairs when Carly encountered her. Before they could get into an argument, Carly got lightheaded and nearly fell down the steps. Liz instinctively tried to help, but Carly refused, sending her on her way. When Liz got upstairs she found Courtney and let her know her “new best friend” had nearly went headfirst down the stairs. Courtney found Carly and they sat down at a table to discuss the situation. Liz tried to bring Carly some coffee, but she refused the caffeinated drink. Courtney stepped in for her, making an excuse about herbal tea and ear infections. She told Carly she needed to get a test so she could start taking care of herself. Carly pointed out she sounded like her brother. “When all other attempts at communication fail we can sit around and discuss your diet,” Courtney told her sister-in-law. Elizabeth brought Carly her tea, but the hormones flared and she refused the cup and got up. Courtney made another excuse for her, but Elizabeth caught on quickly, asking her coworker if Carly was pregnant. Courtney managed to weasel her way out of the answer, managing to turn the conversation onto Elizabeth, accusing her of spying and making up stories. Courtney informed her coworker that she and Jason hadn’t broken up, and Liz asked if they were still seeing one another secretly. The conversation went downhill with Courtney explaining she hadn’t pushed him away and played games. She indirectly called Liz envious and frustrated and told her she was no fun to be around.

Once Courtney was gone, Rick showed up and Elizabeth let it all out. She told him of her suspicion and explained that Carly being pregnant was what had drawn the two of them together in the first place. Liz pointed out that she frequently forgot how close he and Carly were, and he admitted it was the same thinking about Liz and Sonny being friends. Liz admitted that she could respect the fact that a child meant everything to Sonny and that he may want to keep it secret until he was positive. Rick couldn’t believe the marriage of convenience storyline, and decided to take advantage of his newfound wisdom.

Sonny and Jason discussed the shooter, still unaware of whom the shooter is after. Sonny pointed out that a hit man would be too expensive for Faith and Ned didn’t want murder on his hands. He then considered Ms. Roscoe’s upcoming inheritance from her grandmother. Jason admits he knows nothing about the person. “So you’re telling me there’s nothing I can do about this? That I have to run and hide and wait and pray that they come to kill me instead of my pregnant wife?” Sonny asked him. Jason was shocked at the news, but Sonny explained it was coming at the wrong time. Sonny explained he would have to send her away if things continued and whether she was angry or not, at least she’d be alive. He admitted that he should have told her no about the baby for her own sake – the way Jason had ended things with Courtney. Jason told him that he wanted a child and should be happy for it. Sonny pointed out he wasn’t scared to risk his own life, but didn’t want to risk his families. Jason was just in the middle of telling Sonny they needed to eliminate the shooter when Carly walked in. She asked Jason to pick up Michael so she and Sonny could be alone.

Once Jason was gone, Carly noted that Jason was aware of the situation and told Sonny that Courtney knew too. She handed Sonny a brown paper bag and told him they should find out about the pregnancy together. When the test completed, they looked at the results and they confirmed it – positive. Carly hugged her husband, but her mood went dark as she realized the complications it caused all over again. She pointed out that he was as scared as he was happy. He admitted he was afraid to have a child because he was afraid to lose it. He told her she should rest and let Rick run the club, but she refused. Carly made him a deal, telling him he could regulate her diet and exercise routine, but he couldn’t turn her into an invalid. She pointed out she was aware of his business problems, but wanted to continue like normal.

Jason went to the park, where he found Courtney and Rosie playing with Michael. He let Michael train Rosie for a bit, which forced him to be alone with Courtney. She tried not to let the conversation stray to the same-old, telling him a story about all the dogs she’d attempted to care for in the past, but it didn’t work. She told him that Michael would want a dog next, and he pointed out that decision was up to Sonny. She remarked that every decision was up to Sonny. She then asked him if he had found a way to stop loving her. At that point, Michael ran up to them and asked Jason why he was making Courtney cry. He explained that they were discussing something that made her sad. Michael ordered him to take back what he had said, but he admitted he couldn’t. Courtney assured her nephew that it was okay, that Jason didn’t want to hurt her and she knew it. She asked Michael for a kiss goodbye and he asked if she was going to kiss Jason too. She went over and gently kissed his cheek, whispering, “I love you,” before leaving.

Jason took Michael home and they decided to have pizza for supper. Michael asked Jason to help him talk his daddy into getting him a dog. Jason pointed out how much work a dog was, which turned the conversation to Rosie and, of course, Courtney. Michael told Jason how nice Courtney was, asking if that was why Jason always wanted to make her happy. Jason said yes, walking right into the youngster’s question: “Does that mean you’re in love with aunt Courtney?”

Faith and Sam rode up in the PC Hotel elevator discussing the hit. Sam backed out of the deal, pointing out that it would be nearly impossible to get to Sonny. When Faith pressed, Sam agreed that if she doubled the payment she would follow through. She explained that Jason was so loyal he’d spend the rest of his life tracking her down, so she’d have to kill Jason as well and she wanted paid for him upfront.

Faith got up to her room to find Ned looking at a magazine and made a comment about him nosing through her papers. He pointed out that she wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave important papers around. She told him she wouldn’t need his money after her inheritance came through and he should be nice to her if he wanted to keep hanging around. Then her grandmother’s lawyer showed up and handed her her inheritance – a ring, and nothing more. He explained that she had given the money to a charity because she wanted to spare her granddaughter the pain blood money caused. Ned pointed out that she needed him (and his money) after all, so she’d better treat him nice. “I haven’t got much use for nice, but I’ll be bad for you,” she told him. They ended up under the sheets, but not for long, since he warned her that he would be heading home to tuck Kristina in. She asked him for a million dollars before he left and he agreed – as long as he was aware of how the money was being spent.

Carly and Sonny headed to The Cellar after finding out their news and informed Courtney. She congratulated them. Sonny recognized she was looking in better spirits and she told him that she believed Jason would come back to her, refusing to listen to his objections.

Sonny called Benny, who informed him about Faith’s inheritance and the possibility that she nay no longer need Ned’s cash flow and might come after him quickly.

Carly headed to the bar, where Rick found her and poured her a glass of wine, refusing to take “No” for an answer. She gave it to the first customer she saw, claiming it was on the house. And who was that customer? The hit woman no less. She sat at the bar and watched the couple at a table nearby.



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